Um well, in my past time, I like writing poems. So I'll be posting them here. c: I hope this is allowed. xD;;

Here's one I just wrote a few minutes ago.

He Watches; He Laughs

During the passage of life
Father time watches.
He laughs at us,
Who want to control time
So we don’t make any mistakes.
He wonders why such a thing
Makes us beg for this power
‘Making mistakes helps you grow,’
Is what he always says.
‘And carrying a burden of controlling time
Is not something I would wish even on an enemy,’
Is what he whispers to himself.
He laughs at us
Who want to control time
Knowing we’re being foolish,
Knowing that is not a thing anyone would want.
We may not know it
But he suffers much of each day
(although he lives in a place free of time).
He watches good people die,
He watches sad children cry,
He watches these things,
But it is against a sacred law
To try and help them.
He’s seen everything since the beginning
And even if he could be allowed to wish it
To not be given this responsibility,
He wouldn’t do it.
To have this power given to someone else
Would be a sin to great to even think.
Even as his heart bleeds,
Even as he wishes for friends,
Even as he watches sad things happen,
He continues to laughs at us
Who want to control time
While not knowing what great a cost it would be.


Tell me what you think?