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Thread: Buggy vs Zoro

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    As if I’d vote for some “I use three katanas with one in my mouth, it’s so badass except not because all I do is throw tornados and laser beams” when the opponent is a splitting man with knives and bombs.
    Buggy is freaking awesome.

    ...No. Honestly, I think Zoro is the funniest Straw Hat. I love him.
    But Buggy is more interesting. Even if it’s just a sideshow, he’s falling into a top tier reputation and charging Marineford with Luffy.

    Buggy the Clown for Yonkou.
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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    YES VOTE BUGGY you know you wanna do it Dx

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Buggy 09 !

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    <- Username should be explanation enough.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro


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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Buggy is badass enough to ride with the pirate king, hardcore enough to be Ace's drinking buddy, and awesome enough to be remembered by Whitebeard.

    Vote Buggy. Just do it.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Zoro's funny, too. The beauty of his comedy is how incredibly serious he is all the time. He's a closet goof. So deep even he doesn't realize it.


    [youtube]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>[/youtube]

    He isn't merely a badass--though I know that's what earns him a lot of fans. He's got heart. He may look scary, but he's also very protective of the ones he cares about. I mean, come on . . . if he really was just a demon, would the "weaker" Straw Hats flock to him for protection? It never fails to get me when you see Usopp or Chopper cowering behind him. They trust him so completely.
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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    BUGGY FTW!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Let's hope Buggy's lead is the just till 2AM curse.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShinobi View Post
    Let's hope Buggy's lead is the just till 2AM curse.
    Or let's just vote Buggy. Either one works fine.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    This is weird. I've always been a big fan of Zoro, but somehow I'm clicking Buggy...
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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Go with your gut then. Vote Buggy!

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Quote Originally Posted by klet View Post
    I know it's not really your point, but Buggy has cooler poses.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwing
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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Lets hope Buggy keeps the lead the ENTIRE DAY yeah! A Buggy fan girl can hope right?

    GOD I dislike Zoro =__= Luffy vs Zoro will be SUCH a boring match.

    C'mon PEOPLE! Don't you want something FLASHY!?

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    I would vote Buggy but, I keep thinking about Juni's AMV .... and Little Garden. :<

    /voting Zoro
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    His character is dull now anyway, he's a smug little ace, I miss the part 1 Shikamaru, the dunce who was actually smart. That whole thematic world is dead and gone and I don't think Kishi even remembers it.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    Don't let Moss-Head win this! Besides, there is no way Zoro could ever beat Buggy in a real fight, Zoro will slash him and Buggy will just pull himself together like nothing happened! So.....
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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    it's not fair... if only Impel Down was animated AMAZING amv's could be made in support of Buggy but all we have is him getting his ass kicked over and over and over... DX

    damn it everyones into Zoro because he's awesome... why can't people be into Buggy because he's lame? He's awesome because he's lame xD

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    It doesn't seem like my bribe is working on anyone. Oh well, Buggy's winning for the moment so I can't complain.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    I like both characters, but I voted for Zoro.

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    Default Re: Buggy vs Zoro

    If this gets close, I'll vote for Buggy, if it isn't, I'll vote for Zoro. I'll wait until late tomorrow.
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