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Thread: Halo: Reach

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    How big of a spoiler is it really? Because it want to watch it but I don't want to spoil the game!

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    Just a new vehicle in campaign. Might be fake, but we'll have to wait and find out.

    BTW, it is sad that we only have 3 people constantly posting in this thread, but eh, that's AP Forums for you. I still think this is gonna be undoubtedly one of the best FPS of all time, with so much effort and work put into it by Bungie, being their last Halo I expect an amazing game.

    I read another campaign preview and they mentioned how it's atmosphere is just great and the planet itself is like a character, they said this was possibly the best Halo ever, and how it feels more like a real war and you feel infinitely more like a normal human soldier than previous Halos.

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    Thanks for posting all this stuff. I pretty much get all my Reach info from you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cahum View Post
    Thanks for posting all this stuff. I pretty much get all my Reach info from you
    Same, thanks for all the info man^^

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    And so the hype, marketing, and viral campaigns begin

    Mountain Dew and Doritos to push Halo: Reach

    "Finally, some Halo: Reach news! We're teaming up with @XBox and @Doritos to celebrate the launch of Halo: Reach. The promotion will start on 9/5 and we're going to have exclusive XBox and Dew prizes. More info soon, but in the meantime be on the lookout for unique Dew and Doritos packaging with more info."

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    A man can only go so long shamelessy advertising his thread

    New Kotaku interview
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    New MP video on that beautiful-ass new map which is a remake of an old Halo 2 favorite

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    My name is StrawHatRican.

    Old Halo hater.

    Street Fighter extraordinaire.

    MMORPG fanatic.

    And I approve of Halo motherfucking Reach.

    Can I have this game now?
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    Lol perfect.

    But seriously, you got any questions or concerns?

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    You got any videos concerning the newer defensive features like the Invincibility counter button I read about in Game Informer?

    It's similar to the old reflector shield (which can be destroyed from the outside now :D) but apparently it gives you invulnerability if you time it perfectly.

    Space Combat vids would also be appreciated.

    Other than that it looks REALLY fucking solid.

    Solid enough for me to actually spend money on my first Halo game (I always had friends lend me their copies before... this time around I need to buy the shit)

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    Armor Lock is what I think you mean..? That GI info is old as fuck, lmfao, but basically you use that Armor Ability (like equipment from Halo 3 only there's 7 abilities, they're kickass and you spawn with them through loadouts) and you are locked, you can't move but you'r invincible and deflect all bullets and shit.

    For ex: I shoot you with rockets, you Armor Lock just in time, that rocket bounces off your invincible shield and might even hit me. It's pretty cool. But you're vulnerable to a lot of shit after it''s done, since you might get a lot of people ganging up on you waiting to kill you.

    Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw4dpQiUAJQ#t=01m22s I changed the URL to show you the Armor Lock itself, but its worth watching the other abilities

    Keep in mind that's BETA so there's a lot of tweaks now, and obviously it's now much more polished, basically that was tweaked so if you melee'd someone using it, it wouldn't deplete your shields and once it runs out, a small EMP blast occurs which removes any nearby player's shields

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    Interestingly enough I KNEW about the features from like 4 months ago ish.. but I had erased all that from my memory since I had NO interest in a Halo game.

    After seeing the game in action (holy FUCK does it look polished) I'm down.

    Also, the video you had before had the Armor at work :D

    It's VERY subtle but it's there.


    When did Spartans learn Sprint!?!?!?

    Was that an ODST thing...? I don't remember rushing THAT fast in Halo 3.

    Also.... I'm a pretty mean Needler user in Team Slayer :x

    You scratch my back and I scratch yours.

    I don't remember rushing THAT fast in Halo 3.
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    Like I explained before, it's only one of the 7 or more armor abilities you'll find in the final game..

    There's sprint, jetpacks (lol), that Armor Lock thing, invisibility/camo, evade (which the video tells you is Elite[the dinosaur looking aliens] exclusive but I believe evade will be used by Spartans in the final game), hologram, drop shield (like bubble shield from Halo 3 only it heals players while they're inside, but doesn't regenerate their shields [another thing, health packs are in the game, apart from shields you also have health] and it's destructible)

    There are a ton of significant changes in this Halo, which has made many fanboys to hate it due to how much different is from standard Halos and non-Halo fans to find it better than older Halos.

    Funny how that works..
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    The game is finally balanced out.

    And Halo trolls HATE it.

    Kind of like how SFIV and MvC3 are indefinitely balanced compared to their predecessors but the "hardcore" fanboys scream that it's too easy or too different (the crying in the WoW Forums concerning the Cataclysm expansion is ALSO deafening)

    I'm ALL about balancing shit out for the sake of fun.

    It ain't fun if you're getting steamrolled by "better" (I.E. basement dwelling) players.

    Edit: I read your edit note... and maybe it's because I have an incredibly sensible eye for these things... but the graphics to me look EXTREMELY upgraded.

    The smooth edges, the reflective surroundings (more so than in Halo 3 that is), the more prominent blur effect and the better framerate PLUS the animation that comes with all that.

    ALL marks of a TRUE next gen title... which I always felt was Halo 3's biggest detriment when the franchise WAS the face of the system.

    Gears of War had me at the "Epic Megagames" title screen (it was my first HD game ever... so that probably was the reason for my contempt?)
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    Pretty much, yeah. This is definitely much more balanced than Halo 3. Playing that was boring (I didn't realize this until the BETA) because everyone would use the BR, and that made all other weapons practically useless, essentially making the game boring

    However I did find myself using all the weapons in the Reach BETA, having fun with all of them and not using one in every situation.. The devs themselves knew the BR in Halo 3 made the game boring, and they did the right move removing it from this one..

    Also, besides obvious differences in this game, the customization is on a whole new level. You can change your shoulders, chests, helmets (And add helmet add-ons) as well as kneepads, thighs/utility, visor color, in-game effects like flaming head or lightning head, and even fucking voices specifically for the Firefight game mode. The possibilities are endless, and a huge noticeable improvement from Halo3's customization

    Unfortunately, you can only change the whole armor set for the alien models, mostly because they're the main enemy in the storyline again, and in MP you can choose whether you prefer using them or the humans/spartans, but they're only playable in specific gametypes like Invasion, an Elite vs Spartan objective gametype which is pretty fun. The reason for this is that they changed them drastically, making them more powerful, faster, jumping higher and having their health regenerate without the use of health packs.

    You can use them anytime when you're on Forge (the map editor), though.
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    I'm actually more interested in the Campaign (co-op campaigns are fucking win) and the overall story tbh.

    But I'd be lying if I didn't say that the ONE thing Halo always did right is multiplayer... and boy is this delivering in SPADES.
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    The previews keep saying how this is some of their best work in campaign and it's much more character-driven and has a much more enhanced atmosphere, so I expect it to be on par with Halo 1's, if not, better.

    Halo has always been about content and features, and this one's no exception. Besides the campaign, matchmaking MP, custom game MP, theater, forge, and firefight, there's still a brand new unrevealed game mode, which I'm hoping is awesome.
    Last edited by GuetaMinute; August 13th, 2010 at 03:51 PM. Reason: Thanks :V It's not for me, tho, it's for them to witness one of the greatest games this year :V

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    I forgot to add something.

    The executions ala GoW (using a more familiar game for reference of course) are SICK!

    That is all.

    *goes back to digging more vids*

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    They only work from the back, but Bungie stated they fit in about 40 assassinations for the final game.

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