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Thread: Urouge's AMV Corner

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    Default Re: Urouge's AMV Corner

    Muy bueno, my friend! Really got the job done in making me get hyped for the tournament! And of course for your AMVs!
    Now I'm back to my corner, before Ms. Debonair smacks me...It still hurts from last time...

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    Default Re: Urouge's AMV Corner

    5/5 starts for video

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    Default Re: Urouge's AMV Corner

    Ahh, Toei disabled my account. Good times indeed.

    I'll try to get my videos reuploaded to a new account over the next couple days.

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    Default Re: Urouge's AMV Corner

    FFFFFF...Toei makes life harder...hope you'll haveyour stuff reuploaded soon.

    Hey might I make a request?
    Was listening to this song in memory of MJ and thought
    "Hey, man! This would make a funny AMV for the Impel Down staff (especially Sadi-chan and Magellan) to boost them during the tournament!


    Or you take this short, but much, much more assholish request of an Ace Whitebeard tribute.
    the part from 0:39 to 1:10.
    Yes, I know I'm so going to hell.

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    Default Re: Urouge's AMV Corner

    Hey awesome! I found you~ It's me, pirateninja7 from YT! Ah, I was so sad when they took down your account. but send me a message when you make a new youtube account.


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    Default Re: Urouge's AMV Corner

    Boy youtube owned your ass;( I know the feeling they took down some of my accounts too; fuck viacom). They took down my first AMV by the Commodores and I don't have a back up of it. THE FUCKING COMMODORES!!!11
    Last edited by Muah; April 5th, 2010 at 07:29 PM.

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    Default Re: Urouge's AMV Corner

    Hello there

    I hope you keep up the good work , it's the best I've seen so far.

    By the way could you reupload the amv of the sabaody arc fights ?

    It's not in your MU folder and I can't find it anywhere else.

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    Mega thread bump! I fixed up some posts and fixed all the youtube videos I have uploaded (including the Sabaody one).

    But most importantly, my one new AMV for 2011! I hope you guys like it (I may edit out the vote line in the future when it's no longer relevant).


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    LOL, Opening Act is hilarious. Really great job on it. Keep up the good work :o

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    Default Re: Urouge's AMV Corner

    Opening act was great man , great job and great campaign
    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsune Inferno View Post
    You are a treasure.

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    Default Re: Urouge's AMV Corner

    Hahaha, Funny AMVs xD

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    Good day my friend , i remember watching your AMVs 3 years ago and they were awesome , my favorite AMV was Smoker is smoke , can you upload it again? :D
    Are you still making AMVs?

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