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Thread: Smudgeandfrank AMVs

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    Default Smudgeandfrank AMVs

    Hello everyone!! :D So, I'm not sure if I'll actually post many amvs but here is a work in progress of my most recent one piece amvs. Hope you like it so far! :D

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    Keep it up; it really is emotional and nice. I love it. Especially since I play piano i loved the music. Try to get shorter scenes and less repeats.

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    Seems nice but subs in an amv aren't liked a lot , try to find ones without subs (I know it's hard )
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    Your effects are useless, you have to try and use some smooth ones, transitions, whatever!

    Your video lacks timing and a good scene selection

    But I'm sure you'll do alot better if you keep trying and learning new things by yourself :)

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