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Thread: The Music Genre You HATE

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    The fiery soul and passion of classic blues.


    I know, right? I have noticeably mainstream taste in music, and I don't go out of my way to listen to hip-hop, so I'm not surprised my favorites are really typical fare.

    but I liked that "they reminisce over you" that you posted earlier. It reminds me of Cantaloop, by US3. Is that one basic, too? god, it's sad that I can't even tell, isn't it...

    Maybe my problem is just that I haven't ever listened to much good hip-hop, and so have no basis for comparison? What are some artists that you recommend?
    Check it out.

    You can also see my rock lists there too.
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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    You know, fate is a cruel bitch. I just about committed internet suicide by providing a detailed defense and analysis of the country music genre (which I listened to for several years, which would have been explained in the post), as well as providing examples of some of the genre's standout performers. But my browser crashed.

    Instead, I'll tell all of you to listen to Reba, one of THE best musicians PERIOD. Country may be a shit genre, but everything has SOME exceptions to the rules.

    And now I offer you Reba. Listen to her (and look up some of her other songs), she's easily the genre's best performer (not my favorite, which would have been explored in the post):



    Fuck you, browser. That is all.

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    Quote Originally Posted by Holy Hell View Post

    I had to actually pull this up to see if it's as bad as I remember and like

    It's all around just straight up awful

    If it wasn't for the fact that he has awkward, misguided flow and delivery, his rhymes are flat out juvenile ("this is what a four year old thinks GANGSTA RAP SOUNDS LIKE, biiiiitch") and oh so contrived.

    There is no humor to be found here. "I'm gonna throw this metal blade and cut a hole in your ass, I think I'll have my dog rush take a picture of that." Haha get it it's funny because uh...


    well it's good hiphop because............

    .................................................. ..................

    Wait wait. People actually take that shit seriously? Like.... as legitimate music and not for the joke it is?

    Guess I'll never get this whole nerd-rap stuff.

    When I first saw this... I though "oh that's neat. A rap about megaman where they do funny voices for the characters..... ummm neat"

    I regard stuff like this along the same lines as videos from Collage Humor.

    And then I saw a video of the two guys actually performing it live...

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    One of things that makes me most mad of all is when I'm talking hip hop online and someone pops in and says something like "I DUNNO ABOUT MOST RAP BUT I LIKE THIS STUFF" and posts nerdcore.
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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    I'll take nerdcore as a joke (like Weird Al parody's with far less talent or thought). I honestly thought the duane and brando thing was entertaining (my brow can get pretty low), and hell, they took the time to put a video to it and as I said, do wacky voices to the various character tunes.


    But why would someone download the song and load it on an Mp3 is beyond me. The thing ONLY works as the finished video product.

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    Also, before we continue we should set the parameters of accepted good and bad.

    This is the best song of all time.
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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    YESSS I love the Talking Heads!

    Here's one of my favorite songs by them... from my favorite live DVD. (Stop making sense).


    I freaking love the energy they exude in this Movie. The backup singers rule!

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    Hip-Hop is pretty much the only genre i really dislike. I just don't get the point of it, why listen to a bunch of guys talking about various bad things about their lives?

    Don't get me wrong, i'm sure there's good hip-hop out there which i haven't listened to, i just don't get the appeal.

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    Quote Originally Posted by JERK DISEASE View Post
    Metal is really the only genre I feel that strongly toward anymore. I even used to feel hateful of Prog rock when I was dumb and didn't really understand what a simple fun appeal it had (as opposed to the joyless pretention I assumed of it). Now I'm lovin' Gabriel era Genesis and ....I....I. loved Tarkus!!! The ELP album! God help me I never imagined I would but I did!!!

    But Metal.....mmmmm....Metal.
    See I can dig stuff like Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and some Metallica. I like Metal that still has melody, so I guess Power Metal and stuff like Dream Theater I respect.

    But stuff like Death Metal? Black Metal?
    The stuff that becomes pretty much just sludgey noise with screaming and grunting indecipherable vocals?

    I...just cannot whatsoever see the actual musical appeal in that.
    I see the appeal of why people would like the mood and imagery (much of which...I just find hopelessly corny). But not the pure music.

    And I feel kind of hypocritical since I'm a massive Hip-Hop fan, and I know well the hugely unfair condescenion that Metal fans deal with, so I feel like...I'm wrong to feel this way. But I don't know.

    This? This is stuff I get, even LIKE. This kind of Metal.

    But this...this I absolutely cannot see how it's possible to musically enjoy something like this. And not because of any kind of being offended, but god help me, above all else because...

    ..because it's like a huge joke! This has got to be a joke! The singing I mean. it's certainly making me's just you're kidding me right?

    Wagomu help!
    Extreme metal is an odd territory for the uninitiated. I don't really know how to describe it to people outside. It seems to be a very polarizing genre. I think the best way to put it is that it's very primal. Pure id. That's why things like moshing go so well with it. We listen to it because it satisfies our darker sides. If you think about it, both death metal and black metal are extremely percussive, almost purely so. People complain that there's no melody in death and black metal, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It contributes to the pure primitive energy in it. In a sense, you could say its similar to hip-hop in that it's about being carried by the rhythm. The difference is in the mood the rhythm sets.

    For death metal, perhaps you chose the wrong place to dive in. It can be very layered and take a lot of getting used to if you start in the wrong place. I think these would be simpler to understand than Cryptopsy:


    Black metal is a bit more polarizing, probably because it's a lot more simplistic and nihilistic in both attitude and sound (and the lo-fi recording tendencies), but I think it is much more melodic as well. Try these as jumping off points:


    Of course, it's tough getting into the genres directly without the right attitude. If you really want to make the effort, I say try understanding it by going through early thrash through early Celtic Frost and DEFINITELY Venom. I think they serve as the missing link between the heavy metal you enjoy and the more inaccessible styles:


    If you don't like it, you don't like it. The kind that can appreciate all styles of music is a rare breed. I'm just the messenger.

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    This is a subject I'm not good at. No matter what, I can find a genre I like in different shades. Sure, I hate a portion of country music, but throw Dolly Parton, Reba, maybe some Garth Brooks in my direction, and I'll survive.

    I mean, if I had to pick a favorite on that list, it'd be Pop. At the same time, I loathe Justin Bieber, Train, 50% of Ke$ha, Chris Brown, etc... So if I hate a genre, it's most likely not entirely.

    I'm going to have to jump on the 'Metal' bandwagon. I can think of a few counter examples, but when songs are just random guitar, drums, and lyrics beyond logical thanks.

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    Personally I don't have much love for rap music. However I tend to attribute this to an incident where a friend's brother drove me home once. Music blaring at top decibel, bass cranked up, him speeding like hell, me pressed against the seat (it didn't help much that it was placed in a reclining position anyway). I remember opening my mouth and hearing the music in my head.
    I refused any rides with him since :I

    Metal doesn't bother me too much, as long as it doesn't have the "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG" included. If it's just music it's awesome. Swallowing 1/2 the mic to make a garbled roar doesn't impress me much.
    I used to date a guy whose brothers had a metal band. Their music rocked when their singer shut the hell up.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drake_Cloud View Post
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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    When it comes to metal even though I don't care for a lot of it, I tend to gravitate toward THE most extreme examples, because in a genre dedicated to excess it seems like doing anything less than humanly possible is just a waste of potential. Take it to the most monastic and aesthetically barren realm imaginable and just marvel at the spectacle.

    I mean, look at these fucking jokers!


    Listen to how fucked up this is! Especially just after 1:05!


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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    To be honest, there isn't a single genre that doesn't have at least one artist I like.
    So, I don't have a genre I hate. I can like any kind of music, as long as it has some.. substance in it? As long as there's heart in it, cheesy as that may sound.
    What I dislike are songs that are churned out by producers who want to make money on famous faces, popsongs with a generic beat and autotuned voices that spout meaningless lyrics. A good example of those are Black Eyed Peas and all their recent shit, as well as people like Kesha and T-Pain and the likes.
    But I can't say I don't like pop because there are some great pop songs/artists out there. Same goes for hip-hop, saying you hate hip-hop because of the likes of T-Pain is an enormous insult towards the genius hip-hop producers that do exist.

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE


    To hell with you all.

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    I voted for Hip-Hop and Soul. I don't really "hate" any genre of music since it's impossible for me to listen to every song from every genre. I generally do not like hip-hop and rap though. But there are always exceptions.

    I don't see why everyone hates country.

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    I selected Country, but I feel that I honestly don't care for modern Country music, not the entire genre itself.

    I'll admit to not being anywhere close to a musical expert, but one of my favorite genres (and the genre that actually got me seriously into music itself) is metal. I'm noticing there are a sizable amount of people choosing metal as their hated genre, so I'll just politely say my two cents and be off.

    I think many people misconstrue the entirety of the metal genre (and it's many bastard sub-genres) as the type of screamy KILLFUCKBLOODHATE sort of black metal. While this sort of music does connect on a primal level (as noted by our fantastic Wagomu), I think black metal may be more like musical catharsis. Just a literal release of agression. This is why some people can really get into it but others may not understand why the hell people are moshing to the singer deepthroating his mic.

    That being said, I'm not a fan of black metal nor will I say it is by any definition of the words "good music". It's just a very niche genre, sort of like (holy hell is gonna kill me for this) the noise music genre.

    Also most people seem to be under the impression that metal, if it's not loudly screaming at you, is also just adrenaline pumping music. For the most part, that's the speed metal genre.

    While some of my favorite songs such as Iron Maiden's Hallowed Be Thy Name (possible candidate for best metal song ever) start off slow and gradually works it's way to a climax, there are more slowgoing songs in the metal genre like these:

    Each of you is still completely entitled to hate the music you want, and frankly, not every genre is for everyone. Just wanted to have my say. I'll check back into this thread later though.

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    Country and Hip-Hop.

    Hip-Hop in particular. Cant stand that shit. Poetry to a beat. Not music. No musicianship involved. Maybe you disagree. Good for you.

    Metal is far far far too varied to just be labeled as Metal.

    There is no comparison between Black Metal to Nu Metal.



    As for anyone that thinks that Metal is just "noise" I suggest listening to stuff like this.

    Some of the most fantastic singers in the world are in Metal.

    Roll on Wacken 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by tori22 View Post
    I would say that some of them do u guys are just biass because it's not from the manga. If the filler arc was in the manga then I bet u guys would love it.

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    The people who voted for Metal should go listen to Ayreon.

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    Quote Originally Posted by Sakonosolo View Post
    The people who voted for Metal should go listen to Ayreon.
    Show me where any Metal is even remotely on The Dream Sequencer.

    Easily my favourite album of theirs but they change genre from song to song so it's hard to even call them metal at all.

    But yeah.... I still get your point

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    Quote Originally Posted by tori22 View Post
    I would say that some of them do u guys are just biass because it's not from the manga. If the filler arc was in the manga then I bet u guys would love it.

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    Default Re: The Music Genre You HATE

    I agree that Metal is a monstrous genre. That was kind of my point as well . Each song by Ayreon sounds different than the one before it.

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