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Thread: Hello all :)

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    Default Hello all :)

    I'm Ubat! I live near Tampa Florida and been a OP fan for a few years now. I spent most of that time trying to get my friends into the series but I haven't gotten a single person to actually check it out. So... I gave up. lol I look forward to finally having people to talk to.

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    Default Re: Hello all :)

    Welcome to the park Ubat^^

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    Default Re: Hello all :)

    I like you. You wanna know why? We have 2 things in common:

    1. We both live in florida

    2. we both tried to get friends into One Piece(and Failed lol)


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    Default Re: Hello all :)

    Welcome here.
    Enjoy your stay.

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    Default Re: Hello all :)

    Thanks :D

    And yay another FL person! lol

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    Default Re: Hello all :)

    Nice avatar and welcome to the forums!

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    Default Re: Hello all :)

    Welcome to Arlong Park...that's to bad you failed getting your friends into One Piece...Well i Hope you Enjoy your stay!!

    One does not die when one has been shot and killed or dies by a disease..One Dies when one is forgotten..

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