What are these forums for?
You can ask in here for help on stuff like: Homework, Computers, Software, Arlong Park Forums and the like. Do NOT ask for help about how to get so and so in a game, that's what GameFAQs is for and they can do a darn better job than we can.

Rule 1)
Only post in here if you honestly, seriously need help with whatever you have a problem with. When you do, please provide as much information as possible. For example, if it's a problem with your computer, what are your computer specifications, what is the EXACT problem you are experiencing, etc.

Rule 2) Only post answers! Not links to some other page that may or may not help the person. If someone asks for help, don't just direct them to google, don't direct them to andantech or the like, help them!

Rule 3) If you ask for help, be appreciative and happy, if someone gives you bad advice, tell them that, but in a clean calm manner, don't snap at them, they only mean well.