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Thread: Super Smash Bros

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple Hermit View Post
    But more importantly, this is now Super Smash Bros Ultimate & Knuckles
    But we already had Knuckles...


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    Does this means it will soon feature Dante from Devil May Cry? And a new Funky Mode?


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    I noticed a new detail on Ice Climber's final smash, Popo gets on the bird, probably invinsible, while Nana is left to run around defenseless.

    While I can accept that Nana is not attacking during grabs (even if it's kind of the most logical moment for her to do so), their recovery (she isn't tethered as much if Popo gets to safety), and her being so vulnerable during the final smash is a big weakness.

    If they get separated she should be ko-ed, but if they are together they should live together.
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