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Thread: Other Manga/Anime tournament

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    Default Other Manga/Anime tournament

    Do you think that maybe we could have the Other Manga/Anime Tournament along with the One Piece one like in the old days? I mean One Piece is good but what about all the other characters people like?

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    Default Re: Other Manga/Anime tournament

    As much as it's a good idea you gotta understand that it's gonna be painfully looooooooonggggggg. It's not like there's only One Piece, Dragon Ball, Bleach and naruto, there's a shit ton of other anime thats there too and not everyone is gonna be satisfied with the nominations. Besides the mods already have their hands full with the upcoming OP character tourney. I don't think they can handle two tourneys at the same time.
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    Default Re: Other Manga/Anime tournament

    How about a Weekly Jump tournament?

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    Default Re: Other Manga/Anime tournament

    No .

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