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Thread: Buggy vs Zoro

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    Default Buggy vs Zoro

    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    I realized when the match was drawn that even the best Buggy AMV ever made wouldn't be able to propel him past Zoro. With doom imminent, I asked myself what Buggy would do in this situation. The conclusion I came to? Bribery.

    This is an AMV I made for all of you Zoro fans out there. I tried to make it as badass as possible for you. If you like it, then all I ask in return is that you vote for Buggy. (Zoro wont lose, anyway).

    [youtube]<object width="853" height="505"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="853" height="505"></embed></object>[/youtube]
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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwing
    Stay focused, cause right now you have a decision to make. Are you a man perpetually looking back at what hes lost, or a man looking forward, to what he might become?

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Voted flashily for the messiah.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    I want to see buggy lose so I voted zoro
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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    No doubt that there a lot of disgruntled Sanji fans out there who intend to vote for Zoro.

    Let me ask you people this though:

    Would Sanji really want you to give Zoro a victory over somebody that beat your favorite Cook? Would Sanji really want Zoro to be better than him at anything?

    Hell, no. Vote Buggy and let's end this tournament really flashily.
    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Zoro must be stopped.

    No matter the cost.

    [Buggy transforms into car-mode]


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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Zoro FTW, he's the one that sacrifices himself for his friends dream.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    I voted Zoro.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Even though i cant personally vote for Buggy i fully support him, Buggy should be the King of Arlong Park hands down. To support him i drew this comic like thing, but its kinda bad, but i dont care because it supports Buggy.

    Go Buggy, Go!
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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    As lame as a Luffy vs Zoro final is, I'm not gonna vote for Buggy :P

    Also, I vote that in-between this round and the final that we have a 3rd place match between the 2 losers of this round.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    I flashily voted for Buggy!



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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    I would vote Zoro...but a Luffy vs Zoro final would be God-awful.
    Go Buggy, you can do it.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Satisfy your sweet tooth...

    Vote Buggy!

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Remember people:

    Clowns are funny...


    Vote Funny

    Vote Buggy

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    voted for Buggy FLASHILY

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro



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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Ah hell, voting for Buggy. For some reason I find it amusing to vote against Zoro and see if he's really unstoppable. This is for Banchi, Chopper, and Bon-chan!

    That and it's awesome how far Buggy has gotten and I wanna see him through to the final.

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    Luffy VS Crocodile/Moria without underestimation = ???

    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    I don't like Buggy that much.
    Altough I love comical villans, I guess he just doesn't appeal me.

    Zoro hands down.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro


    Don't forget about the poor souls left behind in Zoro's heartless wake!

    ....Banchi... Chopper.... BON-CHANNNN!!!!!!!!

    VOTE BUGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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