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Thread: The "Shueisha" Thread

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by KageKageKing View Post
    It seems Moriarty is receiving the Black Clover treatment.
    What do you mean by that? I don't see it is getting massive push.

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Nevermind. Three consecutive CPs isn't uncommon in SQ.

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by KageKageKing View Post
    Nevermind. Three consecutive CPs isn't uncommon in SQ.
    Moriarty didn't had three consecutive CPs; it didn't have CP on last issue.

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Oh. Missed a spot there.

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Shounen Jump Issue 49:
    Black Clover (Cover, Lead CP)
    One Piece
    Hinomaru Zumou
    Ibitsu no Amalgam
    Boku no Hero Academia (CP)
    Yakusoku no Neverland
    Spring Weapon Number One
    Saiki Kusuo no Sainan (CP)
    World Trigger
    Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
    Kimetsu no Yaiba
    Samon-kun wa Summoner
    Sesuji wo Pin! to
    Shokugeki no Souma
    Red Sprite
    Love Rush!
    Isobe Isobee Monogatari

    Shounen Jump Issue 50:
    Cover, Lead CP: Shokugeki no Souma
    CP: Hinomaru Zumou, Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san, Himitsu Kessha D Tai Phantom Sentouin Entarou (One Shot by Monri Kei)

    Also, Toriko possibly going to end on Issue 50.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Young Jump Issue 49:
    Black Night Parade (Lead CP, Mini-series)
    Golden Kamuy
    Minamoto-kun Monogatari
    Tokyo Ghoul:re
    Terra Formars
    Lycanthrope Bouken Hoken (CP)
    Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
    Gunjou Senki
    Kunoichi no Ichi!
    Himouto! Umaru-chan
    Mogusa-san wa Shokuyoku to Tatakau
    Alice vs Fushigi no Kuni (One Shot)
    Uratarou (CP)
    Youkai Shoujo
    Tanaka to Jigoku no Meido Cafe (One Shot)
    Yuizaki-san wa Nageru!
    Kimi to 100-kai Me no Koi

    Usogui, Bungo, Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (Absent)
    Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun (Going to be in Hiatus)

    Young Jump Issue 50:
    Lead CP: Tokyo Ghoul:re
    CP: Usogui, Gunjou Senki, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
    One Shot: Satsuki-chan

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    It is announced that Oh! Great (author of Tenjou Tenge and Air Gear; illustrator of Biorg Trinity) going to release the one shot, called Disaster Z, on December Issue of Miracle Jump (drawn by Noguchi Koyuri (author of Kenkouki)).


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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Looking forward to the Monri Kei one shot, really loved the last 2.

    RIP Toriko.

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Isn't it weird that Toriko doesn't have a color page for its last chapter ?

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Is there a reason why Toriko is scoring higher than usual in the last 2 issues?

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Almagam is quite high

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Ihore View Post
    Almagam is quite high
    Is it a bit too soon for it first ranking?

    Or 8 weeks have already passed?

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    its the 5th chapter. I am just commenting thats its placed quite highly, even higher than last week.
    its 5th chapter placement is higher than other any other series that debuted this year iirc.

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Ihore View Post
    its the 5th chapter. I am just commenting thats its placed quite highly, even higher than last week.
    its 5th chapter placement is higher than other any other series that debuted this year iirc.
    Sensei no Bulge had good pre-8th chapter rankings, even a color page but ended in 16 chapters

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    I wish Scrap was serialized just to see the reaction it would have.

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Man... I´m going to miss Toriko, even if it ended up changing so much since the timeskip...

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    This Week's Jump Comic Sales:

    18. Haikyuu!! #23 (36,832 / 727,520)

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Anyone else checked Black Night Parade? It was...something.

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Since Hunter Hunter thread is closed, I'd like to post here my summary of Togashi's "Jump Ryu" book, which was released 2 days ago.
    [Before becoming mangaka]

    - Togashi's parents managed a company which sold papers, painting tools, stationery and manga magazines. His father's hobby was drawing.

    - When Togashi was around 6 years old, he used to draw many of his original heroes and monsters.
    When he was around 8 years old, he was inspired by one of his friends whose hobby is drawing manga. They showed their mangas with each other.

    - When Togashi was in junior high school, he was fully attracted by some Shoujo mangas whose essential was Shounen manga-ish such as Mineo Maya's manga.

    - Since then, he started reading "Urusei Yatsura" and learned how to attract female audience.
    Togashi thought he was suitable for Shoujo manga although his favorite manga genre was Shounen manga.

    - Togashi was going to become a junior high school art teacher, but gave up right after he started his internship.
    This was because he was afraid that his own words might influence students directly.

    - The reason Togashi was going to become a teacher was that he thought he would not be able to work in the same way as normal adults did.
    Shaving and wearing a business suit every day is what Togashi considered impossible for him. He was afraid of living a life outside school.
    After he gave up working as a teacher, he had no choice but to work as mangaka.

    - In 1986, Togashi's hype was skyrocketing when he was selected as one of the finalists in a famous manga audition, Hop Step Award.

    - When he was a college student, his editor said to him, "Even if you end up not being able to succeed as mangaka, you have an alternative choice to live as a teacher".
    After this statement, Togashi got more serious in drawing manga and dropped out of a college. Then he moved to Tokyo aroud 1989.

    - When moving, he suffered a trouble about his household goods not arriving his house for a week. Togashi had no choice but to sleep on the floor.

    - He couldn't afford to buy a single desk, so he used a drawer as desk when drawing manga. Togashi said it was painful since his legs couldn't put under the drawer. lol

    - Togashi was about to run out of his bank deposit. He felt really relieved to hear that Shueisha decied to make a serialization of his manga.

    [After becoming professional mangaka]

    - The first manga serialization for him was Ten de Showaru Cupid ("An Ill-tempered Cupid in Heaven"). It became pretty famous, but it finished earlier than expected (chapter 32).
    Togashi now regrets that he should have prepared a rough plot till the finale before serialization.

    - 2-3 months after finishing his first serialization, new ideas for next manga came to his mind one after another. Then He started Yu Yu Hakusho soon.

    - Togashi dsecided to focus on the occult and battle in Yu Yu Hakusho since both of them were his favorite genres.

    - Editor told him that Toagshi is good at creating a story. Togashi was glad to hear that, but at the same time,
    he thought it wasn't enough in order to maintain great popularity for more than 30 chapters. That's why Yu Yu Hakusho turned into battle manga and made a great success.

    - Editors in Shueisha consider it is one of the greatest role models to turn a manga which ends in each single story into battle manga.
    The role model for Togashi was "Kinnikuman" ("Muscle Man"). It started as comedy manga and then turned into battle manga, which
    Togashi believes can entertain shounen in terms of both surprise and excitement.

    - One year after he finished Yu Yu Hakusho in 1994, Togashi suggested his editor that he would like to draw manga that would NOT become much popular.
    This is because he wanted to show various aspects of his personality as mangaka to his audience.
    Togashi believed he had already drawn traditonl Shounen manga to the best of his ability in Yu Yu Hakusho.

    - Togashi also told his editor that he would start traditional manga again after he finished "Level E". Editor accepted it.

    - In "Level E", Togashi was going to finish stories in each chapter, but Prince Baka (stupid prince) became popular as opposed to his expectations.
    Thus, he decided to make Prince Baka the protagonist of Level E. The prince had complicated personality which always went beyond everyone's imagination, so Togashi had difficulty in creating a story.

    - Having finished Level E, Togashi started Hunter Hunter. He keeps in mind that he should change his style in each arc so that his audience can be surprised.

    - Togashi considers character's personality is sometimes important than story. The ending of Chimera Ant arc was not what he expected at first.
    He makes a simulation about how his characters will talk with each other and take an action in specified situations, which allows his audience to feel as if his characters really exist.

    - Togashi loves professional slang. For example, his characters call "turn over" when they visit websites.
    Also, he shows detailed concept of Nen as if it exists as some kind of martial arts in real world.

    - Togashi tends to show some rules to his audience at first such as Greed Island arc.
    He enjoys the process finding system bugs or shortcuts in the rules to go beyond expectations of audience.

    - In Chimera Ant arc, Togashi enjoyed making a super long list as to how his characters would take actions since 10 days before invasion in Royal Palace.
    He wanted to draw characters in desperate situations taking an unexpected action when they came across someone accidentally.
    Editor gives exmaples such as encounters between Morel and Shaiapouf/ Killua and Meleoron.

    - Togashi has been attracted by dirty side rather than beautiful side ever since he was a junior high school student.
    Editor considers Mukuro in Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the typical examples.

    - About drawing style, Togashi decided to draw Yu Yu Hakusho impressively and Level E realistically.
    In Hunter Hunter, he keeps in mind that he should not use screentones as possible as he can.

    - Togashi doesn't specify detailed personality of boss characters from the beginning. For example, Toguro in Yu Yu Hakusho was just a bodyguard at first, but
    his personality gradually became more attractive as his grudge against Genkai was revealed.
    About boss characters' appearances, he enjoys making them complicated since boss characters don't make much appearances.

    - While Togashi is drawing manga, he listens to TV show ad enjoys talking about it with his assistants.

    - Togashi considers himself not being good at drawing color spreads.

    -Togashi memorises facial expressions ot characters in other mangas. One of his favorite book is "Facial Expressions" written by Mark Simon.

    - There are 5 assistants in his studio.

    - Togashi thinks of Akira Toriyama as a god. He has Dragon Ball 30th book.

    - On Togashi's desk, there is some manuscripts of a fight betweemn Hisoka and Kastro which he considers as bad quality.
    He pays attention in order not to repeat the same error. Togashi also says that people on internet fandom were embarrassed with the chapter at that time. lol

    - The previous editor says, "Togashi-sensei is very gentle. He remembers what editors said in the past and sometimes bothered to be worried about us."

    - Editor thinks Togashi resembles Gin Freecss in terms of personality.

    - An editor says he was scolded by Togashi only once when he changed words in manga a bit without permission.

    - Togashi sticks to every single word in manga. He even doens't want to use various fonts since he is always confident of his words being interesting.

    - Togashi's message to mangaka beginners:

    "Keep in mind about audience.
    Make every effort to go beyond their expectations".

    end of summary
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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Merci sandman .
    UnresolvedWeevil´s plan/Explaining DFs/Deal with Kuma-Bonney´s past/Joy-Boy/Zunisha´s story/Rocks flashback/Void Century/Rioponeglyph/Uranus/the D.clan

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    He has Mononofu, Samon and Setsuji in his shelves.

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    Default Re: The "Shueisha" Thread

    Jump SQ. December Issue Color Pages:

    Sousei no Onmyouji

    To Love-Ru Darkness

    Platinum End

    Yuukoku no Moriarty

    -Rurouni Kenshin Ibun- Ashitarou Zenka Ari (One Shot Part 1)

    Kono Oto Tomare!

    Shounen Shoujo

    Iiyone! Yonezawa Sensei

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Jump SQ. January Issue Preview:

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