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Thread: Halo: Reach

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    Nice vid!

    I was fucking around Youtube and found this:



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    The music always gets in my head. Right now, I can't get one of the trailers songs out of my head, the Battle Begins one (it's also on the same commercial, it gets shown alot, I've seen it about 10 times on T.V.)

    The epic Halo theme won't be in the game, the composer said he wanted to do something more original, and so far I'm loving the soundtrack. The only "off" song so far was the one from the E3 trailer.

    I did explain to you that the protagonist in the campaign won't be Master Chief, right? And while he/she's called Noble 6, he/she's basically your avatar. I'm saying he/she because you can select the gender and the model changes as well as the voice. They recorded male and female lines for this character. Basically, however you have your Multiplayer model set up, that's how it'll appear in the Campaign. Same goes for co-op, your friends are gonna be their own characters most of the time.

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    I like the idea of the Spartans and all that but Master Chief never really did anything for me.

    So that's good news.

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    The ARG viral campaign just started and shit


    Through hours of looking up shit on that one site, someone managed to find a new live-action trailer, part of a mini-series of LATS. It's pretty cool, I just saw it.


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    Nice finisher gif O____o

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    iknowhuh .

    here it is [YOUTUBE]ITjhUPmle-o[/YOUTUBE]

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    New ViDoc by Bungie themselves
    IT IS FUCKING INSANE. Few spoilers though

    And a new Firefight map from FB http://www.facebook.com/album.php?ai...5281343&ref=mf
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuetaMinute View Post
    I've seen it about 10 times on T.V
    I wish we had adds on reach in Aus All we have atm is gay political adds!
    The new VIDoc is awesome. I wish they told us more about noble team but I guess that is for us to find out later. I totally thought that Emil was a woman^^

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    More campaign impressions

    So far, the press is happy with the game. A lot of bigger battles you'd expect in Halo, better animations as well considering they finally used motion capture, and stunning scenery and environments. September 14 can't come soon enough.

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    Good NEWS everyone!!!

    I just traded in 4 games and put the credit towards Halo: Reach.




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    Teh Futurama reference??

    (Reminds me, there's a new Gamestop Reach commercial, it's fucking stupid lol)
    I haven't even paid off my pre-order.. :(
    I only had enough for Standard anyway.. what 4 games did you trade?

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    Halo 3 (roflmao)

    Street Fighter IV (original)

    Assassin's Creed (bored with that fucking thing)

    And honestly... I can't even REMEMBER the fourth game.

    I got like 20 bucks worth of credit-ish.
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    20 bucks for those 3 games.. Goddamn..

    I'll just pay the 60 dollars, get the Gamestop exclusive in-game armor and Recon helmet..
    Can't wait to dress up my pretty Spartan and look at him as if it were me in campaign

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    When I said Bungie is going all out to create the best Halo and one of the best FPS in console history I wasn't kidding.

    Matchmaking for Campaign CONFIRMED!

    Only thing missing is matchmaking for Custom Games and Forge.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Well I have Legendary preordered and it's not pay off. As for remember reach, I is excited.

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    New Firefight video uploaded to Bungie's own YT channel


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    Default Re: Halo: Reach

    Graphics are much better than ive ever seen in a Halo game. It looks pretty fun to be honest, im not gonna buy it but ill rent it.

    There are also some new cool looking weapons i see.
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    To be honest, the graphics aren't anything special, but for a Halo game, they're exceptional, and the artstyle is really great, compared to gray/brown "realistic" FPS the game looks much prettier.

    You should rent it, BUT there's so much content that I doubt you'll make the most out of all the game-modes and features with a single rent. Rent it and see for yourself, so you decide whether or not you actually wanna buy the game.

    And yes, there are a ton of new weapons, upgraded versions of old classics as well. Everything is practically different in this installment, it doesn't feel, play, or look like Halo 3 at all.

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    Default Re: Halo: Reach


    If you're not online come launch date imma stab you Gueta.

    Cuz there is NO way in Hell imma do campaign solo.

    Fuck that.

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    Wtf man. I wanna play it on solo first and get the full experience myself alone for the first time. Just try it on Easy solo, then we can do it 2 player Legendary or get 2 more if you have atleast 2 other friends that will buy it.
    We can turn on skulls (the thingies that when activated change a bit of the gameplay like bigger explosions, headshotting Grunts makes them blow up confetti, a skull that changes dialogue and adds random funny lines, etc.)

    I'mma do it on Normal first. Anyway, the good thing is now that when I get bored and no one's playing Campaign or don't feel like it, I can just matchmake and find players to play Campaign with.

    If no one gives a shit about spoiling the opening cinematic, here:

    That's the planet, Reach, when they say "From the beginning you know the end" it's because every Halo fan and some that played the first one only know that this planet ultimately falls at the hand of the enemies. So the very first thing you see in there is the planet itself, glassed by the enemies, burning and shit.
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