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Thread: Franky vs. Paulie II: REVOTED~!

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    i voted paulie because although we havent seen him fight yet i cant see franky joining and i cant see them not getting anyone since luffy said he wanted to get a shipwright
    i like franky i just dont see him in the crew i see him more as a bon clay type character
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    Originally posted by COWMAKAZE@Jul 10 2005, 03:41 PM
    I really, really want it to be Franky. But it probably won't be. It seems that history might repeat itself for the Straw Hats, with Franky being incredibly cool, yet only making the Pirate King's ship, just like Tom. However, Paulie hasn't really done anything, and we don't know any backstory or ongoing dream of his, so maybe it will be Franky. But it just seems to me like Oda is just thinking up and all crazyh things for Franky to do because they'll have no reprecussions in the future.
    Well judging from volume 38's sbs, Paulie passed the galley workers exam. Probably one of the only back stories we know (not exactly directly ^^; ).

    I don't really have any good guesses. I love both characters and seeing all of Franky's newest actions makes him even more loveable. But then again, Oda is a very surprising man and thats not surprisng at all ^^

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    I've been trying to pick up on any clues of who will join. I'm pretty sure it will just be one of the two that will join, since it would be...odd for Iceberg's apprentice AND Tom's other apprentice to leave Water 7 when Gallery-La Company is in ruins after two skilled workers and Iceberg's secretary revealed themselves to be CP9 along with a bartender, injured many more workers, attacked Iceberg and set the HQ on fire. Not to mention the collaterial damage caused by Franky's Coup De Vent.

    I don't think Luffy will not take a shipwright either. He said he wanted one and goofy demand for a 5 meter wide one aside, when he says he is going to do something, he does it.

    With Franky, you have the most unique character ever created at this moment. A cola powered cyborg with a dream of building a ship and armed with melee weapons in his right arm and ranged weapons in his left arm. He would fit the "Student of a highly skilled person" trait that's in most of the crew, seeing how he is Tom's apprentice. You have two distinct weaknesses, his back and his inability to attack when his cola reserves run low. Not to mention, he is being hyped up with merchandise, like his appearance in two games.

    Possible arguments against him joining is that he is too wacky, even for the Straw Hats, despite recent sightings of a more serious side. Also, the Franky Family, comprised of those who wished to be shipwrights but failed could keep him at Water 7.

    With Paulie, you have a person who attacks using rope coming from an unknown area inside his jacket. No dream has been shown and only quirks present is the need for money to pay his debt and his disapporval of women wearing little to no clothing. Has an never ending loyalty to Iceberg, his teacher (which fits the "Apprentice from a highly skilled person too), so that could be an argument against him not joining. Also, there is the non-factual arguement that Sanji would be ganged up by Zoro and Paulie (which could be considered as the polor opposite of Sanji) about when it comes to women. Not to mention that rope attacks leave not very much to the imagination.

    My money's on Franky joining. And Paulie did have some "moments" like around when Aqua Laguna was about to hit Water 7 for the first time, and when Luffy and Zoro were stuck inside various parts of buildings.
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    My vote goes for Franky until Oda changes my mind.

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    how far are you guys in one piece? over here we just started the arlong arc.
    man i wish we could speed it up a bit.

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    i think both. but if not both, i'm goin with ma boy paulie B) .

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    I still think Paulie is more likely to join, but Franky has grown on me a lot these past months so I'm gonna say both.

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    IMHO, I think (and want also) Franky will join.

    Ever since the "Warehouse under the Bridge" and "Klabauterman" chapters where he has a heart-to-heart and throwdown with Usopp, I've really enjoyed his character.

    Because Franky's personality and look (also powers to a lesser extent) is so different from the existing Strawhats (an eccentric cyborg thug!), I think he would be a really neat/fun addition to the crew.

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    I'll go for both because it's not really annouced yet and the chance of the two is 50-50. If it can't be both, I will go with Paulie because the quote "I won't mind if you take one of my carpenter if they want to go, but I'm not sure if there is anyone who want to go with a pirate." can maybe some kind of foreshadowing that Paulie will join.
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    Just like Tom's comment about it being possible that Franky's real parents who left him behind were pirates. Maybe that is some kind of foreshadowing. ;)

    Anyway, I just find Franky to be more interesting and we have been shown quite alot of Franky's past and ambitions so I would rather have him as the new crewmember. It definently would add to how unpredictable One Piece is since the very first time we were introduced to Franky none of us would have predicted him to be a new strawhat crewmember. B)

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    I'm voting for Franky cos most of the signs somehow point to him joining and he seems to be getting more exposure than Paulie somehow..

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    there should be 'unable to decide' -option. at first, i was totally rooting for paulie, but lately franky has started to really grow on me.
    on the other hand, i think franky's just too over the top, and on the other hand, i feel like paulie's not over the top enough.
    i just don't see the situation so black and white i'd jump into definite conclusions and totally make up my mind which one i would like to see sail away with the strawhats in the end.
    sure, the 'none' and 'both' -options fall in the grey area, but then again, i really want another of them to join, because they've had so much screentime already, and dealing with even more options makes my head hurt.
    as for both of them joining, that i don't want to see happening, because why the hell would they need two shipwrights. i had another excuse as well, but i went and forgot.
    but there better be a new member, or else i'll like.. chop my fingers off.

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    dont chop your fingers off, how will you be able to post on the forums? :P

    but i agree i would really like to see them get another crew member B)

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    I voted Franky, mainly because I like him better than Paulie..... I feel that he will add more flavor to the StrawHats since he seems to have that 'crazyness' :P

    Then again, both Franky & Paulie joining won't be so bad either.
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    Christ, I had written a really long rant, but then I was stupid and accidently closed the window before it was done submitting the post. Lessee how much I remember of it...

    My vote hasn't changed during the last few chapters, despite what theories I've read on the forums and what's been in the manga. I still think Paulie is the man to join the crew.

    First, let me address the point brought up that Paulie's ropes are too plain of a fighting style. I'd have to disagree; I have faith in Oda to make it into something grand. If you hadn't seen One Piece, I'm sure you'd think that a fighting style revolving around kicks would be lame, but Sanji has proven time and again that it can be pulled off, not only well, but with style. I expect to see the same thing from Paulie and his rope fighting. It might sound lame on paper, and perhaps what we've seen isn't the greatest; but I'm sure that Oda has all the real tricks saved up for the future, and when he pulls them out, we'll all be left saying "How cool is that?!"

    Secondly, I shall address the point of Paulie's character; in short, people say his character is too bland, not unique enough. His quirks are negligible, or they clash or what have you. Well, first off, he might have one or two we've yet to see that can make him more interesting. Oda hasn't delved in depth into Paulie's character, choosing instead to go into Franky's, the reason for which, in my opinion, is that after Water Seven, he won't get to go into Franky's character; AKA, he's left behind.

    At any rate, even going by what we know now, I still think Paulie would be a fien addition to the crew. Why, you ask? Because his quirks can cause some good scenes between the pirates. His gambling problems, amusing as they are on their own, are sure to compound in amusement when coupled with Nami's vast amount of cash, and her money-hoarding ways. She can cheat him out of his, only to be begged into letting him borrow more to fund his habit. Also, of course, is how he treats women; this is sure to cause some debate between him and Sanji. Not only that, but others, especially the girls themselves, and possibly Zoro, can get dragged into it as well. In short, his personality can compliment the other Straw Hats well.

    Now, in response to reasons Franky will be the crew member.... As I stated, I believe he's being fleshed out so well because he won't have another chance to be fleshed out after Water Seven. He'll be the builder of the new ship, for sure, taking Tom's place. In my opinion, Luffy is travelling the same path as Gol D. Roger did; the polyglyph on Skypiea as an example. This would be another comparison between the two journeys. And, while Franky is being fleshed out very much, so was Vivi, and she didn't join, now did she? Heh, if I didn't know better, I'd say Oda did this on purpose, just to confuse people on who would be joining.

    At any rate, that's my two and a half cents. Feel free to comment, criticize, or even build off of them.

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    The hat-wager still stands with me XD

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    Here's my answer: GO FRANKY!!!!
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    Voted Paulie. If his rope techniques aren't original for you, how come you find Franky's to be original while they're only just things Usopp could do (fire, wind, nails, bombs...)? Ropes can come in handy anytime, not just in combat. Paulie has a less freaky design too and I love his interactions with the crew.

    Franky is funny, but kind of repetitive. It's still ok in this arc but might get really annoying if he joins and repeats the same puns (guitar, poses, crying...). Paulie is much more of a versatile character like Sanji or Zoro.

    As said, if Franky is shown so much now is probably because Oda uses this character as much as he can while he still can and so that we have a background and personality for the new ship.

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    Originally posted by Roman Zaenom@Jul 11 2005, 01:14 PM
    Voted Paulie. If his rope techniques aren't original for you, how come you find Franky's to be original while they're only just things Usopp could do (fire, wind, nails, bombs...)? Ropes can come in handy anytime, not just in combat. Paulie has a less freaky design too and I love his interactions with the crew.
    I have no interest in debating who will join. But I think I should point out that if you already start argumenting on original/unoriginal fighting styles, then you should mention all of Franky´s diverse fighting skills but yet you just mentioned the "unoriginal" stuff above and left out original stuff such as taking off the skin to punch with an iron fist or the very unique centaur mode. B)

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    I voted Paulie. It's about time Nami learns how to dress properly.

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