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Thread: Ugly´s Sig Games Ranking

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    49th task
    You are a guard of the king, you noticed that the jester is trying to poison the king, what will you do ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Wintermute
    I make a bubble jump move towards him and stop him. After that I threaten him to swallow his own poison unless he wants to live.

    Picking life has its price though. He has to build a rollercoaster out of wood all by himself. The slides will be layered with my soapy bubbles. And with a push of the king the jester will get fired out of the castle with somersaults and screams, making us laugh for his last time. (He lands soft)
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    AP is dying...Who will save it ?

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    50th task
    You are a clown that works for a NGO that aids children with cancer, unfortunately, you forgot to bring your makeup and costume, what will you do ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Wintermute
    Clowns are scary anyway so I use my bubbles to dress me up as a snowman or soapbubble man. I also create bubble unicorns and fancy cars for the kids to ride. And teach them about the importance of washing hands.
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    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    And, finally, the 11th game has ended, congratulations to everyone who joined this game.

    This time, the winner was Wintermute.
    AP is dying...Who will save it ?

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    Let's shake things up, this time I will make a new game. each of the participants will have to go through the numbered route by rolling a dice, the first participant to arrive in the finish circle with 100 points, wins. (in case the competitor manages to arrive in the finish circle but was unable to collect 100 points, he/she will have to backtrack until he/she has 100 points.)

    Doesn't have a dice in your house ? Use this site and set it to roll "one virtual dice".

    Blue squares: will have a simple question that the participant will have to answer, if he/she answer correctely, he/she will move to the next square and wins 1 point, if the questions are answed wrongly, the participant will go back one square.

    Red squares: Will have a task that should be completed using a Devil Fruit, the participant will choose one in the start of the game, he/she can't change DF during the game. Compleating the task will grand 5 points to the competitor. Any more questions, check the original thread for the DFC.

    Pink squares: Will have a mystery task, if the competitor acomplish the task, he/she can use the shortcut plus gain 10 points, if he/she fails, he/she will stay one round without playing/fall back the shortcut, going back the route.

    Have fun, any questions, talk with me.

    Here is the prize for this game:
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    AP is dying...Who will save it ?

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