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Thread: Chapter 375 "Enies Lobby's Super Beings" Discussion

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    Default Chapter 375 "Enies Lobby's Super Beings" Discussion

    please don't use my translations for scanslations. if you're gonna post this somewhere else, please include a link and my name.

    page 1

    "eneas lobby's super beings"

    "hina discovers"

    page 2

    franky: alive? is that the truth!!!

    box: puffing tom first car

    robin: yeah

    robin: that's what they said

    franky: .......

    franky: ........

    franky: that stupidburg (bakaba-gu)... i heard he was beat and (hard to read).....!! i'm glad to hear he's alive.

    robin: the "cp9" think he's dead.

    robin: it's probably better to keep quiet.

    page 3

    franky: ..... isn't that called being nice?

    robin: ........

    franky: ..... but since i have the plans for the "weapon" and you...

    franky: have the capability to revive the existing "weapon"

    robin: .......

    franky: now the government has the two keys to "revive the ancient weapons". and when the "power" acutally appears in this world

    franky: the government will end the age of piracy...

    franky: and after that with their military power, they will flip the world and destroy it. that's how much power the "ancient weapon" has.

    franky: my mentor wasn't protecting the blueprints with his life for a future like that. i don't plan on staying captured.

    page 4

    franky: that being said, it's no use if i escape by myself. you should go back to the mugiwara (strawhats).

    robin: it's impossible

    robin: just by being with them, i will cause them harm....!!

    franky: you're not the one who's gonna hurt them, right? the people of the government are bothered (can't read) by your existance but,

    franky: no matter how dangerous (can't read) you are, it's not a crime to live.

    lucci: from when she can remember, her existance was a "sin"

    franky: existing isn't a sin!!!

    page 5

    Franky family (FF): we've separated----!!!

    FF: it's a big deal-----!!

    FF: the strawhats have gone somewhere else-!!

    FF: what's the deal with that big frog!!! he blew away away the rocketman!!!

    FF: ----but keep going!!! sodom!! gomorrah!!!

    FF: hurry to save brother franky!!!

    FF: the "rocketman" will return!! untill then, follow the tracks!!

    FF: hey!! look in front!!

    FF: what's going on!!!

    FF: there's another detached car in front of us!!

    FF: freind or foe is undetermined!!

    FF: sodom!! gomorrah, slow down!!!

    page 6

    luffy: uuuuwaaaaaaaa

    luffy: you frog----------!!

    yokozuna: gero (ribbit)!!!

    luffy: don't gero!! i'll eat you---!!

    yokozuna: ge!!

    luffy: we were almost caught up with sanji!!!

    luffy: you derailed us with your open hand punch ("harite" sumo term)!!!

    paulie: hey what's going on with this "umiressha" (sea train)

    tilestone: aren't we a ways away from the tracks??

    zanbai: granny kokoro, can we still get to eneas lobby!!??

    page 7

    kokoro: you guys are too loud!! i'm trying hard right now... i can't seem to get us out of this weird current (can't read)

    nami: kokoro-san, do you know the direction of the island!?

    kokoro: yeah, we have a "eternal pose" of the islands we have stations at!!

    nami: then it's ok!! i'll watch the waves (can't read), and you can steer!!

    kokoro: nn? you're...

    nami: i'm a "navigator"

    kokoro: is that right! how promising!! ungagaga (kokoro laugh)!!

    luffy: but before that, yokozuna---!! come over here for a sec!!!

    yokozuna: gero!!?

    yokozuna: gero gero geroro!!

    cat: nya-

    kokoro: what do you mean it's glad to see you're alright. i wasn't kidnapped!! you're being rash!!

    yokozuna: gero!!?

    chimney: what!? granny's speaking with yokozuna!!

    page 8

    zoro: what's going on

    zanbai: granny's talking to the frog

    chopper: so granny was a frog?

    lulu: she does look more like a frog than a person

    kiwi?: you guys are gonna get a beating later

    moz?: later

    kokoro: you've been trying to get strong ever since that incident 8 years ago when tom-san was taken away, by challenging the "umiressha"...?

    yokozuna: gero!!

    kokoro: so that the people you care about are never taken away from you...!! so you can protect the people you like

    yokozuna: gero!!

    kokoro: then!! now is the time to show the results of your training!!!

    kokoro: franky, who you care about so much, has been taken away just like tom-san!! this ship is headed towards him right now

    page 9

    kokoro: wanna come with us!!?

    yokozuna: gero--!!!

    kokoro: mugiwara, add one nakama (member)!!

    luffy: affermative!! wow-!! granny, are you really a frog? or are you a beast?

    kokoro: ungagaga, with something like that, both is ok

    nami: kokoro-san, i found a good spot (can't read) 8 o'clock!!

    kokoro: alright, let's go for it!!

    zanbai: hey!! sister sister. pick up the kingbull and the family before we get to the island!! i'm sure they'll come in handy!!

    kokoro: ----yeah they will

    nami: ok!!

    kokoro: ok, we lost some time, but we'll gain it back!!

    yokozuna: gero---!!

    luffy: uo--------!!

    page 10

    box: island of justice administration: eneas lobby

    marine?: thanks for your hard work on the long misson!!

    marine?: the "cp9" have arrived!!!

    marine?: lead out the prisoner

    franky: au!! be gentle, who do you think i am!!!!

    marine: gya-----!!!

    lucci: that guy causes so much commotion...

    pidgen: kuropo-

    marine: be careful!!! this guy bites!!

    page 11

    marine: impressive "cp9"... that lady... the government's been after for 20 years

    marine: nico robin

    marine: she's really beautiful

    ?: open the front gate!!!

    gate: gigi-

    page 12

    franky: uwo!! what is this place!!! it's my first time in here.....!!!

    franky: this is... waterfall!!?

    franky: there's a hole in the ocean!!!!

    page 13

    franky: what's going on!!!? this island!!!!

    cp9?: shut up and walk...

    page 14

    franky: can't see the bottom, what is this

    kaku: you're loud...

    gate: gakon...

    marine?: lucci and co.

    marine?: appear to have returned

    marine?: bringing the best gift to us!!

    page 15

    spandam: so today, it's been 5 years

    spandam: since all 8 of us, including myself, have met in one place!!

    spandam: what's going on with this story!?

    spandam: this time's "rebel army leader assasination plan", my orders were to eliminate 3 people, but you guys killed 23!!

    hand: ban!!

    elephant: pao---n!

    three: ...................

    spandam: if you have a excuse, say it now!!!

    page 16-17

    kumadori: yoyoi!!! i'm so-------------------rr----------------y!! director, it's all my responsibility!!!

    kumadori: yoyoiyoi!!!

    jyabura: stop it kumadori!! men shouldn't grovel so easily!! i'll tell him what happened now, so sit tight!!!

    box: cp9 (rokushiki user) jyabura

    fukurou: .............

    box: cp9 (rokushiki user) fukurou

    kumadori: yoyoi!! i'm sorry director

    kumadori: i'm......!!

    kumadori: all i can do is to cut my belly and take responsibility....!!

    box: cp9 (rokushiki user) kumadori

    jyabura: don't say something so stupid!! that's not right, director. we snuck in as planned on the day of the assasination, but

    spandam: ..........

    jyabura: the plan that nobody was supposed to know about was out

    fukurou's mouth: ji-... (zipper opening sound)

    fukurou: i talked to someone in town about the assasination plot. chababa (fukurou laugh?)

    jyabura: what!!!? you again fukurou!! what's the zipper on your face for!!!

    jyabura: when will your lose mouth be fixed. you're a danger to our secrecy (can't read)

    fukurou: i told someone. chabababa

    kumadori: yoyoyoi!! don't blame fukurou, i'll take responsibility!! seppuku!!!

    kumadori: "tekkai" i can't die----!!

    jyabura?: hurry up and die!!

    spandam: that's enough guys. hot!!! i spilled my coffee!!! drat!! and that guy nero was no use either, but i guess it's ok

    page 18

    FF: hurry!!!

    sodom: babi----nn!!

    FF: can't we go faster!!?

    gomorrah: barururunn!!

    FF: hey!! so brother franky gave himself up...

    sanji: yeah... to try to save robin-chan but...

    FF: uooou, what a courageous person

    sanji: if we don't hurry, it'll be to late

    FF: hey did you see, the light from the never night island

    FF: it's "eneas lobby"!!!

    FF: never night island?

    FF: yeah, that island never has night. they also call it "noon island". that's the island of justice administration!!!

    luffy: i found it!!!!!

    luffy: big yagaras!!!!

    page 19

    luffy: heeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!

    ?: !!

    ?: hey!! look at that!!

    sanji: luffy!!

    luffy: hey!!! sanji---------!! and...!! who's that!?

    FF: it's mugiwara!!

    nami: they look like they're ready to march in!

    nami: to the "front door" of the world government!!

    ?: eneas lobby is in view!!!

    ?: everyone, battle preperations!!!!

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    awesome thanks. :)

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    If I knew how to host I would...

    Edit: OP375_MQ

    edit: I found out how just for you guys

    Edit: Mine is fixed also :) if you wanna put it up there

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    Hah, I've been hosting & posting all this time in the spoiler thread.

    Thx for the heads up guys. :(

    Originally posted by Battle Franky@Jul 22 2005, 01:37 AM
    Chapter Scans:

    I'll keep uploading.

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    awesome... too bad i dont have anywhere i could host it... or any clue how to...

    thanks for finding ooshi, you rock!

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    cheah :D nice chapter

    you can edit the link into the main post, too :D

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    ah thank you very much goko..now its much easier to look at since its not upside down or w/e

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    :D *dances* Wonderful! Fabulous!

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    woohoo ,thanks ooshi

    Looks like D-Day begins next chapter!!! :D (no pun intended)

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    Originally posted by Goko18@Jul 22 2005, 01:48 AM
    cheah :D nice chapter

    Thx alot man.

    ~stops uploading.



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    THANK GOD NEXT CHAPTER Awww Franky was worried about Iceburg X3
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    Originally posted by Battle Franky+Jul 21 2005, 10:53 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Battle Franky &#064; Jul 21 2005, 10:53 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-Goko18@Jul 22 2005, 01:48 AM
    cheah :D nice chapter

    Thx alot man.

    ~stops uploading.


    battle franky u perv :P

    Quote Originally Posted by mr.allsunday
    Nice job jumping on the bandwagon there Aethos, I can only wish I was as cool as you

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    Here, you can update the main post with this link. I quickly edited all the images so they arent sideways and made them into single pages and uploaded them.


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    i guess/bet/swear LUFFY&#39;S GOING TO CRUSH ENEAS LOBBY INTO PIECES&#33;

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    LOL&#33; Its about to get interesting.
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    All I can say, is Franky biting that guy&#39;s head (page 10?) is great.

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    "A few more steps up the hill and we discover the enormous Gate of Justice - the largest gate of the palace - leading to the only flattish area of the citadel, where the Palace of Carlos Quinto stands.

    The Arabic name for the gate was long believed to refer to Islamic justice or law - charia. But in fact this was a misinterpretation for a similar-sounding word, and it has been shown that the translation should be Gate of the Esplanade. Its multiple arches are decorated with the Hand of Fatima, Mohammed&#39;s daughter, and the key to the Islamic paradise, as well as a Virgin and Child placed there by the Catholic Monarchs to consecrate the gate for Christianity"

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    Sweet... I like the new CP9&#39;s (except Zipper face) It looks like the third guy is supposed to be a kabuki actor.

    Enies Lobby looks pretty cool. Man, now I want the next chapter even more.


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    Damn these scans, but thanks, guys.

    Franky bit that guy&#39;s head&#33; XD

    Damn, those guys are some real freaks.....
    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Franky
    Bad move, bub!

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    Yes, Franky biting the guy&#39;s head was a definite highlight.

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