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Thread: Super Smash Bros

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    Pretty big finish for a pretty big game. The full trailer:

    Ending smash bros with the orchestral rendition of Simple and Clean is an excellent choice *chef's kiss*

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    Default Re: Super Smash Bros

    Both surprised and yet not. I seriously did write off Sora at first and can only imagine the legal headaches Nintendo had with Disney to even get him in the game (on the plus side all KH games on a Nintendo console finally). But hey kudos on managing it Sakurai. I wasn't one of the ones clamoring for him but I ain't disappointed either, he looks great and love his variations, that Timeless River one is especially a nice touch.

    Sad we'll never get any more fighter reveals or content after this, it was a fun ride while it lasted. All there is now is to smash until it's time to hang up the Switch for the next Nintendo product. I know Sakurai said it's very unlikely this will ever be topped (Likely they'll just port it from here on out, maybe add some characters with newer hardware) with him no longer at the helm any more. But won't lie, I am curious to see how they'll try to push the series further. But till then, will enjoy the complete package now.
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    I'm glad it wasn't effin Masterchief.

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    I've wanted Sora since Brawl, so this is huge for me even though I don't play Smash. Just a great thing to see. Also great that all of the games are on Switch, even if it's over the Cloud.
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    there's something poetic about ending Smash Bros Ultimate, the biggest crossover ever, with a protag of the series that was build on crossovers itself.

    Really happy. :)

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    Man, I wonder who were the two fighters from Pass 2 that were originally to be the only fighters remaining.

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    As a fan of Kingdom Hearts it's awesome that Sora is the Final Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Character :D
    I didn't think it would be possible due to being co own by Disney

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