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Thread: Halo: Reach

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuetaMinute View Post
    You don't own a 360, right?
    I have all three.

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    ^Alright then..

    Anyway, here's a leaked video of some guy showing every possible assassination move in the game. They look amazing.

    Great Multiplayer map walkthrough (only 3 maps are shown)

    And good news for Silver guys who wanna play Reach online.
    From September 17 (12pm ET / 9am PT/1600 GMT) through September 20 (12pm ET /9am PT/1600 GMT) Xbox LIVE Silver members can take advantage of industry-leading multiplayer, not to mention exclusive access to movies, TV shows, music and friends via Netflix, Last.fm, Facebook and more. These Gold-only features will be available all weekend long for the whole Xbox LIVE community.

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    Shameless promotion and advertisement for this thread with an unnecessary bump never hurt anyone..

    Anyone else think this music is just mindblowing? I'm already loving it much more than the Halo theme.. DEM DRUMS

    1: 26 = The mindblowing part.

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    Love the music, I'm gonna have the bass on the TV up so high when I play the game!

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    I can't wait to play this game dude.

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    I know who you are.
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    . . .

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    Oh, I see how it is Gueta.

    I see....

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    Anyway, I know you don't have Gold, but good thing is all Silver members get free XBL for one weekend and one weekend only, that is the weekend after Reach comes out.

    @Black Guy
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    I'm buying Gold for a couple of months.
    Last edited by The Black Guy; September 3rd, 2010 at 09:44 PM. Reason: Maybe. :\

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    I'll be playin' my PS3 and PC online for free .
    Last edited by Sakonosolo; September 3rd, 2010 at 09:47 PM. Reason: Of course not with this game but still

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    I have a PlayStation 3 and a PC. I don't have a Xbox 360.

    What's your point?

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    I'll just wait until that weekend, then buy Gold once I'm suffering from deprivation of Halo's sweet multiplayer. Probably a day after.

    Here's 2 new map walkthroughs. Go crazy.


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    Only 10 looong days left!

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    So, big bump/update

    Here's Bungie @ PAX:

    And there's 2 early reviews, though let it be known they probably pirated the game and might be sued for breaking embargo..



    I have seen this game turn myself and a friend of mine into Halo believers. It will convince those haters out there that Bungie and Halo are the real deal. If you don't own an XBOX 360, Halo: Reach is a good enough reason alone to buy one. If you are already a fan of the series, prepare to lose your job, lose your significant other, and forget that the Sun exists. Halo: Reach is going to take over your life, and guess what... you won't feel bad about it. This is a must buy for sure.
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    The Wait is Almost Over.

    "Remember Reach"

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    You know it man.
    Seems the amazingly hardcore fanboy terms stuck with you already

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    Not for nothing man... but those TV Ads and the "Remember Reach" tagline are so well done and emotional it's HARD not to be swept away by the hype machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kairouseki View Post
    I'll be playin' my PS3 and PC online for free .
    cant believe i wasted 3 seconds reading this.

    reach looks pretty neat, but in the end, it'll be halo.

    just another fugging halo.

    that said, like the past ones, i'll buy it and play the stink right off of it. looks like a good time, especially forgeworld.

    also, on the topic of live going up in price, i guess im the only one who doesn't really mind. i buy gold once a year, and an extra 10 bucks for every 365 days is not that big a deal for me.

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    Poor niggas are poor.

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