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Thread: Databook: "One Piece Green"

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    Default Databook: "One Piece Green"

    RAW, thanks Ulrilra ^^

    Quote Originally Posted by Ulrilra View Post


    530 megabyte, 3,000 px RAW:


    Al!naJames uploaded a mirror on her site to the 3,000 px version here:


    243 megabyte, 2,000 px RAW:


    Al!naJames uploaded a mirror on her site to the 2,000 px version here:


    Sorry it took longer than I said - my usual, incredibly fast method of microwaving the book to melt the glue binding didn't work on the Green Data Book because the manufacturers switched to a different type of glue. I wound up having to remove the binding with a scalpel, with which I have no skill...It took 8 unpleasant hours of cutting myself and shaving away at the super glue binding before I was ready to scan. The scanning took three hours, and I finished it at 1:30 AM. But I don't think very well when I'm tired, so the last five hours of rotating, optimizing and resizing the images went by very slowly. Good night.
    Translations, Pics, Etc: (Thanks Greg and Ulrilra)
    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    New stuff now. I did 60's SBS first.

    PLEASE don't kill my bandwidth. It's just one picture but viewed several thousand times it adds up.

    Front under cover

    Back under cover

    Holy shit...There's no way I could cover this all in an evening. I just opened it up and it's freaking PACKED.


    Oda probably didn't write all of this himself, but his seal of approval is on it. Which means unless it's a very minute detail, any broad statements are probably acceptable.

    I'm just gonna mention stuff I find interesting because there WAY too much info in here.

    Usopp's opening candid comments:

    Ever notice how there are lots of ships with animal heads on 'em? Long ago, really far back, in a ceremony for a ship's maiden voyage [Note: there's a proper name/translation for the ceremony in English but I'm not looking it up right now] people prayed for the safety of the ship and sacrificed an animal for it. Putting that sacrificed animal's head on the ship was the origin of animal figureheads on ships.

    In other words that means...there was a lamb and lion sacrificed for Merry and Sunny!!!

    (Just lying about the Merry and Sunny thing)


    Small corner brings back Luffy's declaration about crew members. They suggest this means he'll get, "AT LEAST," one new member in the New World. Note that in the same blurb, they count the current number at NINE.

    We've been reminded that the three boys in Syrup all have their own dreams.

    The splash mangas SUCK. Thy really dropped the ball. They've been squished to fit two on a page so they're very small. Lame. HOWEVER, each one comes with brand new comments in addition to the title.

    WOAH! Helmeppo's 'determination' that was only hinted at in the cover story: "Someday I'll be stronger than you Dad! I'll be the one to bring you in!!"

    There are collection of each member's 'animal pairing cover' between mini-arcs. Is it just me or is that not sweet as hell?

    Apparently we may now consider Galdino a member of Buggy's crew.

    Never noticed this but I believe they intend to point out Jango sailed off in Luffy's old boat. Haven't confirmed.

    Jango's eyes may have been a play on words for the Japanese word for 'love', 'ai'. NOT confirmed as intentional by Oda.

    They bring up Davey Jones specifically, so looks like we will indeed be hearing more about him.

    They suggest that Ener has yet more ambition and he's heading towards it with his army.

    More WB crew names:

    Spellings NOT confirmed in English

    Andre- Frankenstein/andre the giant-lookin' guy.
    Hermy(sp)- The old fat lady pirate
    Ramba- Spartan-looking dude
    Vizarre- iron-jaw guy
    Epoida- Snuffkin-lookin' dude.
    Karma- Octopus head
    Baron Lightning McGuy (fuck-off awesome name)- guy with huge nose and chin and lightning stache.
    A O- weird dude with round teeth and big mouth, looks ever so slightly like Wanze.
    Derakuahi- I literally wrote that in romaji cause I have no idea what the gag is offhand. Looks like and Arab...uh...turnip? freaky circle eyes.
    Eylewan- The walrus
    Blondie- pigish-looking fat guy. Don't remember him actually.
    Amadob- Guy with a crown.

    Will add katakana later if you guys didn't know these yet.

    Moriah is the official spelling.

    Jinbe is the official spelling.

    Dracule is now without question the official spelling.

    No space in Doflamingo.

    Racklo- Marine giant that looks similar to Akainu.
    Ronz- Marine giant with full helmet.

    Norland's name comes from an 'island' 'not being there'. Or in other words, 'No land'.

    Hiruruk's name comes from the German word for 'medical treatment'. Ivotas? Anyone? What's the correct spelling?

    They suggest 3rd in command on Roger's ship was 'Bronze So-and-so' and even though they haven't shown up yet...

    Okay guys, aside from the sketches, which are AWESOME, that's it. There's a LOT of sketch material, but I'm guessing you've probably seen 'em all already and someone already translated them. Peace!
    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    Thanks guys. I have a great idea of what info was already posted now. I'll get to work.

    Look for notes on the sketches coming here.

    Robin and Nami take turns doing their own laundry every day .
    The boys do it all together once a week.

    Oda planned to redesign Merry from the start. He even has a sketch from the start of the series that's DAMN close to the final version.


    Pic 1 & 2

    In these first two pix they have no names, simply jobs. This was his idea for the crew TWO YEARS before the start of the series. Interesting notes. The sniper, who became Usopp, is listed as the First Mate. We can see Brook there with a kamikaze headband and no afro. The creepy dude on the left appears to be a botanist or perhaps gardener, not sure, it simply says he likes plants. Also note the words 'sniper' crossed out by his name. The aspects of this character would, as we're just finding out now, be entirely absorbed by the character Usopp who is starting to use plants. The little guy on the far left is actually the Shipwright, can you believe it? Now we know where Oda thought up the idea of those catfish in his Hacchan story!!!

    Here we see a later picture of the crew together with heights and some names AS WELL AS NUMBERS. This is from just after the start of the series. Note Brook came before Franky. We can tell this is still before he solidified many of the designs. These three images are a goldmine for piecing together how Oda works.

    The idea of dried out Luffy came from Oda's early idea of what Luffy would look like if he didn't eat for only 3 days.

    Shadow Zombies
    Originally Chopper and Nami also had their shadows put into zombies in TB. In fact, the wedding dress was supposed to be worn by her zombie, not Nami. Sanji's original zombie was the armored General Zombie with the long neck and small horned head while Zoro's was the Wolverinish-looking zombie. Chopper's is hard to tell. Oars it appears at one point had Iva-style hair.

    The Luffy you saw in the first image I posted in my first post was actually one form of Nightmare Luffy. Another form had him dressed looking like Freddy.

    Nami was originally planned to be a battle-axe fighter. O_O

    You saw the pic but originally Chopper was to be a striped reindeer.

    LOL! Franky was originally planned to be a guy toughened by a long time in prison that could make AWESOME weapons but couldn't use them properly. Oh please give us that character someday!

    Brook was originally planned to debut as a part of Buggy's crew. The idea for him came from his time working on Rurouni Kenshin. The origin was a single joke, "Sore ga kotsu!" Means, 'that's the trick!' OR 'that's the bone!'.

    Ohhhhhhhh SNAP!

    Usopp gets short-ended with 'cool down' chapters doesn't he??? He was suppsed to MEET AND TALK WITH GARP after Enies Lobby at W7!!!! They would have a scene where Usopp happened upon him and, worried about his dad, asked indirectly if the man known as Yasopp was still alive. Somehow Garp figures out who he is and after telling him that 'Chaser Yasopp' was still alive he leaves saying, "Take care of my grandkid."

    HOLY FUCK! As recently as the start of the series ie. still in Chapter 1, Roger's mustache WAS in fact NOSE HAIR! The situations revolving around Roger became quite serious so it was changed to a real mustache. This lends some weight to the question of Ace's intended heritage.

    Crocus was originally called Potpouri(sp)

    There was going to be a 'Don Krieg 9000' where he modified himself into a mecha of sorts. The sketch, in spirit, somewhat resembles the current Franky.

    Mr. 2 was originally Mr. Happy Birthday.

    Maple Reed was a female sword fighter fish WOMAN that became Hacchan. Maybe she's who Hacchan spoke of at Gyojin Island!!!!!! We'll find out soon!

    Mohda from Ace's story was drawn 'older' in Oda's notes. Will she appear again?

    They say to watch the moon in the series because it was never full before Drum. That was intended so the final scene could be as it was.

    Tom was originally a human and his policy was that he'd never build a warship. But as his design changed, so did his personality.

    Original T-Bone was complete opposite. Super macho and only looked out for himself.

    You guys know about the older Chimney and beautiful Cocoro.

    OHHHHHMYGOD! There's a CP9 early design and VERSUS page!

    Here were the original matchups:

    Shakim (early Jabra)- Zoro
    Apollo (early Kumadori)- Chopper
    Blueno- Usopp

    The damage from his encounter with Tom was what was supposed to make Spandam look like a Panda.

    Moriah was originally a priest with a split personality (thank you for not being unoriginal Oda). Then later he was a tactician with 4 kinds of traps. Eventually I imagine that became the 4 ghouls.

    Doflamingo was originally a rapper.

    An early masked Shichibukai became Moriah.

    Original Kuma! Just like Oda said in the interview!!!!

    Yeah that was indeed Jinbe. There are a bunch of different versions. Personally? We ended up with the weakest-looking one.

    Margaret was intended to have the Neko Neko Fruit Model Black Cat.

    Hancock was originally much older. I'll venture a guess Shackey absorbed her history?

    Marines started out looking more like Mafia members than the Marines we know.

    John Giant looked similar to the long-bearded giant from LG.

    Sengoku looked VEEEEEEEERY similar to Woopslap(sp) at one point.

    Kizaru was originally (like the actor's best known roles) very cheerful.

    You know Dandan was gonna be a guy. Oda also drew a young SMOKIN' hot version of her. Same hair and all.

    Magellan originally looked more like a traditional Satan, smaller framed and such. Basically same overall design though.

    Inazuma was originally a crab Zoan.

    Iva's design was basically set from the start.

    Ace was originally Portgas D. Lang/Rangu?

    A shitload of WB crew sketches follow.

    First thing decided about Teach wasn't even his name, it was his laugh. That pic from a few days back was indeed BB. There was a version of BB with an eyepatch, but because of his 'reason' Oda dropped it.

    There are rough sketches of the crew that combined with his handwritten notes are outta this world with speculation. Many MANY bits and pieces are similar to the final product.

    Of interest, BB's original name was Everything D. Teach.

    Yami Yami power was decided upon from long ago.

    There was a babe, probably from Wano who was a swordswoman in BB's crew. The woman would become Devon.

    AND THAT'S THE SKETCHES! If you're wondering there are sketches for EVERYTHING I listed here. I'm gonna get some sleep. You guys can look forward to all the pix when Ulrila scans the whole thing. They're BAD-ASS.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ulrilra View Post

    I have green. Scanning starts in 4 hours. I should have it done before the day's end.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aohige_AP View Post
    Our good ol' Q-san has come back, and with a surprise gift.
    early spoilers from Data Book Green!

    Quote Originally Posted by chpollastrini View Post

    Early sketches of Strawhat gang ideas reveal Brook as crew existed even in early stages of idea... and the First Mate looked like a cross between Usopp and Teach!
    And here's a shocker.... SANJI'S ORIGINAL NAME WAS NARUTO.

    Because Naruto, the manga series, started serializing before One Piece got to the Baratie arc, his name was changed to Sanji.

    So far what can be seen from the pics:
    Unexpected hobby of Zoro: Zoro likes to flip through picture guides of weapons, as well as collected book of bounty heads.
    Sanji's name was Naruto!: Originally Sanji was named Naruto. But Naruto started serialization, so he changed his name to Sanji.
    Various ideas of Nightmare Luffy: There were ideas such as "polite and serious" Luffy with a side-part hair style. Him taking in shadow of a swordsman to use swords was already decided as well.
    Ace's tattoo: Sabo's initial was carved into Ace's tattoo! (duh)
    Luffy was terrible at lying even back when he was a little kid! (duh)
    Dadan was originally a man: Early design of Dadan, he was a male. He wore a kasa hat, shades, and smoked a pipe.
    The pretty lady shown in the pic... is the current Dadan WHEN SHE WAS YOUNG.
    Ace and Garp's conversation had hidden meaning: Without letting the readers know, they were actually talking about Roger! (duh)
    Spooky face on Chopper's head!?: This was originally going to be used in Sky Island, Robin doing a Face Flower on back of Chopper's head. It was way too creepy to be used.
    Chopper's early design was a zebra-raindeer that smokes cigar. Holy hell.
    Chopper will never fall in love with a human. He can befriend them and respect them, but he won't find them attractive as a mate.
    Early Franky: Franky's early designs were slim, tall man who spent much of his life in jail. He could forge weapons, but could not use them.
    Usopp and Garp's interaction: Although it was cut due to page limitation, there was a scene originally where Garp and Usopp have a conversation!
    Usopp shows his concern about his dad in the Red Hair Pirates, and Garp asks Usopp to take care of his grandson.
    Eye-patch pirate will show up later in the series
    Early designs: cigar-smoking raindeer as doc, Naruto/Sanji as cook, a skeleton as a musician, a sniper as First Mate, a female navigator, and a swordsman warrior.
    Most of these have carried through in the series, but the shipwright was a midget and Franky was a skinny weaponsmith.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zach Logan View Post
    Here is the image Greg gave Jason (J-Sack) and that Jason gave to me because we're currently at a convention (barren wasteland) readying for a panel:
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    Default Re: New databook: One Piece Green in November

    Yes ! Hopefully we get full names for the giant squad .

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    Default Re: New databook: One Piece Green in November

    Awesome. Now hopefully at the very least, we'll get the names of the New World captains, the names of Marco & Joz's DF abilities...and maybe some bounties which would be nice...as well as namin the remainin Vice-Admirals & Shanks' crew as well....

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    Default Re: New databook: One Piece Green in November

    Very nice. New World Captain names please.

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    Default Re: New databook: One Piece Green in November

    Uhh a new data-book.
    Rly cool.

    Any infos on which stuff will be covered their?
    UnresolvedWeevil´s plan/Explaining DFs/Deal with Kuma-Bonney´s past/Joy-Boy/Zunisha´s story/Rocks flashback/Void Century/Rioponeglyph/Uranus/the D.clan

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    Default Re: New databook: One Piece Green in November

    Really want to see if some power scales will be in it to start new wars xD

    And maybe some bounties like from WB would be nice

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    Default Re: New databook: One Piece Green in November

    Names of people and Devil Fruits would be nice.
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    Default Re: New databook: One Piece Green in November

    Fuck yeah! Can't wait for the new databook.

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    Default Re: New databook: One Piece Green in November

    Finally revealing Tsurus and Onigumos DF would be cool.
    Also having a list of the new introduced marines(especially VAs) and NW-pirates would also be a nice addition in that data book.
    UnresolvedWeevil´s plan/Explaining DFs/Deal with Kuma-Bonney´s past/Joy-Boy/Zunisha´s story/Rocks flashback/Void Century/Rioponeglyph/Uranus/the D.clan

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    Default Re: New databook: One Piece Green in November

    Aaah, even more good news. Awesome :D

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    Default Re: New databook: One Piece Green in November

    Fuck yeah, this is awesome! I can't wait for some juicy information on all the semantics and tedium we've been fawning over for the last few years...one could hope at least.
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    Default Re: New databook: One Piece Green in November

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Quichotte De Flamingo View Post
    Finally revealing Tsurus and Onigumos DF would be cool.
    Also having a list of the new introduced marines(especially VAs) and NW-pirates would also be a nice addition in that data book.
    Tsuru's fruit was revealed by Oda in a SBS. What I want to know are WB pirates bounties and the names of WB allies.

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    Default Re: Databook: "One Piece Green" (November)

    Awesome, the databooks are wonderful. With all the new developments hopefully there will be a ton of info.

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    don´t know, but here is chocolate... so everthing´s alright ^^

    Default Re: Databook: "One Piece Green" (November)

    i wish for infos on the NW Pirates we have seen in the war, names of DF used in the war and news about the new Marine officers seen (Giant Squad and so).
    but i gonna be happy with whatever Oda gives us!
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    Default Re: Databook: "One Piece Green" (November)

    Was that other thread with the pictures deleted?

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    Default Re: Databook: "One Piece Green" (November)

    I expected it, what with "part 1" being over now.

    Still, I'm excited. Can't wait for it to come out here.

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    Default Re: Databook: "One Piece Green" (November)

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeees Daaaaaaatabook Greeeeeat!

    I think it's alittle bit too much to ask for NW pirate bounties or WB pirate bounties, they will probably never be revealed or have a few bounties (like marco's) revealed in the main story.

    However, names for the NW pirates and marines is gona rock!

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    Default Re: Databook: "One Piece Green" (November)

    Do Databooks get released on this site?
    Or does the information go to the Wiki or is there an english translation version that comes out?

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    Default Re: Databook: "One Piece Green" (November)

    A while since the last one but we usualy just wait for one of our trusted members to do a trans of raw pics/text .

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    Default Re: Databook: "One Piece Green" (November)

    Yaaaay! It's been a while since the last one! Although I can't really think of anything I wanna see in it. Maybe a new crack omake story?

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