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Thread: Star Wars Universe

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Aside from the VEEEEERRRRRRYYYYY big exception of Jar-Jar, I didn't despise the prequels like others did. I just thought, "meh." And "meh" is not something you want from Star Wars.

    I do think I liked TFA better than this one though.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki View Post
    I finally saw Star Wars. I love it. I haven't taken the time to read back several pages yet, but why do so many people hate this movie?
    Because it wasn't what they expected.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Finally saw 8 and wasn't so impressed.
    Dunno. Just, meh.

    I think coming off it I can identify a few issues.
    -Lacked a sense of script structure, very little "three act" going on. So it felt kind of messy.
    -Connected to that is the pacing was off, very little down time, which they screwed themselves with on the whole "our fleet is running out of fuel and can't run" thing. The whole movie kind of plot wise ended up revolving around one escape sequence if you think about it and that's just.... it made it feel both overly busy and hyped up, and also small in scale, at the same time.
    -I don't care what the internet thinks, I don't care about Poe, I didn't after the last one, and I don't still. He's fine, but he's just like, some guy. He was WAY overplayed here. And Finn by contrast felt less used than he should be. There was too little Finn.
    -One of the strong suits of 7 was the character chemistry with Rey and Finn, and that was almost entirely absent here.

    So meh.
    Having said that, a lot of the criticisms people have been throwing around are laughable bullshit. Like the idea that this betrayed Star Wars fans or something... what??

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by Robby View Post
    Because it wasn't what they expected.
    Surprised no enterprising indiviual has copyrighted that and threw it on some Star Wars merchandise.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ubiq View Post
    I've often wondered about that myself; seems like being supported by people who only want you there so the world can end in fire (with you going to Hell in the process) would be somewhat off-putting
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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by andre View Post
    Hey guys. I've read quite a few articles recently that have seemed to reduce most of the arguments against this film and attempts at pointing out perceived flaws as rooted in subconscious and pure sexism/racism. Do you guys think this is accurate, or maybe even more so, do any of you think it has colored the debate and discussion in this forum thus far? I can post something a facebook friend posted as an example.


    Personally, I do think that there's probably a decent chunk that falls under this, but I don't think it's a fair critique of... all the critique of this film.
    It's really easy picking out and sniping the still existent Rey hating gamergate style idiots from the crowd without making a dumb article premise like this lol.
    Rey owns, and had the movie actually adhered more to a three act structure and steadier pacing it probably would have actually focused more on her. Like cutting down on fucking Poe hotshot ace Baby Solo scenes for instance for more Rey stuff.

    Also Poe is white? I thought? I dunno, am I racist for not liking him by accident? But I mean come on, that's a white guy. Like maybe if you live in fucking Iowa he's exotic looking but lol.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    I guess the complaints about "betrayal" is Luke having conflicts and being unhappy and bitter, and fucking up on things, and uh..... GOOD.
    Even as a kid I fucking despised all that after ROTJ EU stuff for being so ridiculously goody-two shoes. Like it became a goddamn Saturday Morning cartoon show of Luke and pals busting the imperial/sith of the week. Like the three mains just waltzed along glowing happily while some stupid villain rushed at them and bounced off.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Jedi had SUCH a neat and tidy super happy ending I'm glad real life kicked them around a little.

    Han and Leia not staying together especially fixed some things for me.

    I do kinda wish Poe had stayed dead like they originally intended. I just don't see the appeal beyond gay shipping him with Finn and... that was kind of entirely the audience's invention. That was never going to make it into the actual films, and once you take that subtext out Poe has nothing going on. He was created to be the guy that inspired Finn, that Finn replaced. Who then... sort of survived randomly.

    And yeh, Finn and Rey had all the chemistry and bonding in the first film so its weird they had like zero scenes together in this one.

    The movie didn't do much for me, but there was nothing in there to make me hate it or feel betrayed. But its biggest mistake probably was splitting the cast the way it did. Yeah, Empire sent Luke off, but the entire rest of the cast stayed together.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    I love Rey and Finn; I just wish they were in better films.

    Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki
    but why do so many people hate this movie?
    I didn't hate it, I just didn't like it. It, like The Force Awakens, feels like nothing so much as the old EU but with even more of the worse elements of the latter.

    Random sequences from the original films with the serial numbers filed off, different authors arbitrarily throwing out other people's material that they don't want to deal with, characters inexplicably being idiots about things, introducing characters just to kill them off and expecting us to have emotional connections with them, long sequences that go nowhere and could have been dealt with in a much simpler fashion, and so on. The bigger problem here is that, unlike The Courtship of Princess Leia or The Crystal Star (which were outright awful), these problems aren't one-offs but a pretty good sign of the overall trend of the franchise.

    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey King View Post
    -One of the strong suits of 7 was the character chemistry with Rey and Finn, and that was almost entirely absent here.
    Can't get in the way of that Rey-Ren ship you know.
    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Love Bob .

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    I actually really like how Poe was handled in this film. I like the idea that he's the kid who grew up admiring his rebel parents, and just wants to be a hero like them. His arc is him learning not to just be the hero pilot, but be the leader that will protect his fleet and maintain the Republic. Just from the opening crawl of FA he's referred to as Leia's "most trusted pilot" or something along those lines. But his relationship with her in this movie and his character arc was definitely one of the better parts of the film for me.

    Upon rewatching a few times, I really can't defend the casino stuff at all. It just does nothing for me. I really do like this movie, and it still ranks as one of my favorite SW films. However, this part of completely takes me out of the tension established with the other two stories. It does make it feel, as others have said, like multiple episodes of a SW show rather than a cohesive film narrative.

    I have nothing against Rose's character. I genuinely liked Finn in TFA. But their detour was such a detour with no payoff, at least from my perspective. The only entertaining aspect of it for me was the good 30 seconds or so that Rose and Finn were actually in the casino. I would have been absolutely fine if it was them simply meeting the codebreaker guy and then dealing with the trouble on the First Order's ship. Maybe actually give Phasm....I mean shiny new action figure something to do with that screentime.

    Ultimately the point of their detour is to get somebody with a certain skill because if they don't, the Resistance will be crushed. They go there, eventually leave with someone with the skills they need. Obviously they get fucked over, but the point is they did what they needed to do which tied into the other plot lines. Now the only point that really matters is they went there, got a guy with the skills they needed, and were betrayed. All of those story beats could have been met without that boring chase scene and PSA about animals. It's not a bad message, just completely mishandled in my opinion. Yes, freeing the creatures gave them a chance to escape and cause chaos. But ultimately, they're captured. So again, those story beats could have been met without the entire chase.

    I'm not harping on it for the sake of "well they could have got those things done without wasting time on this". I disliked it because on top of that, it was boring. I have no investment in that whole aspect of the film. Tensions are high at this point. Having Rose bitch about how the First Order sympathizers are bad people and them going to create chaos on the planet is just time wasted that could be spent on things we're already invested in. If it was going to be a quick cool casino scene, kind of reminiscent of the cantina scene, it would have been fine. Have them go there, find their guy, only for the First Order to discover them all, kill their codebreaker, and arrest Finn and Rose, leading to the DJ stuff.
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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by Shandian View Post

    Thing is with lightspeed collissions or even hyperspace (witch is multiple times faster) is that they have unimaginable kinetic energy, single proton particle hitting earths atmosphere at sub-lightspeed can light up entire mid night sky. Single X-wing starfighter can annihilate entire world with hyperspace impact. Infact in Force awakens where millenium falcon went to Starkiller through hyperspace is a good example, if they would just hit planet instead stopping right before it they hit it then impact would shattered entire Starkiller base.

    Death star? Why such effort building them when single freighter or millenium falcon type ship can hyperspace into Coruscant killing every single being in 0,5 seconds regardless they live in opposite side of planet, even at 99% of speed of light energy of impact can wipe out any world under single second. Entire interstellar civilization of Star wars universe can be wiped out in less of a week if bunch of cargo shippers get drunk and want to go out of a bang.
    I was under the impression it wasn't up to full speed
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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Honestly, I don't even care how much narrative weight the casino plot had, that shot of Finn and Rose riding the space horse on the beach made it for me.


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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Moviebob is always good at nailing down a point and seeing the bigger picture.

    Shame his twitter attitude is, disappointing.

    Quote Originally Posted by KzTxL7 View Post
    I wasn't distracted by Lucy being half naked.

    You won this week Fairy Tail.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    I saw the movie again today. Now, when I first saw the movie I was left feeling kinda conflicted, really loving certain parts but being a bit iffy on others. Watching it again, I feel like some of my criticisms against it were probably somewhat blown out of proportion. While the movie definitely does have flaws (the entire Canto Bight sequence, the plot between Poe and Holdo being a rather frustrating case of everyone acting a bit too stupid for it to be believable, Snoke being a complete waste of a character), I think I can now say that it is, overall, pretty damn good.
    It also made me realize, I had previously thought that this was kind of an ESB situation where we kind of need another movie to follow up on this one in order for it to truly work, but looking at it again... No, not really. While the movie obviously ends with the bad guys still out there, it still felt like a complete movie, and I feel that even if Episode IX ends up completely sucking, that will not retroactively make this movie any less good.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by Robby View Post
    Despite rampant speculation, there has been zero actual indication that Finn is force sensitive. He held a lightsaber once. Doesn't make him a jedi.
    I'm aware of that, but it still would have been a cool plot twist that could've given his character greater depth and added meaning to an otherwise boring scene.

    Quote Originally Posted by Robby View Post
    I just assume Maz went "Oh hey, you're in that general area, I know a guy nearby that can help you out."
    rather than
    "I know one guy but you have to go to where he is."

    She picked a contact to match their area, and it's entirely possible if they'd been in a different system she would have recommended someone else. He obviously wasn't he ONLY qualified hacker, the gang met another equally qualified guy within ten feet of him.
    I thought I remembered her saying something like "this is the only man in the galaxy who can help you", but maybe I was wrong.
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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Saw this movie yesterday. I wanted to wait for the digital release, but the insane people kinda egged me on to actually watch this on the big screen.
    It was okay. I guess if I had to single out some big flaw is that this and the former movie really feel like watching a marvel movie with a star wars paint job. The old trilogy being good and the new one bad, this one is just kinda there, making money for disney. It doesn't piss you off, it just very by the books; rebels, evil empire, cocky pilots, mouthy droids and ancient orders of good and evil. Maybe it's dumb to except more from something that was always like that, but I still think it could've been a little more ambitious.
    Something like Kotor 2 maybe, with a Kreia-like character that challenges the foundation of the whole belief system or some sort neutral, more pragmatic and/or utilitarian view on the force, shake it up a little.
    What I really liked though is the last scene with Luke looking and the rising sun, that was damn beautiful.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Saw the latest movie without seeing the 7th. I enjoyed the Luke and Rey part of the story. The parts with Kylo and Rey were pretty good too. The rest was decent I guess.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by Zack View Post
    Saw the latest movie without seeing the 7th.
    .....what?? Why would you do this.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey King View Post
    .....what?? Why would you do this.
    I've never been interested in the movies, though I got a bit into the EU after playing KOTOR. This was a case where my friend asked me to come along due to him wanting someone he knew in a group he wasn't that familiar with.

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    Default Re: Star Wars Universe

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