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Thread: Confession Session

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    Default Confession Session - LOCK THIS THREAD

    This thread is to get anything off your chest without the fear of being ridiculed or judged. here it goes

    i was raised catholic but now im not sure what to believe anymore

    i don't wash my pants that often either, although if you iron them they seem like they just came out the washer

    when I buy new pants I always try them on and sit down just to see if the crotch area puffs up, if it does then I buy them

    I almost cried when emmitt smith broke the rushing record, something about seeing emmitt and moose johnson hugging and crying like little girls that got to me, no homo

    Iíve shit on myself twice in my lifetime; both times thinking they were farts

    I will never get used to seeing family memberís breastfeed

    its always odd when you catch someone breast feeding. its almost like you see them and you're caught off guard and don't want to stare but also don't want to act like you are uncomfortable even though you are, then ill just go to the other room and count off 15 minutes in my head then return hoping they tittles is put away.

    i never post anything one piece related. i always feel like every things already been said before me, and if anything it'll get merged into a different topic

    confessions part 2

    i think i might be getting addicted to cocaine. not in the wake up in the morning thinking like man i want some coke type of addiction. but whenever i know i'm going to be drinking a lot i always pick up an 8ball.

    years ago i once myspace stalked some girl for a few months. eventually we hooked up a couple times, but noway did i tell her i was stalking her.

    i think my ex girlfriend got an abortion and never told me she did or that she was pregnant. it bothers me to this day, but i can't really describe what emotion i'm feeling

    got into manga and anime when i was 18. im 26 now, one piece is the only series ive watched or read in 4 years now. all of these manga jokes referring to other series go way over my head on this board

    not really embarrassed that i watched or read anime/manga but its not something i jus share with people. maybe i am iono. only one other person in real life knows that i do.

    i know so much useless knowledge concerning basketball and the nba. its really just a waste of time really.

    i haven't bought an audio cd in 3 years. i used to be big about 'supporting the artist' but now i just say fuck it

    at 21, i thought when i was 26 my life would be completely different than the way it looks now.

    i still get mad when people call house music, ''trance''. i guess that shit dont matter anymore, music is getting more difficult to categorize these days

    i hate trance music. i do like house.

    one of my best friend is currently dating some girl i hooked up with 4 years ago. i struggle with the idea that i should tell him or not. id rather him hear it from me than her, but i know she wont say anything. or does that even matter?

    im typing a bunch of things, hoping spoilers would be out by the time i finished

    confessions part 3
    had a buddy who worked for some distribution company, and he gave me approximately 500 dvd's of porn of all different ethnicities, stories, scenarios. i threw a party and got super drunk one night, and brought them out and said 'merry christmas'. i woke up the next morning and there was only like 50 dvds left and they were all black ones. i loled

    when i moved out into my own place 3-4 years ago, i didn't realize how much energy it took to cook food every night. i either went broke from eating out all of the time, or went starving from being too lazy to cook and go grocery shopping

    my (asian) parent's friends always try or want me to meet their daughters. im so sick of this shit, but next time i get asked im just gonna say yes.

    the best part about living alone isnt the quiet or feeling of independence.. it's being able to smoke a cigarette everytime im on the toilet.

    this one girl i knew when we were kids, i think we had a crush on each other when we were 15-16 but it was mad awkward because we weren't sure if we were related.

    the internet probably ruined my life and my childhood.

    @silversraleigh should just calm down, who gives a fuck

    the only reason why i registered was because they stopped letting guests view spoilers. and now im posting too. oh lord.

    confessions part 4
    sometimes i'll google aim or bbm names to see what pops up. you can see what your friends do online. that shit is mad creepy and stalkerish though. i've made sure people cant do the same to me

    no matter if im on my phone, or on a computer, i cant stand having someone look over my shoulder to see what im doing.

    i got my browser settings to always delete history and cookies whenever i exit. its not like i look at porn sites or anything, i just like it that way

    i got a friend who never locked his phone, and he'd leave voicemails at odd hours, or wake me up in the middle of the night. i posted his phone number on craigs list under m4m just to get back at him.

    the reason i live alone is cause i did the room mate thing and he annoyed the shit out of me. he was somewhat my friend but that didnt change the fact he was an annoying dude to live with.

    i would buy bars of soap and purposely not use it to see if he'd be on my shit. i think he was a constant masturbator cause the toilet rolls would always go so fast. i used to have to hide that shit in my room and only put one roll in the bathroom at a time.

    i used to do the online social network things, but it made me hate people i know, so i removed it.

    what annoyed me the most were girls who kept proclaiming how much they love their life and how much they loved their friends everyday. don't get me wrong, im very happy with my life. something about it is just irritating as hell

    if you believe it or not, im actually a big reader, but my spelling and grammar is trash. i'm only articulate and eloquent as the people i'm around. here in this thread i'm around that silvers raleigh dude. waaahh

    instead of putting more into my 401k i spend roughly 500-600 on alcohol every month

    i should have seen more of the world by now, but the only thing i usually do to get away is to go to vegas every two months

    ive never blacked out from drinking, or have gone through a period where i don remember anything from being intoxicated, so im pretty intolerable to women who get that way.

    this is just me being stubborn but i hate chasing women. these girls like the power of control and i refuse to give it to them. i usually just be cool and they gravitate toward me. probably why i havent been in a serious relationship lasting longer than a year and change but fuck it

    confessions part 5. im using roman numerals after this one
    confessions part 5 i think

    today i feel like writing run on sentences and using bad grammar

    it's 1030 a.m and i'm wondering why i haven't slept yet. i think some of the white girl had something to do with it but i took my last bump at like 1:30am.

    now that football is on, i probably won't sleep until before the night game starts.. then i'll wake up after that games over and watch highlights until i sleep.

    i feel like im wasting my life spending every weekend drinking. it's fun though.

    my socks never match. which sucks because i end up going to some dinner party at this asian girls house on friday i think. as im walking in im thinking fuck i hope i dont have to take off my shoes, my socks aren't even the same color today. of course they got white carpet...

    when i dream in my sleep or daydream, its usually centered around my high school athletic career. kinda sad in an al bundy type of way. but i played varsity basketball since i was a freshmen and quit in the middle of my jr year because i couldn't get along with my coach. at the time i couldn't understand it, but now i realize he was right about life lessons and shit. i think i would have been the shit my senior year. in my dreams i am anyways.

    i know this isnt a thread to judged, but i been around alota messed up people, but some of the people posting their confessions in this thread make me ?????? crazy shit like i aint ever heard of anyone else describe. honestly i think it might be make believe.

    ive had maybe 30-35 sexual partners without any of them being white or black. white girls tend to not like asian guys, even though im decent height 5'11 and handsome like tom brady (no homo).

    the black story is kinda funny. i had an opportunity to hook up with this voluptuous vixen, she was 5'7 and maybe 160lbs, like she was thick in all the right places though. at the time i didnt think i was experienced enough and got scared because i thought i couldn't compare to the size of black guys that she was used to. i laugh about it today though so its all good.

    watching the heat lose is equally as enjoyable as watching the lakers win. im a hater

    god damn cant believe im typing this. i actually like romantic comedies. i know i dont seem like the type. i think i just want to believe in some love where all these extraordinary events occur for it to happen.

    i used to get out of college around noon. i'd go home and eat lunch around the same time my sister would watch her soap operas (days of our lives, passions). one week she went on a vacation to new york or something, and i remember by Thursday i realized god damn i watched this show Monday to thursday before i realized she wasnt here and im watching this show by myself.

    its not like i still watch these soaps, but damn for a good year and a half i can tell you all of the characters in the show and the plotlines

    confessions vi
    confessions part vi

    i sometimes browse missed connections on craigslist to see if there were any girls who wrote about me. this wasnt some out of the blue thing, a friend of mine did this all of the time and started noticing posts that described me. i've narrowed it down to 2-3 people but i wouldn't have the balls to call em out on it. but, how romantic would that be

    i have a real close girlfriend who ive never really consider hooking up with. however, when she gets drunk at my place she gets somewhat flirty. i convinced myelf that shes just had a few drinks and its nothing. it's not unnatural for her to sleep on my bed and nothing happens. shes done that dozens of times through the years.

    one time she cuddles up to me and starts rubbing my cheek and gives me a kiss on the neck. i say 'eff it, im going for it. i feel her up under her skirt, but then i jump up pretending someones at my door. i said ill be back, but when i come back shes already asleep. we never talked about this ever again.

    i also had weird scenarios with her two best friends who are also her cousins. one of em i smoked with one time in my car, we were both high and shes like feel my heartbeat. she guide my hand to her heart and then her breast, i give it a lil squeeze and then she guides it down to between her legs. shes wearing jeans on but im just kinda rubbing her a little bit. eventually we just go get some water and nothing else happens

    her other friend was throwing a party and is trying to make out with me all night. we kiss for a little bit but this was also the night i smoked weed with the other girl, so my head and penis are pointing in crazy directions. i then thought this was too much to handle and just went home.

    it's funny because around this time we were all close friends and im not a fool to think girls dont talk about shit like that. so it's funny how they all have a story about me but i didnt give in to any of them. they probably think im gay lol fuck it

    parents forced me to go to a wedding with them a month ago, the groom and groomsmen were all doctors. parents tried to give me a guilt trip on how i never reached that level of success. i felt bad but there was an open bar, so i decided to drink a lot to remind them why they shouldnt take me out to weddings with them.

    i used to be an altar boy for church when i was a kid. probably worst decision ever because i was with my friends who were also altar boys and periodically stole money from the collection plate. ive never stole any myself, but id be lieing to say i didnt benefit from it.

    going to church is the only thing i lie about to my parents. probably the only thing i can do to make my parents really hate me

    i got a strong resentment for my father for a bunch of shit he wont ever understand. i cant help the way i feel but i am ashamed of it now that he's in his old age its hard for me to see him differently.

    in high school he'd pull me to another room when friends are over to warn me that my black friends would steal their stuff.

    or if friends were over working out on the bench press, my pops stopped us becaue he said they would sue us if anyone got hurt.

    he also discouraged me from playing sports and to just focus on school. not just because school was the 'smart' thing to do, but he said because i was a skinny asian kid i didnt belong on the court with bigger black kids who would injure me.

    in a way this made me train tougher and lift harder the summer going into my 9th and 10th grade years. i started varsity my freshmen year, and became a pretty good player

    i never heard of 4chan before the whole 4chan vs tumblr beef a few weeks ago. i googled 4chan to see what it was and ended up looking at erotic pictures for an hour.

    i generally think im the best looking guy in the room 80% of the time. that' a female trait i know. lol fuck it confidence ftw

    mariah carey - all i want for christmas is you, is the best damn christmas song ever. totally shits on jingle bells

    i got some hipster tendencies. not a hipster by any stretch of the imagination, but like as soon as anything gets popular i usually hate it. shit like wearing purple, its so trendy now i had to throw away all my purple gear.

    i usually dont posts in other threads, but ill read em sometimes. i always think man wtf are these people thinking and how they lived these sheltered lives. either that or i wonder how old most of these people are. either way, i probably shouldnt even post. i just like onepiece.

    confession vii: the dog murderer

    one time this girl i was interested in asked me to dog watch her little pomaranian (spelling?) for two days. the fridge was fullly stocked so i decided to just live there for the weekend.

    anyways im smoking a cigarette in her kitchen and i open up a window thats right by the table. anyways, her mom makes surprise visits out of nowhere to bring over cooked food or things she thinks she might need around the house. so when her mom comes, i leave the place saying im going to the store to run some errands.

    when i get back, the door is slightly open, but her mother is gone. i couldnt find the dog anywhere, it was bugging me out. i ran around and searched outside for 30 minutes. i went to go smoke another cigarette at the same place, and notice crumbs and shit everywhere on the table. man i look out the window and the dog fell down 3 stories.

    i hurry down and do some dexter shit, i clean up the mess, and panicked and i threw the dog in the trunk of my car in a plastic garbage bag. my girl came home later that day and i told her how her mother left the door open when i left. her mom left it open on purpose cause she thought i didnt have a key.

    i spend the next hour making posters and walking around the block postin reward signs of the dog, knowing full well that dog is in my trunk.

    man i went off topic again. this has nothing to do with love

    edit: man i felt really really bad

    confessions viii
    i signed up on some site online where they will automatically send your girlfriend flowers on important dates like birthdays, valentines day, and anniversaries. the shit was made for boyfriends who forget. anyways like i said my longest relationship was maybe two years, but i forgot to cancel the service. so she gets flowers on our anniversary to her workplace and she mistakes it as like i want to get back together.

    lol it was so funny telling her about the service. i could tell she was a little let down but she just had to have a laugh at a story like that. i mean it was after the fact right

    in a previous confession i mentioned something about 4chan. well man im scrolling through one of the threads of asian girls or whatever and someone posted a picture of a group of girls i knew. i lol'ed so hard, dont know if i should tell them their picture is surfacing on the internet like that. i mean how would that conversation even come up.

    man all my stories would be so much better if i had the balls to post pictures.

    theres like 4-5 other girls i recognize in that thread too, shit was weird.

    i refuse to drink from straws. even if its at some shady hole in the wall restaurant where the glasses don't look the cleanest. something weird about seeing two guys ordering drinks from the bar and sipping it from some tiny ass straws.

    on that tip, i usually drink everything on ice or neat, no mixing. part of the reason i started to was on some macho im a man type of thing, but now i just enjoy it like so.

    i always leave my cigarettes in the car when i know im going to be around alot of smokers. not 'cause im cheap i just hate when 3 guys who are bumming from me all night, and when i get home i got one left. do i save this one before i go to sleep, or for when i wake up shit

    yea i usually smoke two cigarettes before i even brush my teeth. not as bad as it sounds cause i just smoke right in bed when i wake up. turn on the news, and smoke another one while im shitting

    that's some sad shit, reading about all the bullying people went through on here, or that shit about no friends. i think i was always considered popular, and thinking about it now i can see most people here fit into all these groups you see during lunch at school. i didn't think about that shit then cause im young, just living each day like what have you.

    this was my first year watching the victoria secret fashion show and i was more impressed with the costumes than i was with the tittays. is this maturing?

    i live in condo, so theres a bunch of other condos like right next to me. anyways, theres this cat thats always in my balcony eating my leftovers. i got a table right outside where i eat fast food and do shit like play chess or dominoes with a friend.

    the neighbor is pissed at me because the cat things im the owner now, theres even a spot on the balcony it likes to chill at. i even leave it water sometimes. this cat aint touched its catfood ever no more.

    confessions IX
    there's this alcoholic bum i always ignore asking for change when i get cigarettes at the walgreens. i hook him up a couple times, but dude is always drunk or high and gets annoying so yea i tell him to fuck off today, or not today yo. it's not as mean as you think, its like some friendly banter we got going on. he tries to guess which days i feel generous.

    anyways, a buddy of mine is in some organization that raised 13000 for needy people during the holidays, and i went with him to go serve thanksgiving meals. i usually hate doing charity work for the homeless, not because i hate helping people. i get the feeling these people look at the other side of table as these fools who come out once a year to pretend they care about their cause, and then go home to tell their friends and family what a good sumeritan they are.

    anyways i see this homeless guy in line and he recognizes me. it's the only time ive ever seen dude sober. i thought there'd be awkward exchange but he gives me some half smile/half smirk. weird to describe, kinda like hes grateful, appreciative but he sees me as one of these assholes who come around once a year.

    anyways he had me shook and i buy cigarettes at 7-11 now down the street and pay 86 cents more.

    whenever im at a redlight and theres a cute girl to the left or right of me. i make eye contact then immediately look away like i just did something i wasnt supposed to

    while everyones busy driving like a bitch when theres a cop around, i always drive like 5-10 mph above the speed limit. sometimes pass them. i feel like they respect me more when i do.

    i hate sleeping in other peoples bed and sitting in other peoples cars. even if i know im going to be drinking alot id rather take my own car and take my chances then. also if im sleeping over a females house, i'll usually be up til like 530am thinking man i cant fall asleep. imma wake her up at 6 and tell her i gots somewhere to be.

    i first smoked weed when i was 13 years old. i went to the park at night to go shoot around. i end up playing 1 on 1 with some mexican dude with full on jeans and everything. he offered i said fuck it. got so high, i forgot my basketball that night. im pretty sure he stole it though.

    the final confession X coming when the strawhats reach fishmen island. that shit can be like tomorrow or 2012.

    confession X
    Confession X - The Finale

    When i was in 4th grade all the 5th and 6th graders picked on us. After watching South Central, i formed my own gang of 3rd and 4th graders. We used to get mobbed by groups of 4/5... but when we started rolling around 30 deep they couldn't do shit. We beat up a lot of kids until the administration found out and we either got suspended/expelled.

    This was when i first started realizing i had influence over people.

    At my olders brothers graduation, i was in charge of videotaping. pops was like make sure not to record over anything important. i found a stack of unmarked tapes in a closet and popped one in. While my fam was watching/ halfway through it cuts into 70's porn. hardcore lol moment but i was 5 at the time and scared shitless

    one of the most attractive things to me is the way a girl smells. i hate that shit when they purposely leave articles of clothing at your place or in your car. the whole room just resonates that smell and you can't help but think about them.

    im pretty good at moving on after a brief fling, but damn this one girl left over a scarf and i smelled it everyday for a week until the smell went away. when it did go away i returned it

    if you dont know by now, im real particular about things. i usually hate all gifts given to me. tryin to be stylin' ya feel me.

    even going to the gym, i always make sure i'm looking sharp. i won't wear wrinkled shirts or anything baggy. i don't have 'old shirts' to throw on. usually after something gets old or not as fashionable i donate them to a third world country.

    my entire wardrobe usually changes completely within two years.. but i think i'm at peace now of who i am and what my style is. i can't imagine it changing dramatically from this point forward. kind of a grown up casual, a little GQ, slightly rough but always sharp.

    i'll say it, i'm materialistic. having money to buy things makes me happy. and appearances are extremely important to me. i don't think that makes me shallow.

    someone earlier in this thread said they couldnt care less about a persons looks, being fat, ugly etc.. i guess i understand it, but don't believe it. yeah its possible for you to feel that way. to me that just seems idealistic or someone screaming to convince themselves they are this genuine pure person.

    like come on it matters, but it doesnt have to be the end all be all like yall making it out to be.

    i hate motivational quotes or love quotes. all too easy for me. read it and get inspired cool.. but to requote it, its kind of saying like youre trying to tell everybody you live by this motto.

    my motto is dont talk about it, be about it. this is the only place where ive talked this much about myself. in person, people see how i am and i'll let them judge me on that.

    also for people who say they don't care what people think. i think that's great and sometimes idealistic too. around where i grew up it's all about respect and how people see you in what light. don't take it too far, its not like you got to be fake, just saying if you got respect you got respect.

    my life revolves around women too much. everything in my condo was bought with the thought 'what would girls like'. i guess its kind of true for me, the saying of 'everything a guy does is with the thought of women in mind'

    i'll be 27 in 2 weeks. all of the good women my age are getting married, but i refuse to date anyone under the age of 24. i'm sorry i just feel like you don't have anything to talk about if you aren't. of course there are exceptions but i ain't taking my chances

    i stole like 10 bikes one summer when i was 13. my backyard was the scrap shop. interchanged parts and spray painted the frames over. fuck it, throw some stickers on it too- make it your own

    for all the illegal shit ive done when i was younger (fraud, theft, straight up selling shit out of stores that ive worked at, shit even sold dope) ive never been in trouble with the authorities

    im honestly blessed and thankful that i finished school and got a decent career and am done with all that past shit in my life. it didnt take me getting locked up to understand what i was doing wrong. its not anything i regret, for some its just something you go through and hope you grow out of.

    my moms has a friend that everytime i see her she always says how handsome i am. thats what older people say about the younger generation. but she always staring at me to the point im uncomfortable, i think she wants to hook up, but damn she like 45. a bad 45.

    i had brief employment working at bloomingdales, selling women fragrances. this is where i learned to talk to females. talking to damn near 60 woman a day about anything and everything but the damn fragrance. i hooked up with a couple of girls my age, but there were older women interested too but i didnt really know how to handle that situation and shied away. cougars before the cougar phenomenon.

    to this day i hate rollercoasters. cause god damn when you're young the fun thing to do when your a kid, teen, young adult whatever was go to shit like six flags or knots and jump on these rides. everytime im on one, right before the drop i close my eyes and just hold my breath. that shit scares the fuck out of me. got places like disneyland where fools getting their heads decapitated. thank god for everyones love of alcohol and clubs, because that became the new thing to do.

    ive seen people shot, stabbed and i got enough nerve to not look away. i can stomach that. but shit like hearing people grind their teeth in their sleep give me the queeziest feeling. i can't stand that

    also afraid of heights, im not talking last rung ladder type of heights, or standing on top of a roof. that aint nothing. im talkin like pool party at the standard or w, or at the playboy/moon club in vegas where youre like 100 stories up. i can picture myself tumbling to my death everytime.

    i like how for every 1 girl on this board, theres like 5-6 guys being extra cute to her. thats cute teeheehee

    i don't ever use emoticons or them smiley faces ever. i put it on the same level as dudes sipping their drinks from a straw. it took me forever to just use 'lol'. i always thought it was this internet age of butchering the english language.

    i got over 160 pair of shoes. yes they make me happy.

    i once got addicted to that mexican red chili powder shit you put on fruit. man i ate mangos and oranges everyday like 10x a day with that. i got nauseous and threw up and it was the worst feeling ever. i much prefer the feeling of jameson whiskey coming up.

    that was like 5 years ago, all of my vomits have been alcohol/drug related since then.

    if i could live life over again i'd be an astronaut or an fbi agent

    the only thing i watch on TV is sports. i dont watch tv shows until theyre out on DVD then ill go into straight marathon mode until i get pale. i watched 24 seasons 1-5 in like two weeks. i was dieing at work. i think i had a dvd player in my car at the time and watched on my lunchbreaks

    now was a good time to post this confession, seeing a bunch of silly things posted.cause everytime i post it seems like right after someone goes into their violent past or sexual abuse. it's almost like i bring it out. i know i dont, but damn if i didnt yall be talkin about night lights for the next two pages.

    i sprayed fart spray on this dudes chest in 3rd grade, and he walked around smelling like shit all day.

    in 4th grade i was that kid who found out about sniffing markers to get you high. whats worse is i got like 4-5 other dudes to consistently do it with me. see i told you i had influence.

    most i ever lost gambling was 5000 and it was terrible because it wasnt just one bet, it was a string of bets that built up. and the bookie had come to collect my tab. i had to scratch and claw to come up with 5gs. ever since then i said i wouldnt gamble anymore, and i been pretty good about it. sure he would've broke my legs

    you know when youre throwing a good party and cops come to break it up cause the neighbors called to complain. i am that neighbor. aint no reason to throw a fucking house party on a tuesday night cause finals is over. people got work the next day. wait til the weekend. or at least thursday college nights.

    they'll never suspect it to be me though cause im that cool neighbor who just chills and smokes cigarettes up top listening to music.

    i think the neighbor across is scared of me because he has young daughters 19/20/22 somewhere around there who wave hi to me. he should just chill im not interested in children.

    i been typing at this for like 45 minutes now, not consecutively cause everytime someone has been coming to my desk i been minimizing this page. thank you arlong park i am 45 minutes closer to going home to work now.

    this is my final confession and post on AP. im eliminating all of these time wasting things i do in my life to work smarter not harder. i mean fuck, waiting for spoilers at 2am on a tuesday night. i got to be real about this

    god bless, good night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bynums_kneecap View Post
    i was raised as catholic but now im not sure what to believe anymore
    Story of my life......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bynums_kneecap View Post
    This thread is to get anything off your chest without the fear of being ridiculed or judged. here it goes
    I don't forsee that ideal lasting or this thread staying in a good place for very long, it never does in this sort of thread. But, go ahead and give it a try.
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    I confess to clicking on this thread with mild expectations and then being mildly disappointed. I then mildly typed out this paragraph and I plan to mildly browse apforums for a few more minutes before mildly visiting a different site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airflow View Post
    I confess to clicking on this thread with mild expectations and then being mildly disappointed. I then mildly typed out this paragraph and I plan to mildly browse apforums for a few more minutes before mildly visiting a different site.
    How mild.

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    Mildly mild.

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    I like Naruto and Bleach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobbyBevard View Post
    I don't forsee that ideal lasting or this thread staying in a good place for very long, it never does in this sort of thread. But, go ahead and give it a try.
    I concur, with mr. fur!
    And in the spur of the moment, I hurr - y,
    to not hurrr - t you. And prevent all the shit to occur!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceBorg View Post
    I like Naruto and Bleach.
    This is entrapment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smudger View Post
    This is entrapment.

    That's one word for it.

    And OP--tell your relatives that light baby blankets are fine thrown over the head of the infant while s/he suckles, and it's respectful of the discomfort of others in the room. I breastfed my babies, and I understand the desire to desensitize folks to it, but there's also a very real issue of being aware of and sensitive to others' feelings of discomfort. Respect is a two way street, after all. Our reasonable rights do not override the reasonable rights of others.

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    Can someone explain why someone would feel uncomfortable at seeing a mother breast feeding?

    Story time:

    A few years back I was on the tube when the guy behind me started freaking out at this woman for breastfeeding her child in public. She was on the verge of tears so I pretty much told him to shut up. I got tons of abuse back, but it resulted with the remaining passengers being swayed into rallying to her cause.

    In short he left at speed.

    I'm still dumbfounded at this kind of stupidity.

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    Boobies are icky, didn't you get the memo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smudger View Post
    Can someone explain why someone would feel uncomfortable at seeing a mother breast feeding?

    Story time:

    A few years back I was on the tube when the guy behind me started freaking out at this woman for breastfeeding her child in public. She was on the verge of tears so I pretty much told him to shut up. I got tons of abuse back, but it resulted with the remaining passengers being swayed into rallying to her cause.

    In short he left at speed.

    I'm still dumbfounded at this kind of stupidity.
    Was the man a middle-eastern?

    Just curious.

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    He looked like Niles from Frasier, so no.

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    Niles gives me the impression of a religious zealot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakonosolo View Post
    Boobies are icky, didn't you get the memo?
    LOL. Yeah I must think breast are icky if I think asking someone to use a light baby blanket to cover up while breastfeeding is ok. There can't possibly be a middle ground on this issue.

    I don't usually make it a habit to defend my opinions with background, but I suppose this time it may be warranted. I have done my time fighting for the right to breastfeed, I have sat in and breastfed, and written letters, and attended more LaLeche meetings than I care to number. I was an extended breastfeeder, going well past the recommended time. I will fight for any woman's right to breastfeed at any time and in any location she and her child feel are necessary--and I am just as appalled by people reaming a breastfeeding mom out as anyone else.

    I do not, however, yet see breasts as an open air, "out on public display" body part, like an arm or a man's chest even, just yet, at least in my country. Since that is still the case, I feel that it is polite of me to make slight concessions and accomodations for those who feel embarrassed by seeing a woman breastfeed, just as I make accomodations and respect the feelings of others over other things that may come up. Neither the baby nor the mom will be in any discomfort by having a light cloth over the shoulder, or by using a sling to keep things discrete. I don't see it as ott to ask for that small thing if and when it's possible (and yes, there are times when it simply is not). When breasts follow what seems to be the growing trend, and are seen more and more on beaches proudly getting tanned along with the other publicly displayed body parts, then I'll feel completely differently, but until then, in my opinion, respecting common public mores is polite, (although not necessary...) if the request to do so is stated politely to me.
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    I agree thoroughly with BusterCall, I believe blankets should be used in public if a woman chooses to breastfeed. I know I myself do not have any desire to see breasts flopped out at me when I walk into a room or building. At home when no one is around, or at least only people who are unfazed by it (husband/boyfriend, certain family members, etc) , then it would be most appropriate to do without the blanket. Curteousy to strangers, friends, and other relatives should be exhibited in public though.

    However at the same time, to save embarrassment/hurt in certain situations (such as the incident described by Smudge) I think it would be much better for women in extremely public locations to have used the pump prior to leaving home and made bottles for the baby. Then the possible jerks surrounding them won't have much to bitch about.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drake_Cloud View Post
    He didn't come back because he thought he could win, he came back because he's a goddamn hero and that's what heroes do.

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    i was raised catholic but now im not sure what to believe anymore
    Me too, except I was Christian.

    Iíve shit on myself twice in my lifetime; both times thinking they were farts
    Ive done it a couple times when I was really sick, and while I was throwing up, I guess the force went 'back there'. It was gross.

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    To those in doubt of their faith; It basically means you don't believe in it any more, but are emotionally held back by your religious family/friends.

    I say fuck them. You are your own man. Hell, giving up your religion shouldn't have to spoil your relationship with them until they're being a jerk about it. (Took me 3 years to realise this - that would be around 156 wasted church sessions)

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishLuigi View Post
    To those in doubt of their faith; It basically means you don't believe in it any more, but are emotionally held back by your religious family/friends.

    I say fuck them. You are your own man. Hell, giving up your religion shouldn't have to spoil your relationship with them until they're being a jerk about it. (Took me 3 years to realise this - that would be around 156 wasted church sessions)
    Well after my grandma died we stopped really going to Church except for Christmas. So i dont really go anyway, I still have troubles with trying to find balance between logic and faith. :/

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