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Thread: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    This was probably theorized around the time these plot points appeared in the story, but I didn't think about it until now and hadn't looked for it at that time, so I don't know for sure
    Anyway, the big "straw hat" treasure we saw has been theorized by many people to be maybe just a hat of a person who lived long ago, like Joy Boy (who might be where Roger and Luffy's inherited will come from) -- so let's say Joy Boy is that giant and his body is frozen there
    Now we had Blackbeard trying to get Moria to join him... Moria has already brought giants back to live with shadows, so he might bring Joy Boy to life with Blackbeard's shadow if they team up
    So one of the final battles could be Luffy vs Joy Boy (or whoever the giant would be) with Blackbeard's shadow, in addition to Blackbeard himself
    Again, I'd imagine someone has already thought of this and even said it better, just making a quick mention while I was thinking of it

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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Quote Originally Posted by G_soildier View Post
    Burgess will get orochi's fruit if orochi is truly dead. And kanjuro fruit will be eaten by someone well known.
    A eight-headed Snake doesn't really fits Burguess.

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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    The main villain of Elbaf will be either Ryokugyu or Borsalino, who will lead a huge marine convoy with Vegapunk's new weapon in toy to go after the Straw Hats - being deemed too close to One Piece after defeating two Emperor's on Wano. The crew will face the threat together with Loki's army of giants as well as a Big Mom, who also strands there after her defeat - confronting her past and sacrificing herself in the process.

    This whole ordeal will someway or other lead into the much speculated rift in the Marine forces, with perhaps the Revolutionaries swooping in at the end.

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    Default Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Pluton is a ship and that's all we know, but Poseidon is Shirahoshi. It's about who she commands and not exactly her who can inflict the direct damage or just carry out the "danger". That's why I think Uranus is more about what they can produce. I think Uranus might be a person, place or thing that produces a resource that can be used for multiple things.

    Possibilities of how Uranus can work
    person - produces energy or mineral that can be used for weapons, but was originally to help the people
    place - Wano is said to be where Kairoseki is from. Imagine if another country had a mineral or energy that was only in their mantle for some reason
    thing - non human like a sheep's fur that can be used. There's already a tree (TTA) that can be used for it's valuable wood

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