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Thread: Halo: Reach

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    Quote Originally Posted by MushroomBoy View Post
    cant believe i wasted 3 seconds reading this.

    reach looks pretty neat, but in the end, it'll be halo.

    just another fugging halo.

    that said, like the past ones, i'll buy it and play the stink right off of it. looks like a good time, especially forgeworld.

    also, on the topic of live going up in price, i guess im the only one who doesn't really mind. i buy gold once a year, and an extra 10 bucks for every 365 days is not that big a deal for me.
    Holy shit, we got us a Sherlock Holmes right here..

    Who the fuck gives a shit if it's another "fugging Halo" it's the last Halo by the original creators and their most ambitious project to date, that alone guarantees it'll be the best one yet (probably the best one ever)

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    A Halo game...

    Is another Halo?

    Well holy shit hop along Cassidy.

    You solved the mystery :V

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Just another Halo game. That like saying another mario game, zelda game, final fantasy game and pokemon game. The reason why there another halo game is because it is a very successful game. Why not make another halo game that is better than others.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Exactly, that was just mind-numbingly idiotic.

    Anyway, not much new info lately.. I probably know everything there is to know about the game by now so anyone should feel free to ask ahead.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Guys Guys!

    There's a Metroid game out...

    It's awesome...

    But it's just another Metroid game.


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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Iv'e got a strange feeling he's not coming back... Finally got the game pre-ordered, about time!

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Alright, just gave the first page a MASSIVE facelift, check it out to get the low down on what you'll be expecting come September 14. For those unfamiliar with the changes and new features and mechanics Reach has brought to the popular Halo name, check it out.

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    I love me some Halo, I played the Reach beta when it was out earlier and it was a lot of fun, this one should be awesome, I still Halo 3 every now and then still.
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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Holy shit dude you've got it all there!

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Just pre ordered it from amazon. Also, nice first post.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Real well done first post. Doubt you missed any info on that haha.

    I already have the game 3/4 paid off and hoping to get it by this friday. Will post pics of proof lol

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    GuetaMinute just pooved he either needs to be a Forum cleaner...

    Or he just REALLY REALLY likes Halo 8D

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Haha thanks, I'd be lying if I said I made all of that on the spot..

    Copy pasta'd from NeoGAF. I'm a cheap bastard 8)

    And I was still missing some info, I'll update it right now

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Quote Originally Posted by GuetaMinute View Post
    Haha thanks, I'd be lying if I said I made all of that on the spot..

    Copy pasta'd from NeoGAF. I'm a cheap bastard 8)

    And I was still missing some info, I'll update it right now
    You lazy piece of shit...

    Lol jk man.


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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Done and done.

    Missing on Forge World, will update that later cause I'm a lazy piece of shit ahaaha

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    I won't give up. Even if this is massively hyped by normal people on most gaming sites and forums, it seems this place is just upside-down. (Neogaf had 300 something posts for Dissidia FF while their Reach thread has more than 2,000 lol)

    Here's the first LEGIT review by GameInformer giving the game a 95.00. Not bad.. In fact thats an amazing score. http://www.gamerankings.com/sites/51...mer/index.html

    The review embargo will lift tomorrow or early Sunday, I expect tons of great reviews, the few crazy "More Halo" ones, the extremely rare bad ones, etc. and me telling most of you in your face

    And lol at the online medals

    Some examples
    Unfrigginbelievable - Kill 40 opponents in a row without dying

    Corrected - Kill 15 people using sticky grenades without dying

    Brosiedon - Spawn an opponent into the game 15 times without dying

    Road Rage - Be the driver of a vheicle while passengers kill 15 opponents without dying

    Reload this! - Kill an opponent while he is reloading

    Rejection - Use Armour Lock and survive massive damage

    Thank the Maker - Win a match when a Bungie employee is on the other team

    Party Animal - Play a game with Brithday Party enabled for all players

    Love Machine - Get 7 kills in a matchmaking game against players who have Heart Attack enabled

    Triple Double - Finish a game with double-digits kills, assists and headshots
    Excerpt from the review -
    "Any disappointment series fans felt after ODST should be completely washed away thanks to Reach. Make no mistake about it - this is the true follow-up to Halo 3. It's also a perfect way for Bungie to part with the series it turned into a phenomenon. [Oct 2010, p.92]
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    Default Re: Halo: Reach


    Where japanese gaming takes over threads for lulz.

    My shit is paid btw.

    Monday at 10PM I'll be in line to get mah game.

    "Remember Reach"

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Just for you being such a great guy, I'll post in your Star Wars thread even though I can't buy it. Hah.

    I have a retreat on Tuesday, though. :( I'll be back at around 6: 30. FML.

    Here's a funny photo taken from someone's file share then photoshopped. (more than 2,000 people are already playing wtf)

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Quote Originally Posted by StrawHatRican View Post

    Where japanese gaming takes over threads for lulz.
    I'll just go back to playing my Ukrainian game thank you very much.

    I had heard that this game was fairly good. I can't believe some people actually reviewed it before it was released, though.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Those were just blogger reviews/opinions, not legit reviews. The embargo lifts today at 9 PM PST. GameInformer gave it a 95/100 and G4 a 5/5.

    As a new main entry in the Halo franchise, this game definitely rivals the first Halo (considered the best by many), or dare I say even surpasses it. As a standalone shooter, it definitely is one of the best shooters out there right now (going by previews/gameplay vids/shit etc.) and THE biggest console shooter in terms of features and customization that even rivals some PC games.

    I know you're into that thing, Kairo, so I would give it a try if I were you.

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