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Thread: Halo: Reach

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Yeah, I have the Halo 2 logo.

    Go to Bungie.net, and set up a profile. When you're fiddling around with your settings you'll find what you're looking for. If you've played Halo 3 and ODST, you can choose those logos.
    If you've played Halo 2, you can choose the Halo 2 logo. Playing CE gives you the Halo 1 logo, or you can just choose the default Bungie.net Member logo which is the 7th Column.

    The assault rifle is only for those who played the Reach beta. The Helmet is the hardest one to get: Have the Halo CE PC code, play Halo 2, 3, and ODST.

    There's also a weird but cool Marathon one.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Bump for these lol-worthy news

    Apparently YuGiOh has sold more copies in Japan than Halo Reach

    Following at #3 was Konami’s latest Yu-Gi-Oh! title, while Halo: Reach bagged the #4 spot with 44,413 units sold.


    To quote:
    Selling Halo in Japan is the equivalent of selling fried porkchops wrapped in bacon in Israel.

    Anyway, in other news, there'll be patches for October and some playlist changes, which is really needed to keep the Matchmaking somewhat enjoyable (not the gameplay itself but the playlists and gametypes and maps and shit right now are just wtf)

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    This is also the same country that buried the Sega Dreamcast.

    And first person shooters are strictly an American and SOMEWHAT European market.

    Asian markets don't partake in the whole shooter thing since it's not something they value in their culture (guns that is).

    Last I recall... Europe is ALL about like Strategy and Simulation (of like... things like Tractors for example) games thou.

    Not RPGs thou.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    And racing games.

    GT5 will sell like hotcakes at Europe. US not so much.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Yeah, Europeans like racing a lot. I'll probably look at GT5 when it come out, although I do want that new F1 game.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Quote Originally Posted by GuetaMinute View Post
    And racing games.

    GT5 will sell like hotcakes at Europe. US not so much.
    Racing falls under simulation (especially shit like Gran Turismo).

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    So yeah, new bump, this game is fucking FPS crack. I'm really fucking addicted to this shit, and thankfully Bungie will implement a patch and update the playlists and gametypes in matchmaking come Tuesday.

    I know Black Ops will probably sell more due to bigger hype, marketing, casual audiences (same as Halo but even more casual) and multi-platform, but I really don't see how it can compete gameplay-wise against this gem of an FPS.

    And I don't even get tired of the campaign. Except the 4th mission. Not a fan of the 4th mission.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Exodus is the greatest campaign mission ever crafted for an FPS.

    Also sorry about that the other day... I was KNEE deep in RDR so I totally ignored ur party chat invite :x

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Lol no problem. I've been spending a lot of time in Invasion and Forge and Firefight

    Srsly there are literally no game modes I don't enjoy playing.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    So I was wondering if I should download halo waypoint? Does it do anything beside tell me about halo or should I not download it?

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Quote Originally Posted by Luffsopp View Post
    So I was wondering if I should download halo waypoint? Does it do anything beside tell me about halo or should I not download it?
    Yeah, download it. You'll get a bunch of freebies for Halo Reach and your avatar. It's also a news hub for Halo related stuff, along with a collection of all things Halo media related.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Yeah but the 2 exclusive Waypoint helmets kinda suck.

    Anyway, I was thinking about this game and past Halo games' music, and realized, and this will come off as criticism of my favorite game series, that the composer's talent is extremely underrated and he belongs with much more talented and higher quality game devs. His music is just godly. Everything else in Halo is great, but isn't HOLYSHITOMGAMAZING like its music. Marty (composer) really needs to really flesh out his skills with other big-name devs, he has so much potential.. but as long as he keeps making consistently beautiful videogame soundtracks, whether it be with Bungie or any other dev, it's alright with me.
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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    HALO way point is wicccked
    you unlock armour and you get medals and avatar awards and you can see loads of achievements --- YOU MUST DL IT! :D

    Global warming is the least of their worries...

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Me when I got this game:


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    Default Re: Halo: Reach


    That had me fucking rolling!

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach


    Got to love Yahtzee.

    His reviews are sometimes harsh but true.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    His reviews are never true

    He always exaggerates the bad and nitpicks the little things, for comedic effect.
    Do you actually take them seriously?
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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Yeah if it ain't some real magazine dedicated to video games I take their reviews as a grain of salt.

    Spoony comes to mind.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    No I don't take them seriously and yes he dose exaggerate and nitpick. But I think they are fun to watch.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    How can we honestly take him seriously when he doesn't even assign an arbitrary score or letter grade to the game he's reviewing? I didn't come to read the opinion of just some guy I've never met about a game I haven't played yet to decide if I wanna get it.

    I take my game critics seriously, yo!
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