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Thread: My One Piece Story

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    Default My One Piece Story

    Since I'm gonna start writing a lot from now on... I might as well make a thread about it... I've taken most of my stories outta my former threads and put them inside here... so for those of you who didn't read my earlier stories.. enjoy!

    Here's my very first work! (It's about Luffy and the gang bowling)

    Buggy: You brat!!! This is the day I have my rev--
    Luffy: Eh? Did you guys say something?
    Zoro: Not me...
    All Straw-Hats: Me too...
    Luffy: Oh, Ok! Again... I here go!!
    *Luffy throws the ball BACKWARDS*
    Buggy: U...ugh... this can't get any worse..
    *The ball falls on his head*
    Buggy: WHY ME??!!
    Luffy: I'm not doing so good so far.. hmm... I'll try again
    *Luffy swings his hands backwards to get another ball*
    Buggy: This cannot and WILL NOT get any worse
    *Luffy catches his nose*
    Luffy: Eh? This ball feels kinda weird oh well
    Buggy: This sucks
    Alvida: I love STRONG MEN!!! GO LUFFY-SAMA
    Buggy: You're supposed to hel--
    Luffy: Gomo-Gomo-no---- STRIKE!!
    *Luffy throws Buggy but hit Zoro and Sanji during the process and they scream along with Buggy*
    Zoro, Sanji and Buggy: AHH!!!!!!
    *For once Luffy got a strike*
    Luffy: SUGOI!!!!!!
    Zoro: One day..... one day...
    Sanji: I'll c-cook him someday...
    Buggy: I'm gonna gaudy killy him one day that Straw-Hat bastard...
    Nami: Luffy we gotta go now...
    Luffy: Alright let's eat!!
    Usopp: YEAH!!!
    Robin: Hem..hem
    *Later during dinner.... (they decided to eat at a nearby restarurant)*
    Robin: Umm... everyone where's Zoro and Sanji?
    Nami: They're probably fighting outside or something
    *At the bowling alley*
    Zoro, Sanji, Buggy: Damn you LUFFFYYYY!!!!!!!
    -The End-
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    As most of you know, this is my second work.... (They in a grand casino this time)

    Part 1

    Nami: I WIN!!!!
    *5 minutes later*
    Nami: I WIN!!!!!
    *5 minutes later*
    Sanji: Nami-san is sooo cool
    Zoro: It seems she's havin' a good time
    Luffy: I'm having fun too
    *Luffy eating a lotta things with Usopp and Chopper*
    Luffy: But I'm hungry.....
    Sanji: You just ate 5 minutes ago, bastard
    Usopp: Hm? Hey guys.. looks like something happening over there
    *Everybody moves in*
    All: Woah....
    Franky: *ahem* Feelin super, ladies? Let's DANCE!!!
    *Franky drives the crowd extremely wild* the music is Ready!
    All the ladies: AHHH!!! FRANKY!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
    Sanji: Wait a second, if he thinks he can just hog all the ladies to himself, he's goin' down
    Luffy: Looks interesting, c'mon let's go guys
    Zoro: I'm sitting this one out...
    *Zoro sees the grand prize for the best dancer gets FREE DRINKS!!!!!*
    Zoro: On second thought...
    *Zoro moves into the dance floor*
    Sanji: Oh? You wanna dance?
    Zoro: Can't I? Screwy eyebrow?
    Sanji: Sorry cactus can't really dance...
    Zoro: DAMN YOU PUNK!!
    Sanji: BRING IT ON!!!!
    *Instead of dancing they both fought on the dance floor... (it kinda looked like dancing to other people)
    Luffy: Wor... sugoi...
    Nami and Robin: sigh.... Men
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    Part 2

    Sanji: Get off the dance floor cactus head!!
    Zoro: YOU get off the dance floor, you screwy girl-crazy moron
    Luffy: Hahahahaha!!! Looks like they're having fun
    Usopp: Luffy.... how do I look?
    *Usopp puts on an afro*
    Luffy: WOO-HOO!!! Ya look great Usopp!!!!
    Usopp: According the some people, if you wear this afro... your dancing skills will be ten times better..
    Luffy: REALLY!!!???
    Usopp: Hell Yeah!!!
    Luffy: WOW!!! You're even talking diffirent now!
    *Ten minutes later*
    Chopper: Usopp, where's Luffy? Why isn't he dancing anymore?
    Usopp: Oh don't worry, he's coming soon...
    *Luffy comes in*
    Luffy: LET'S PARTY!!!!
    *EVERYONE looks at Luffy*
    Nami: Why must he wear that thing again?
    Robin: Hee hee...
    Franky: And Paulie says I have a problem with my sence of fashion
    Luffy: LET'S PARTY!!!!!!
    All: Umm.... YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!!!!!&#3 3;
    A few girls: Hmm, actually he looks kinda cute with that. Hee hee
    *Sanji overheard them and starts to dream*
    Sanji: Hahahahahah!!! I'm the king of the dance floor
    Zoro: N-no match for him,..... t-too powerful....
    All the girls: AHHH!! SANJI LOVE!!!! LOVE SANJI!!!
    *Sanji stops daydreaming as Luffy ran over him*
    Sanji: B-bloody bastard
    Zoro: HAHAH!!!
    *Luffy came in*
    Zoro: Oh for the love of--
    *Zoro lands right next to Sanji*
    Zoro: DON'T even say it!!!!
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    Part 3

    Luffy: Hahahahahaha!!!!
    Usopp: Dance Luffy!! DANCE!!!!
    Zoro: Urge to kill rising
    Sanji: Why did I even bother to aboard this freakin' crew?
    *Buggy and his crew hits the scene*
    Buggy: Gahahahaha!!!! Time to have a gaudy party here, baby
    Alvida: Great idea Mohji, this exactly what the captain needs after that bowling incident
    Mohji: Heh heh... maybe after this he'll promote me...
    Cabaji: Hmph.... hey isn't that Roronoa and his little friends?
    Mohji: IT IS!!! This is bad, we're here to relax not stress out the captain
    Cabaji: So naive....
    Mohji: ?
    Cabaji: If you're so worried about them disturbing the captain.... why not kill them instead of worrying... besides I have a score to settle Roronoa
    Mohji: Hmm.. you're right! Alright Richie let's go!!
    *Cabaji and Mohji rushes in*
    Zoro and Sanji: Eh?
    Cabaji and Mohji: YYYEAAHHHH!!!!!
    Zoro: Think they'll do?
    Sanji: Yep....
    Cabaji: Wait, something's wrong with them
    Mohji: Yeah... they're angry
    Sanji: MUTTON SHOT!!!!!!
    Zoro: TIGER TRAP!!!!
    Mohji and Cabaji: AHHHH!!!!!!
    Mohji and Cabaji: Owww.....
    Zoro and Sanji: Huuu.... feel so much better now
    *Buggy hits the dance floor and doesn't realise he's standing right next to Luffy*
    Buggy: Gahahahaha!! I haven't had this much fun in a gaudy long time....
    Luffy: Yeah me too...
    Buggy: YOU!!!!
    Luffy: BIG NOSE!!!!!
    Buggy: My nose ain't big, ya punk
    Luffy: You're right, it's not big at all
    Buggy: Hmph, finally showing respect to your superious....
    Luffy: IT'S DAMN BIG!!!!!!
    Buggy: Ya little brat!!!
    Luffy: But it's true
    Buggy: Gah!!! I'm gonna gaudy killy you!!!
    Nami: Can't we ever have a proper vacation?
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    Part 4

    Buggy: YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!!!
    Zoro: He looks angry.....
    *Buggy's body parts flys around him*
    Usopp: Wah!!!! I didn't know he ate the devil fruit too!!!
    *Buggy uses Bara-Bara Hou*
    Luffy: Yikes!!!! Hey! Watch the Afro!!!!!
    Chopper: Luffy... is so cool.....
    *Buggy throws several daggers at the Straw-Hats*
    Chopper: AHHHH!!! Why's he throwing daggers at US??!!!
    Buggy: Gah!!! Gaudy killy!!!!!
    *Nami and Robin along with Paulie watches from the poker table*
    Nami: I still see Buggy is just as hot tempered as ever...
    Robin: Buggy..... sounds familiar.....
    *Sanji dodges Buggy's attack and lands gracefully on the poker table*
    Sanji: Don't think too much for this loser Robin-chan
    Nami: Sanji-kun?
    Sanji: YES NAMI-SAN???!! Are you thirtsy? Or hungry?
    Nami: No.....
    *The gang lands on Sanji head on*
    Nami: Look out....
    Sanji: Ouch...
    *Luffy continues to run from Buggy's daggers*
    Luffy: Hahahahhahhaaha!!! This is fun!!!
    Buggy: Gah!!! He won't stand still!!!
    *Buggy throws a dagger straight for Nami*
    Buggy: If I can't kill you, I'll just take it out your friend there!!
    Luffy: Nami!!!!
    Nami: I-it's fast!
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no---
    *Buggy moves into Luffy*
    Buggy: Don't worry it's not her I'm interested in....
    *The dagger miss Nami by a few inches and hits the wall*
    Luffy: Y-Yikes!!!!
    Buggy: Bara-bara HOU!!!!!
    Luffy: AHHH!!! AHHH!!!!
    Nami: LUFFY!!!!!
    Chopper: WUUUAHHH!!!!!
    *Buggy continues to stab Luffy*
    Nami: AHHH!!!!! LUFFY!!!!!
    Usopp: NOOOO!!!!!!
    Sanji: DAMMIT!!! HE CHEATED!!
    Buggy: Gahahahaah!!! Eh?
    *Luffy smiles and holds up Cabaji*
    Cabaji: O-ouch
    Buggy: WHAT THE--??!!!
    Luffy: Hee hee hee
    Buggy: Ca-cabaji! You alright?!!
    Cabaji: I'm c-cool
    Buggy: Good.... cuz ya still owe me that money I borrowed you last week
    Buggy: Damn you!! How dare you used my crewmen and use him as a shield.... I didn't want to use this but you leave me no choice..
    Luffy: ?
    Buggy: Bara-Bara FESTIVAL!!!!!
    *Luffy stares blanky at Buggy as he starts flying at all direction*
    Zoro: Luffy's in a tough situation now....
    Nami: HUH? Why? Buggy used this technique on him before and Luffy survived
    Zoro: THAT WAS ONLY because his primary target that time was you.. now his going to use all his body part on Luffy
    *Nami shivers*
    Nami: Luffy....
    *Buggy's leg moves in*
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-- AHH!!!
    *Buggy stabs him from behind*
    Buggy: Gahahahahah!!! Now you see my true power....
    *Several of Buggy's body parts circles around Luffy and hits him continously*
    Usopp: THAT'S SOOOO CHEAP!!!!
    Robin: This is rather bad...
    Zoro: (Dammit!!! I didn't think Buggy was this strong)
    *Luffy slowly stands up*
    Luffy: There's no way I'm gonna lose because--
    Buggy: Um?
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    Part 5

    *Everybody stares at Luffy*
    Luffy: I'm going to become the Pirate King no matter what....
    Buggy: Ga...HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!
    *Buggy spins a few daggers in his hand*
    Buggy: Listen kid, the true Pirate King..... is standing right in front of you!!
    Luffy: Ha...ha....ha...
    *The Straw-Hat pirates are watching Luffy from the poker table*
    Zoro: I never thought Buggy could become this strong...
    Nami: Luffy...... *thump* *thump*
    Usopp: Damn it, he's really tired...
    Luffy: Ha.....ha.....ha....
    *Luffy becames unstable*
    Buggy: Gahahahaha!!! Oh how long I have waited for this moment....
    *Buggy spins the daggers in his hands even faster*
    Buggy: DIE!!!!
    Luffy: Hmph!!
    *Luffy kicks Buggy in the chin*
    Buggy: Oof!!
    *Buggy lands on the floor hard and gets up quickly*
    Buggy: Why you little... huh? Where he go?!!
    *Buggy looks from left to right*
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no......
    *Buggy looks up*
    Buggy: Hmph!! Take THIS!!
    *Buggy throws several daggers at Luffy*
    Nami: LUFFY!!!!
    Luffy:.... Gattling GUN!!!! Wa-yayayayayayayaa!!!
    *Luffy's punches destroyed all of Buggy's daggers*
    Buggy: What the-- OOF!!!
    *Luffy hits Buggy like... A LOT OF TIMES*
    Luffy: Yayayayaayayayayayaya!!!!!
    Buggy: (How can he still have so much strength left after I beat him so many times?)
    Chopper: WOWW!!!
    *Luffy strecthes his hand way back*
    Luffy: YAAHHH!!!!!!
    Buggy: YYIIKKEESSSS!!!! Hey wait... Bara-bara-Kinkyuu Dasutsu (that is Bara bara Emergency Escape, if I'm not mistaken)
    *Luffy misses Buggy by an inch*
    Luffy:Damn it... I thought I could hit him, oh well....
    Buggy: Gahahahaha!!! You're..... no match against me.. k-kid....
    *Luffy moves in*
    Buggy: W-woah!!!
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no PISTOL!!!!
    Buggy: GAH!!!!
    *Buggy falls on the floor*
    Luffy: Phew.... I'm hungry.....
    Buggy: WAIT A SECOND!!!
    *Buggy gets up*
    Buggy: We're just getting started.... Bara-bara-FESTIVAL!!!!
    Luffy: Yikes!
    *Nami shivers*
    Usopp: NOT THAT AGAIN!!!!!
    *Buggy hits Luffy from all directions again*
    Luffy: Gah!!! Oof!!
    Buggy: Gahahahaaha!!!
    Cabaji: Go captain!!!!
    Mohji: YEAHH!!!!
    *Buggy lifts Luffy up with one of his floating hand*
    Buggy: Heeheheheeheh.... you're done for this time.... when I'm done with you I'll kill you..
    *Buggy points at Nami*
    Nami: Ha.....
    *Nami shivers and takes a step back*
    Buggy: Don't think I don't remember what you did to me back then.....
    *Buggy remembers Nami took his 'Grand Line Map' and tied all his body parts giving Luffy time to use Gomo-gomo-no Bazooka on him*
    Buggy: Hee.. I'm gonna kill you later BUT right after I finish off rubber boy here first
    *Nami started to cry*
    *Luffy grab Buggy by his nose*
    Luffy: Don't you dare make my navigator cry!!
    *Luffy punches Buggy in his face and lets go of Luffy, Luffy lands safely on the ground*
    Luffy: Anyone who makes my navigator cry... must pay a very high price...
    Nami: L-Luffy..
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    Part 6

    Luffy: AHHH!!!!!!! Gomo-gomo-no Muchi (Whip)
    Buggy: Hee hee.. Bara-bara HOU!!! (Cannon... I think...)
    Luffy: Ah!
    *Luffy grabs his leg back before the daggers hit him*
    Buggy: Gahahahahaha!!
    Luffy: Damn it.... his daggers are really annoying....
    *Luffy thinks for a while*
    Luffy: Got it!! Gomo-gomo-no Baka!! (Idoit)
    Zoro: What the hell?
    Sanji: What's he doing?
    Nami: (Isn't that the same technique he used against Eneru?)
    *Buggy leaps up*
    Buggy: GAAHHH!!! I'm gonna gaudy killy you!!!
    Usopp: What are ya' doin Luffy??!! RUN!!!
    *Buggy moves in fast on Luffy with daggers ready*
    Buggy: YeeaAHHHHH!!!!
    Nami: LUFFY!!!
    *Luffy dodges his daggers easily*
    Buggy: Ah?
    Buggy: Hmph!
    *Buggy throws several daggers at Luffy*
    Usopp: WeAAHHHHH!!!!!! RUN!! LUFFY!!!
    *Luffy disappears right before the daggers touch him*
    Buggy: WHAT THE--??!!!
    Everybody: Where'd he go??!!!
    *Luffy was the floor sleeping*
    Buggy: D-damn you......
    *Luffy wakes up*
    Luffy: *yawn*...........
    Usopp: What's wrong with him?
    Chopper: Is he hurt?
    Robin: Maybe.....
    Chopper: D-d-d- DOCTOR!!!!!! Somebody call a doctor!!
    Usopp: You're a doctor!!!!
    Luffy: HEY!! SANJI!! I'M HUNGRY!!! LET'S EAT!!
    Everybody: (What the--??!!!)
    Luffy: But I'm hungry... eh?
    *Buggy uses Bara-bara Hou on Luffy*
    Luffy: Woah!!!
    *Luffy caught Buggy's arm*
    Buggy: Hee hee hee
    *Buggy's hand disconnects with his arm*
    Luffy: AH!!!
    Nami: LUFFY!!!
    *Luffy dodges the attack but his cheek got cut*
    Luffy: Ow.....
    *Buggy's hand comes flying back at Luffy*
    Luffy: Huh?
    Buggy: You're MINE!!!!!
    *Luffy steps on Buggy hand*
    Buggy: YEOW!!!!
    *The Straw-Hats continues to watch the battle*
    Nami: Robin.....
    Robin: Em?
    Nami: Do you really think Luffy can become the Pirate King?
    Robin: Yes! Ever since the first time I've meet him I knew Crocodile would fall by him
    Sanji: Why ya ask this question all of a sudden Nami-san?
    Nami: (Luffy: Don't you dare make my navigator cry...)
    Nami: (You said that to Arlong before.... remember Luffy?)
    Usopp: Hee hee... don't worry Nami... he's gotten a lot stronger after he defeated Lucci, what more do you need him to do?
    Nami: Nothing really.... you think he can actually find the legendary treasure 'One Piece'?
    Usopp: Yeah.... all the way!
    Usopp: (Luffy: Usopp.... YOU'RE MY FREIND NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! And look, the Going Merry been fixed.... it's a lot stronger and I got a cannon room installed for you too.. cool huh? Usopp... I'm sorry)
    Usopp: (Usopp: L-luffy... come here ya idoit...)
    *The both of them cry* (I hope they fix the Going Merry)
    Usopp: Hee hee.... my dad told me... that true power comes from within the heart not brute strength...
    Zoro: You cried for him just now when Buggy was gonna kill him... you really care for him huh?
    Nami: .............
    Usopp: He'll win Nami, I just know it!
    Nami: If he dies...... if he...
    Robin: Don't say that Nami... believe in him like you always did....
    Nami: If he dies... I'll.. I'll.....
    Everybody: ..... Nami.....
    Everybody: HUH???
    Zoro: You mean you were crying for money?? What about Luffy??!!
    Nami: Luffy? Oh he can take care of himself.....
    *Everybody freezes*
    Zoro: Well that's Nami... women and cash...hmph!
    Sanji:Nami-san is so cool when she's cold!!!
    Usopp: I can't believe I gave such an encouraging speech and she's all worked up about money!
    Chopper: I liked your speech Usopp....
    Usopp: Eh? Really? I'll give you another one then!
    Chopper: REALLY??!!
    Usopp: Hell yeah!
    Robin: Hmm hmm
    Luffy: AHHHHHH!!!!
    Nami: Huh?
    Luffy: AHHHH!!! Gomo-gomo-no PIS--AHH!!!
    *Buggy tricked Luffy by using both his hands to grab him from behind*
    Buggy: It's time to end this
    Luffy: Hey!! Let me go!!
    *Buggy hands floats Luffy to the nearest swimming pool*
    Buggy: Galdy!
    Luffy: WAHHH!!!! WATER!!!
    Buggy: Goodbye.. Monkey.D.Luffy
    *Buggy lets go of Luffy*
    Nami: *gasp* NOOOO!!!!
    Usopp: HE'S GONNA DROWN!!!!
    Luffy: AHHHHHH!!!!!!

    [To Be Continued]
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    Part 7

    Luffy: Wuahhhhh!! Water! Water! Water! Water! Water!
    Nami: Luffy!!!!
    Buggy: Gahahahahahaha!!!
    Usopp: He's gonna drown!!!
    Robin: I'll get him... Treinta Fleur!!! (30 Flowers... I think)
    *Robin starts sprouting out hands from the ceiling*
    Robin: Almost there......
    Buggy: Hmph!! Bara-bara HOU!!! (Cannon)
    Sanji: ROBIN-CHAN!!!!
    Robin: *gasp*
    Buggy: Don't worry, I'm not interested in her....
    Sanji: WHAT??!!
    *Buggy's attack stabs Luffy pushing him down faster*
    Luffy: Gah!!
    *Luffy splits out some blood*
    Sanji: Well.... it's a lot better than getting a lady hurt....
    Usopp: Screw you!!!!!
    Nami: LUFFY!!
    Buggy: Down you go!!!
    Luffy: *cough* *cough*
    *Luffy goes down, down, down*
    Luffy: H...huh.... dammit....
    Luffy: *glug* *glug* *glug*
    *Luffy pulls out the daggers Buggy stabbed into him earlier*
    Luffy: (I gotta get back up there, but I'm so tired.....) *glug*
    *Luffy finally hits the bottom of the pool*
    Luffy: (Oh... boy......)
    *Above the pool*
    Usopp: Damn you, you big-nosed freak!!!!
    *Usopp hides behind Zoro and Sanji*
    Usopp: Zoro! Sanji!! Get him!!
    Zoro: Think 2 minutes is enough?
    Sanji: Aganist him? A minute will do just fine.....
    Zoro and Sanji: LET'S DO IT!!!!
    *Zoro and Sanji rushes in on Buggy*
    Zoro: Oni-- huh?!!!
    *Alvida slides down and starts swinging her mace at him*
    Zoro: Dammit!! Hey! Get outta my way or else!!!
    Alvida: Hee hee......
    Zoro: You asked for it!! Tora Gari!!!!! (Tiger Trap)
    *Sanji kicks Zoro swords away*
    Zoro: Do..... you mind telling me why'd you did that?
    Sanji: She's a lady Zoro... ya wanna get rid of her do this...
    *Sanji walk towards her*
    Sanji: *ahem* Excuse me.... will you please let me and my cactus-head friend here go through?
    *Zoro falls*
    Zoro: What kinda freakin' game ya tryin to play?!!
    Alvida: Ok!
    *Both Zoro and Buggy falls*
    Buggy: HEY! You're on my side!!!
    Alvida: But he was so polite.....
    Sanji: Thank you...
    Zoro: Huh?
    *Sanji winks at Zoro*
    Zoro: (OH! Got it, I'm on it)
    *Zoro rushes to the pool*
    Buggy: I don't care how 'polite' he was but he's the enemy and-- RORONOA!!!!!
    Sanji: Crap!! He spotted Zoro, time to fight...
    *Sanji moves in on Buggy*
    Buggy: Hm?
    Sanji: Jyuu Shuuto!!! (A flying kick to the opponent's cheek)
    Buggy: Hee hee.... Bara-bara Kinkyuu-Dasutsu (Bara-bara Emergency Escape)
    *Sanji kick missed Buggy*
    Sanji: Hmph....
    *Sanji uses his left leg and grab hold of Buggy's right shoulder*
    Buggy: WHAT THE--?
    Sanji: See ya!
    *Sanji uses his right leg and kick off Buggy's head*
    Buggy: Wuahhhh!!!!
    *Buggy's head goes bouncing everywhere*
    Franky: Damn, these guys are GOOD! Huh?
    *Buggy's head is moving in on Franky*
    Franky: OH CRAP!!!!
    Franky: Uww.......
    *Buggy's head floats up slowly*
    Buggy: Hmph! You can fight quite well.... who are you?
    Sanji: Hee hee... Name's Sanji, the best chef in the world and the finder of 'All Blue'

    [To Be Continued]
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    Part 8

    Buggy: Sanji... huh....
    Alvida: That's a cute name
    Sanji: Ah Thank you....
    Buggy: Hmph! Anyway, I'll handle chef-boy here.. you handle Roronoa Zoro....
    Alvida: Fine by me..
    *Alvida quickly slides after Zoro*
    Sanji: ............
    *Sanji runs after her, but Buggy blocks his path*
    Buggy: Hee hee...
    Sanji: Hey! Get outta my way!
    Buggy: There's no way I'm gonna let you save that straw-hat kid...
    Sanji: Hah! It's the lady I'm worried about....
    Buggy: Hmph!
    Sanji: Let's rock, clown!
    *Alvida caught up with Zoro*
    Zoro: Dammit!! You again!!!
    Alvida: Oh you're cute when you're angry...
    Zoro: Sorry but I've got no time for you now. Tora Gari!! (Tiger Trap)
    *Alvida blocks Zoro's attack with her mace easily*
    Alvida: Ohh.... nice strong arms
    Zoro: ...........
    *Zoro quickly draws his swords back and starts to think of what technique he should against her*
    Zoro: (I remember she ate some kinda devil fruit that makes her slipperly..... I GOT IT!!)
    *Zoro jumps back*
    Zoro: Santoryu.... Takanami (Hawk Wave)
    Alvida: Hee hee
    *Alvida slides out of the way and moves into Zoro*
    Zoro: Woah?
    Alvida: Bye bye....
    *Alvida swings her mace at Zoro*
    Zoro: Gah!!
    *Zoro flys up and land on the nearest fountain*
    Zoro: Dammit......
    Alvida: Hee hee hee
    *Buggy fights with Sanji*
    Buggy: Bara-bara HOU!! (Cannon)
    *Sanji flips backwards and steps on Buggy's hand*
    Buggy: GAHHH!!!!
    Sanji: You're annoying, move or I'll cut off that nose of yours and make a fillet outta it!
    Buggy: Oh now you done it... Bara-bara FESTIVAL!!!
    *Buggy flys towards Sanji*
    Sanji: Hah!!
    *Sanji spins-kick all of Buggy body parts away*
    Buggy: Hee hee...
    Sanji: (Huh? He's laughing?)
    Sanji: OWW!!!
    *Buggy stabbed from Sanji behind*
    Sanji: Damn.... I can't believe I fell for that....
    Buggy: YOU are annoying!! Gahhahahahaha!!!!
    Sanji: Mutton SHOTTO!!! (Mutton Shot)
    *Buggy separates his body into half*
    Buggy: Hee hee...
    *Sanji leaps up and does a somersault-kick on Buggy's face*
    Buggy: Oof!
    Sanji: Ha ha....
    Alvida: Hey, handsome...
    Sanji: LADY!!! Huh?
    *Alvida swing her mace at Sanji*
    Sanji: Wuahhh!!
    *Sanji falls down hard and get back up quickly*
    Sanji: Oh that sweet attack.. HIT ME AGAIN!!!
    Buggy and Alvida:
    Zoro: Can't he ever be serious when dealing with women?

    [To Be Continued]
    A Quest For Treasure Will Unite Them All: ONE PIECE

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    Part 9

    Sanji: HIT ME AGAIN!!!!
    Alvida: Hee hee
    Buggy: Glady!!!
    *Buggy runs towards Sanji*
    Sanji: YEAH!! Hey, wait a second!
    Buggy: Bara-bara HO-OWW!!!
    *Sanji kicks Buggy in the nose*
    Zoro: (They're distracted! Now's my chance!)
    *Zoro jumps out of the fountain*
    Zoro: (Hang on Luffy!!)
    *Zoro runs to the opposite direction of the pool*
    Zoro: S-shut up! I'm know where's the pool!!
    *Zoro runs even faster and FURTHER away from the pool*
    Nami: Why do we even bother....
    Usopp: Chopper, looks like it's up to us!
    Chopper: Alright!
    *Chopper pulls out one rumble Ball from his pocket*
    Chopper: *chomp*! 3 minutes starting NOW!!
    Usopp: I'll be right behind you!
    *Usopp's hiding behind a pillar far away from Chopper*
    Usopp: I'll provide support from behind here..... Chopper just trust me and run!
    *Chopper looks into Usopp's eyes*
    Chopper: Alright! Walk Point!!
    *Chopper starts running towards the pool*
    Usopp: Good Chopper!! Just keep running and I'll...... pray for your safe return
    Nami: *crack*
    *Nami kicks Usopp*
    Usopp: Wuahhhh!!!!! Chopper!!
    Chopper: Em?
    *Usopp somersaults on to Chopper's back*
    Usopp: Let's do it!! (He said this while crying)
    Chopper: Right! Hang on!
    *Chopper runs faster*
    Usopp: We're almost there!!
    Chopper: Hahahahha-- Gah!
    Usopp: CHOPPER??!!?
    Cabaji: Hee hee hee.....
    *Cabaji had thrown some of his spinning tops at Chopper*
    Usopp: CHOPPER!!
    *Chopper falls down along with Usopp*
    Usopp: Oof!!
    Chopper: Ah...ah....
    Usopp: Chopper!! You alright buddy?
    *Chopper tranforms back into his regular form*
    Chopper: Hah.... sorry Usopp, I... I
    Usopp: Just rest Chopper, as long as you like....
    *Usopp pulls out his slingshot and points it to Cabaji*
    Usopp: He just wanted to save his friend.....
    Cabaji: Heh!!
    Usopp: Usopp Tamago Boshi!!! (Egg Star)
    *Cabaji cuts the egg in half*
    Cabaji: Hmph!!
    Usopp: I have no other choice!!
    *Usopp runs at Cabaji*
    Usopp: AHHHHH!!!!
    *Cabaji gets ready*
    Usopp: AHHHHHH!!!!
    *Usopp runs past Cabaji*
    Usopp: RUN AWAY!!!!
    Cabaji: DAMN YOU!!!!
    *Cabaji cycles after Usopp*
    Usopp: Wuaahhhh~! Mother! Father! Brother! Uncle! Auntie! Sister! Grandpa!! Grandma!!! HELP!!!
    *Zoro heard Usopp screaming*
    Zoro: What the--
    Nami: Zoro!! Just run STRAIGHT at Cabaji and cut STRAIGHT at him then turn LEFT and run STRAIGHT towards the little shiny blue thing which most people call 'THE POOL'!!!!!!
    Zoro: I KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!
    Usopp: ZORO!! Hurry!!!
    *Cabaji caught Usopp*
    Cabaji: Got ya'!!
    Usopp: Hee hee hee!! Are you sure ya caught the right person?
    Cabaji: ?
    Usopp: Look!
    *Cabaji looks in the direction Usopp was pointing*
    Cabaji: WHAT THE??!
    *Chopper is running towards the pool*
    Cabaji: How can he recover so fast?
    Usopp: Hee hee! Tricked you!
    *Chooper remembers what Usopp asked him to do*
    Chopper: (Chopper: Wuah! Spinning tops!!)
    (Usopp: Don't worry I'll handle them!)
    *Usopp shot some small leads stars at the tops before they touched Chopper within an inch*
    Chopper: (Usopp: Chopper pretend you're hurt, I'll distract him while you make a run for it!)
    (Chopper: Alright!)
    (Usopp: Hang on, I'll put some ketchup on you to make it look more real)
    Usopp: Hee hee hee!! You've been tricked so easily!!
    Cabaji: Damn you! DIE!!
    Usopp: WUAHHH!!!
    Zoro: ONI--
    Cabaji: Huh?
    Zoro: --GIRI!!! (Ghost Slash)
    Cabaji: Damn..... it!!
    Zoro and Usopp: Hee hee
    *Chopper reaches the pool*
    Chopper: Hang on Luffy, we're coming...
    *Luffy's body is still floating deep within the pool*

    [To Be Continued]
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    Part 10

    Chopper: LUFFY!!!
    *Luffy remains lifeless*
    Usopp: Damn it! We gotta hurry!
    Zoro: Got it!
    *Usopp and Zoro runs in diffirent directions*
    Usopp: The pool is this way, Zoro!!
    Zoro: I-I know that!!
    *Zoro runs after Usopp*
    Sanji: (That's it guys, keep going... while I FLIRT WITH THIS LADY! )
    Sanji: LADY!!
    Buggy: ENOUGH!!! Bara-bara HOU!! (Cannon)
    *Sanji dodges the attack*
    Sanji: Quit bugging me, clown!!
    *Sanji aims for Buggy's head*
    Buggy: Hmph!
    Sanji: ??!!!??
    *Sanji got stabbed from behind*
    Sanji: Crap! I fell for it again!
    Buggy: Gahahahahahha!!!
    Sanji: Hee hee hee....
    Buggy: What's so funny?
    Sanji: Ya think we're THAT weak?
    Buggy: Huh....?
    Sanji: We only wanted the captain to finish you off...
    *Buggy looks at the direction of the pool*
    Buggy: (OH CRAP!!! The brat's friend are already at the pool!!!)
    *Buggy throws Sanji aside and flys towards them* (Can he fly? I seen him float but not fly)
    Sanji: Oh no you don't!!!
    *Sanji leaped in front of Buggy*
    Buggy: Hah! I know your weakness.... ALVIDA, take him!!
    Alvida: Hee hee hee...
    *Sanji leaps with joy overhearing this*
    Sanji: LADY!!
    Buggy: Keep him busy! Hee hee hee!!
    *Usopp and Zoro reaches the pool and met up with Chopper*
    Usopp: Chopper! How's Luffy?
    Chopper: He's still alive... I think... I'm gonna prepare my medicine while you guys get him..
    Zoro: You mean 'One of you'....
    Chopper: Huh?
    Zoro: One of us has to stay here and protect Chopper cuz.... we got company!
    *Usopp and Chopper turns their head to see an angry Buggy*
    Buggy: GAHHHH!!!!!!
    Usopp and Chopper: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!&#33 ;
    Zoro: I'll go get Luffy!!! You take care of Buggy!
    Usopp: WHAT??!!! Why ME??
    Zoro: I can swim a lot faster than you and Luffy needs to be rescued as soon as possible!
    Usopp: F-fine!!!
    *Zoro dives in*
    *Buggy stops right in front of them*
    Usopp: H-hahhaahaha!! Y-you can't win now, you c-can't swim.. h-hahahahah....
    Buggy: True! But he can......
    *Buggy points to his new crewmember*
    Usopp: Oh shit.......

    [To Be Continued] Usopp: ZORO!!! HURRY!!!!
    A Quest For Treasure Will Unite Them All: ONE PIECE

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    Part 11

    Usopp: Where'd you get him!??
    Chopper: Yeah!!
    *A young and handsome merman stood before them*
    Nami: W-wow... I never seen a handsome merman before....
    Robin: He's quite attractive.....
    Sanji: HELL NO!!
    Merman: Hee hee... I'm not that handsome but thank you....
    Buggy: This is the Grand Line.... ya can get almost everything here...
    Merman: Yo, name's Jakabai
    Usopp: Jakabai??!!
    Chopper: Ya know him, Usopp?
    Usopp: If I'm not mistaken, there's a small merman village nearby here and their most powerful fighter is Jakabai... he was trained personally by Jinbei, The king of all merman and mermaid...
    Chopper: What??!! I thought Arlong was Jinbei's most powerful man....
    Usopp: Arlong was only his General.... Jakabai was like a son to Jinbei...
    Buggy: Enough talk! Jakabai, get Roronoa!!!
    Jakabai: Haha... Alright...
    *Jakabai leaps towards the pool*
    Usopp: I don't think so!!
    *Usopp jumps at him*
    Jakabai: Hee hee....
    *Jakabai grabs Usopp by the neck and throws him aside*
    Usopp: Wuah!!
    Chopper: USOPP!!
    Jakabai: Hahaha... sorry bout' that...
    *Jakabai dives into the pool*
    Chopper: Shoot!!
    *Zoro swims as fast as he could towards Luffy's lifeless body*
    Zoro: (Hang on Luffy!)
    *Jakabai appears right in front of Zoro*
    Zoro: (WHAT THE--??!! WHERE'D HE COME FROM?)
    Jakabai: Hahahaha.... my name's Jakabai, nice to meet you...
    *Zoro pushes him aside and continues swimming towards Luffy*
    Jakabai: Well that was rude... I think I should teach him a few manners....
    *Jakabai disappears and reappear right in front of Zoiro again*
    Zoro: (Crap! He's too fast!)
    *Jakabai gives Zoro a pleasent smile, and gives a swift kick at Zoro's chest*
    Zoro: (T-that's one powerful kick... similar to that screwy eyebrow)
    Jakabai: Bye bye baby boy....
    *Jakabai kicks Zoro again and this time Zoro flew outta the pool*
    Zoro: Gah!!!
    *Jakabai appears in front of Zoro again*
    Zoro: What the--??!!
    Jakabai: It doesn't matter whenther I'm under the water or above it... my skills are still the same....
    *Jakabai kicks Zoro to the ground*
    Zoro: D-dammit... (He's really good)
    Jakabai: Hee hee hee....
    Zoro: (I gotta save Luffy!! But looks like I have to deal with him first!!)
    Zoro: Santoryu.... Oni GIRI!! (Ghost Slash)
    *Jakabai smiles*
    *Zoro runs at high speed towards Jabakai, and Jakabai held Zoro's arms before he could cut him)
    Zoro: HUH??!!
    Jabakai: Not bad... for a human....
    Zoro: Santoryu.... Tora Gari!!! (Tiger Trap)
    *Jabakai helds THE BLADES WITH HIS BARE HANDS!!!*
    Zoro: ??!!!
    Jabakai: .........
    *Jakabai kicks Zoro away and Zoro broke through a wall*
    Franky: HEY!! I just fixed that dammit!!!!
    *Jakabai throws a few berries at Franky's face*
    Jabakai: Sorry.... miserable human
    *Franky gets angry*
    Robin: Sometimes wrong....
    Nami: Yeah.... I noticed....
    *Jabakai face changes a little bit*
    Robin: A few minutes back, he was so polite now... he's becoming more... rude..
    Nami: Yeah......
    *Zoro leaps outta the wall he broke into*
    Zoro: (I cannot let my guard down for a second... he's really good..)
    *Jabakai washes his bloody hands*
    Jabakai: Ready to die?
    *Zoro puts the third sword into his mouth*
    Zoro: Since the day I was born....

    [To Be Continued]
    A Quest For Treasure Will Unite Them All: ONE PIECE

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    Part 12

    Zoro: (He's no ordinary merman... he's slighty stronger than Arlong....)
    Jakabai: Stop wasting my time... you come here, or I go there....
    Zoro: Santoryu... Oni Giri!! (Ghost Slash)
    Jakabai: *Sigh*
    *Zoro runs towards Jakabai and dissapears right before his swords touches him*
    Jakabai: ?
    Zoro: Santoryu... Tora Gari!! (Tiger Trap)
    Jakabai: !!???
    *Jakabai turns around to see a flying Zoro heading downwards on him*
    Jakabai: Hmph!!!
    *Jabakai jumps back but Zoro manages to cut his shoulder... a little cut*
    Zoro: Not so fast now, huh?
    *Jakabai's face starts to change again*
    Zoro: (What the-- that's the second time he did that... what's going on?)
    Jakabai: I'm gonna end this real quick...
    Zoro: That's my line you half-human and half-fish freak!
    Jakabai: Screw YOU!!!!!
    *Jakabai leaps forward at Zoro*
    Zoro: Opening! Santoryu... Takanami!!! (Hawk Wave)
    Jabakai: ?!!
    *Jakabai got hit BIG TIME!!!*
    Jabakai: Argh!!
    *Jabakai falls down and flips back up*
    Jabakai: Interesting technique you got there... let me show you something cool....
    Zoro: ?
    *Jakabai walks towards the pool*
    Zoro: (What's he trying to do now?)
    *Jabakai puts his hand into the water*
    Jabakai: ...... WATER SWORD!!
    *Jakabai pulls out a sword made entirely out of water from the pool*
    Zoro: ??!!
    Usopp: WUAHH!!!!!
    Chopper: That's SO COOL!!!!!!!
    Jabakai: Here I come....
    *Jakabai runs at Zoro and leaps up*
    Zoro: Bring it on....
    *Zoro jumps up at Jabakai ready to strike*
    *Jakabai swings his sword at Zoro*
    *Zoro blocks the attack*
    Jakabai: Hee hee....
    Zoro: Huh?
    *The water sword passes through Zoro's sword*
    Zoro: WHAT THE?!!
    *Zoro got a bad cut at his chest*
    Zoro: Argh!!!
    Jabakai: Merman controls water VERY well... do not take us lightly
    Zoro: Damn..... it......
    *Zoro hits the floor*
    Usopp: Z-ZORO!!
    Chopper: This is bad, Zoro got a FULL hit of that attack....
    Zoro: Usopp... hurry...
    Usopp: (Of course!! How could I forget? Luffy!!!)
    *Usopp runs towards the pool*
    Usopp: Chopper, ya done with that medicine yet?
    Chopper: Done! Don't worry about me, just save Luffy!
    *Usopp gives a thumbs up*
    Jakabai: OH NO YOU DON'T!!!
    Usopp: AHHHH~~!!! Wait a second... Usopp Wagomu!!! (Usopp Rubber Band)
    Jakabai: AHHH!!!!
    *Jabakai closes his eye*
    Usopp: (NICE!!!)
    *Usopp dive into the pool*
    Zoro: (Wait a second... WAIT A SECOND..... I think I know what's Jabakai weakness)
    *Zoro stands up*
    Buggy: (Oh crap!! Did Roronoa notice?)
    *Zoro walks towards a shivering Jakabai closing his eye*
    Jakabai: No... rubber band... don't hurt my eye.....
    *Zoro hits him on the head*
    Jabakai: OW!!!
    Jabakai: Why you--!!
    Zoro: (Here goes nothing!!)
    Nami and Jabakai: HUH??!! WHERE??
    *Zoro kicks Jakabai*
    Jabakai: Oof!!
    Zoro: hee hee... WOAH!! SINCE WHEN DID YOU GET HERE?!
    *Zoro sees a VERY angry Nami right in front of him*
    Chopper: I guess money can even boost up her speed.....
    Nami: Zoro.....
    Zoro: (OH CRAP!!!)
    Nami: DAMN YOU!!!!!
    Zoro: YEEOOWWWW!!!!!
    *Zoro flys up... WAY UP!!*
    Sanji: I think I know what's Jakabai's weakness....
    Buggy: HUH?!!
    Sanji: I found it strange why would you want a crewmate stronger than you.. but now I know...
    Buggy: W-what are you talking about?
    Sanji: He is indeed stronger than you... but because you know his weakness, you are somehow better than him...
    *Buggy shivers*
    Sanji: His weakness is...... HE IS FOOLED VERY EASILY!!!!

    [To Be Continued]
    A Quest For Treasure Will Unite Them All: ONE PIECE

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    Part 13

    Sanji: You believe almost everything anyone throws at you, am I right?
    *Jakabai looks confident*
    Jakabai: Heeheehee.....
    Jakabai: Heehee...HAAHAAHAAHAHAHA!!!!
    Jakabai: You're wrong punk!
    *Jakabai jumps at Sanji with his water sword ready*
    Sanji: *smoking calmly*
    Chopper: RUN SANJI!!!!
    *Jabakai's water sword is within an inch away from Sanji's neck*
    Jabakai and Nami: Huh? WHERE???!!
    *Everybody falls*
    Buggy: IDOIT!!!
    Nami: Sanji.....
    *Nami burning with extreme anger*
    Sanji: WOAHH!!! NAMI!! HIT ME!!!!!!!
    Nami: WITH.....
    *Nami's fists swinging upwards*
    Nami:... PLEASURE!!!!
    *Sanji flys up*
    Sanji: AH! Love's is like a river full of happiness....
    Nami: *gasp* *gasp*
    Chopper: (Note to self, NEVER joke with Nami when it comes to money)
    Usopp: (Hang on buddy! You can't die here)
    *Usopp grabs Luffy and starts swimming up*
    Luffy: ...............
    Usopp: (Almost there!)
    *Usopp sees somebody's hand and goes for it*
    Usopp: (Got it!)
    *The hand pulled Usopp and Luffy*
    Usopp: *gasp* AHH!! Fresh air!!! Ah?
    *Usopp sees a VERY angry Buggy*
    Buggy: Got ya!
    Usopp: CRAP!!
    *Buggy throws Usopp away*
    Usopp: Oof!
    *Buggy pulls out a dagger*
    Buggy: Hee hee hee....
    Luffy: ............
    Usopp: AHHH!!! WAKE UP LUFFY!!!!
    Chopper: AHHHH!!!!! (Wait the--)
    Buggy: DIE!!!
    *Buggy thrusts the dagger towards Luffy*
    Chopper: (--THE MEDICINE!!!)
    Chopper: LUFFY!!!!
    *Chopper throws the medicine at Luffy*
    Luffy: Ah?
    Buggy: AHHH!!!!!
    *Luffy grabs the tip of the dagger*
    Buggy: ???!!!!
    Luffy: Ah... MEAT!!!!!!!!!& #33;
    *Yeah... Chopper's medicine was meat*
    *Luffy throws Buggy aside and jumps up to grab the meat*
    Luffy: Gotcha!!
    Nami: LUFFY!!! (Very happy face)
    Robin: Hmm hmm.....
    Sanji: About time......
    Zoro: I'm gonna kill him.....
    Luffy: Hey guys, man... that was a good nap....
    Everybody: W-what?
    Luffy: Huh?
    Usopp: What do you mean 'NAP'?
    Luffy: I've been sleeping ever since Nami was winning at poker.....
    Everybody: HUH!!!???
    Usopp: T-that means
    *Usopp remembers Luffy acting all weird when facing Buggy in battle*
    Zoro: Is it possible?
    Sanji: Maybe.. just maybe....
    Zoro and Sanji: He's been dancing and fighting in his sleep.....
    *Luffy touches the afro*
    Usopp: THAT'S AN AFRO WIG!!!!!!
    Luffy: Ah?
    *Luffy pulls off the afro*
    Luffy: ............
    Luffy: OH MY GOD!! MY HAIR FELL OFF!!!!
    Usopp: I JUST SAID IT'S A WIG!!!!
    Buggy: AHHH!!!!!
    Luffy: ?
    *Buggy jumps at Luffy*
    Buggy: DIE YOU BRAT!!!
    *Luffy grabs Buggy and does a somersault-slam move on him*
    Buggy: Ouch.....
    Luffy: Hm? Whose he?
    *Luffy points at Jakabai*
    Luffy: And why does he look like a seahorse?
    Jakabai: AHH!!!!!!
    *Jakabai swings the water sword at Luffy*
    Chopper: Look out Luffy!!!
    *Luffy catches the tip of the blade with his fingers*
    Jakabai: ???!!!
    Luffy: Hey, I'm Luffy....
    *Luffy smiles*
    Nami: (Luffy.......)
    *Robin walk down the stairs and join in with Nami*
    Robin: It's good to see he's alright.....
    Nami: Yes... now....
    Usopp: Jeez..... finally.... go kick thier ass, Luffy...
    Luffy: Sure thing......
    *Zoro jumps down*
    Zoro: Our match isn't over yet, merman.....
    Jakabai: Hee hee
    Buggy: Bring it on brats.....
    Sanji: Aren't you forgetting someone?
    *Sanji jumps down to join his friends*
    Sanji: I'll take him, Zoro... you're hurt pretty bad.... besides... you took enough of the spotlight already......
    Zoro: Hmph!!
    *Franky moves in*
    Franky: Already! Ladies and gentlemen, ARE YOU READY??!!!!
    Everybody: YEAHHH!!!!!!!
    *Luffy looks around*
    Luffy: Hee hee hee...
    Sanji: It's a curse being this handsome....
    Zoro: Anyone who looks like you is definitely cursed.....
    Buggy: HEY!! DON'T IGNORE US!!!!!
    Zoro: I take that back... anyone who looks like HIM is cursed....
    Sanji: Ha ha.....
    Jabakai: Let's get this going....
    *They all face each other*
    Franky: Straw-hats Vs. Buggy.... Ready......
    *Luffy looks at Nami and smiles*
    Franky: .... GO!!!!!!

    [To Be Continued]
    A Quest For Treasure Will Unite Them All: ONE PIECE

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    Part 14

    Zoro: I took him on first, Sanji... I have to defeat him no matter what...
    Sanji: Sheesh... you're right... BUT who am I gonna fight then?
    *Mohji and Cabaji appears*
    Sanji: GET LOST YOU FREAKS!!!!!!!
    Mohji and Cabaji: Ahhhhh~~~
    Sanji: Geez.... anyone else STRONGER?
    Alvida: Hmm hmm, me.....
    Sanji: :LADY!!!!!
    Luffy: Eh? You look familiar.....
    Alvida: OH!! You do remember me, how sweet....
    Luffy: OH CRAP! Buggy, what did you do to your nose?
    Buggy: I'M BUGGY!!!!
    Luffy: ALVIDA!!!!!!
    Zoro: (Hahaha.... THIS is our beloved captain...)
    *Jakabai moves in*
    Luffy: Hmm?
    Jakabai: Water hose!!!
    *Jakabai shoots out a beam of water*
    Luffy: Water? What's that gonna do?
    *The water attack missed Luffy*
    *The water attack has an impact of a cannon*
    Franky: *sniff* I just fixed this place up dammit........
    Luffy: COOL!!!!!!!
    Jabakai: Isn't it?
    Luffy: I can do that too.....
    Jakabai: Really?
    Luffy: Yeah, check this....
    *Luffy walks towards the pool*
    Luffy: *glug* *glug* *glug*
    Robin: (Isn't that...)
    *Everybody stares at Luffy*
    *Luffy puts down one arm at a time*
    Luffy: WATER LUFFY!!!!!!
    Robin: (Yep... it's the very same technique he used against Crocodile...)
    Luffy: LET'S GET IT ON!!!
    Luffy: Now, I can do that technique too.....
    *Luffy inhales*
    Zoro: A bad omen......
    Sanji: I'm writing my will now.......
    Jakabai: Hee hee...
    *Jakabai inhales*
    Luffy: ..............
    Jakabai: ............
    Luffy: Gomo-Gomo-no.......
    Jakabai: WATER.......
    Zoro and Sanji: Run......
    Luffy: .... WATER RAGE!!!!!
    Jakabai: ....HOSE!!!!
    *Both water meet each other*
    Luffy: *blub* *blub* *blub*
    Jabakai: *blub* *blub* blub*
    Zoro: Our captain just has no limit does he?
    Sanji: Nope.......
    Usopp: Wow.....
    Chopper: LUFFY IS SOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!
    *Jakabai's water is cuttting out Luffy's water*
    Luffy: ?
    Jakabai: (Hee hee hee... I admire your determination, but there's no way you can beat ANY merman when it comes to water...)
    *Luffy's stomach is getting smaller*
    Sanji: (Shit... if Luffy doesn't turn the tables now that water beam gonna go through him...)
    Luffy: *blub* *blub* *blub*
    *Luffy ran outta water*
    Luffy: Oh man!!
    Jakabai: *blub* *blub* *blub*
    Luffy: Gotta dodge it!!!
    *Jakabai's attack manages to cut through Luffy's right arm a bit*
    Luffy: Gah!
    *The water attack blasted through the wall clean*
    Luffy: Woah.....
    *Luffy touches his right arm and smiles*
    Luffy: ...again
    Jabakai: Huh?
    Luffy: Let's do that again.....
    Nami: *gasp*
    Usopp: Oh man......
    Zoro: Must he always show off?
    *Luffy walks towards the pool agian to refill himself*
    Jakabai: (This time you won't be so lucky.......)
    *Jakabai inhales deeper than before*
    Luffy: WATER LUFFY!!!!
    Jakabai: WATER--
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no..........
    Nami: (Please.........)
    Zoro: Do it, man......
    Luffy: WATER RAGE!!!!!
    Jakabai: HOSE!!!!!
    *Both water meet again*
    Luffy: *blub* *blub* *blub*
    *Luffy stops shooting*
    Usopp: WHAT THE???!!!
    *Jakabai's water rushes in Luffy's direction*
    Nami: RUN!!!!!!!!
    Luffy: No......
    *Luffy smiles*
    Luffy: ...if I fail and die here, that's just how it's gonna be.....
    Jakabai: (He's very brave...)
    *Jakabai's water is within a few feet away from Luffy*
    All Straw-Hats: LUFFY!!!!!!!
    *BANG!!!!!!!!! !*

    [To Be Continued]
    A Quest For Treasure Will Unite Them All: ONE PIECE

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    Part 15

    *The water attack hit Luffy with a full effect*
    Usopp: NOOOOO!!!!!!
    Nami: I can't believe he got hit.....
    Jakabai: (Fool.....)
    Sanji: Hm?
    Sanji: Hey guys, take a closer look.....
    *All Straw-hats looks up*
    Zoro: WHAT THE HELL???
    *Luffy is trying to swallow Jakabai's water attack*
    Jakabai: (HUH???!!)
    Luffy: *glug* *glug* *glug*
    Robin: (His attack could easily go through a wall and Luffy is having no problem swallowing it... incredible....)
    Jakabai: (Is he even human?)
    *Jakabai run outta breath*
    Jakabai: (OH CRAP!!!!!!)
    Luffy: Hee hee.... my turn!
    *Luffy inhales and shoots out a water beam more faster than Jakabai's *
    Jakabai: ??!!!
    Luffy: *blub* *blub* *blub*
    Sanji: (What a crazy guy....)
    Jakabai: NOOO!!!!!
    *Jakabai flys up and coughs out blood*
    Jakabai: Gah.... impossible.....
    Luffy: Wah.... I thought I was gonna die from taking in his attack by mouth... Hahahahaha....
    *Buggy and the rest of his crew watches Luffy with amazement*
    Mohji: AHHH!!!! He defeated Jakabai with ONE SHOT!!!
    Alvida: I knew it! Luffy is the man for me!!
    Buggy: Woah there, Jakabai isn't finished yet.... AND SO AM I!!!!!!
    *Buggy jumps at Luffy*
    Buggy: Bara-bara FESTIVAL!!!!!!!
    Nami: (That technique again!!!!)
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no GATTLING GUN!!! Wayyayayayayayayaya!!!!!!
    *Luffy hits EVERY single one of Buggy's body parts*
    Buggy: Gah!! Oww!!!
    *Buggy hits the floor hard and is K.O!!!!!!!!!!!*
    Franky: Buggy IS DOWN!!!!!!!
    Buggy: But.... not Jakabai......
    Franky: Huh?
    Luffy: He's coming......
    Nami: Huh?
    Robin: He very angry.....
    Sanji: I'm gonna get the hot sauce ready......
    Usopp: Will he even taste good?
    Sanji: Who do you think am I? I'm the world's greatest chef.... none of my dishes suck....
    Jakabai: CUT THE CRAP!!!!!!!!
    *Jakabai gets up and his face has completely changed*
    Luffy: ...........
    *Nami shivers along with Chopper and Usopp*
    Jakabai: I'm gonna kill you.......
    Luffy: Woi Sanji, think he'll taste good?
    Sanji: Ya gotta tenderise him real good so his meat will be soft...
    Luffy: Got it....
    *Luffy cracks his knuckles*
    Jakabai: Heehehehe... kill....hahahaha....
    Zoro: (He's not the same person as he was before!! )
    Sanji: I'll get everything ready......
    Luffy: Ok! Geheheehehee.......
    Robin: Something's wrong here......
    Nami: Yeah..... he's.. he's really scary now
    Jakabai: YEAAHHHHHHHH~~~!!!!!!!
    *The whole place shook and everybody can feel his anger*
    Franky: Ho-holy shit.... he's gone berserk....
    *Jakabai dissapears*
    Luffy: !!!!!!
    *Jakabai reappears behind Luffy and grabs him*
    Luffy: W-woah!!
    Jakabai: AHHHHHHHHHH~~~~!!!!!!!
    *Jakabai throws Luffy at the nearest wall*
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no BALLOON!!!!
    *Luffy bounches off the wall*
    Jakabai: Hmph!
    Luffy: Hee hee...
    Jabakai: I'm gonna show you a world of pain... heeheeheeHAHAAHAHAAH!!!!!
    *Chopper shivers and Nami hugs him*
    Nami: D-don't worry Chopper, Luffy can handle him.....
    Chopper: Wu....wu......
    Sanji: (I never felt this kind of power before... Luffy better not goof around too much)
    Luffy: HEY! Stop laughing like an idoit, you're scaring my friends.....
    Jakabai: Heeheeehee.....kill....
    Franky: *ahem* Luffy Vs. Jabakai..... READY.....
    *Luffy smilies at the gang*
    Franky: FIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    [To Be Continued]
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    Part 16

    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no PISTOL!!! (Pistol)
    *Jakabai catches Luffy's hand*
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no ROCKETO!! (Rocket)
    Jakabai: ??!!!
    *Luffy zooms in into Jakabai*
    Jakabai: Heehehehee.....
    *Jakabai took out a bottle of water with his free hand and drinks it*
    Luffy: Huh?
    Sanji: He's gonna--
    Jakabai: WATER HOSE!!!!!
    *Jakabai shoots*
    Luffy: Wuahhh~~!!
    *Luffy tries to pull back his hand but Jakabai keeps a tight grip on it*
    Luffy: Oh crap!!
    Nami: Luffy!!!
    Usopp: Wuahhh~~!!!
    Luffy: Wait a sec!!
    *Luffy kicks the ground and changes the direction of his attack dodging the water attack at the same time*
    Luffy: Time to go back!
    *Luffy hits a nearby wall and jumps back at Jakabai*
    Zoro: Luffy's hand is still under Jakabai's control.... if I'm of what Jakabai is going to do next, Luffy in deep trouble....
    Chopper: What do you mean?
    Usopp: Hey guys, doesn't Jakabai reminds you of someone?
    Nami: Arlong.... When he became mad he was exactly like Jakabai now... mad and strong....
    Nami: (Arlong....)
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no ROCKETO!! (Rocket)
    Jakabai: Heeheheeheee...
    *Jakabai looks at Luffy's hand*
    Luffy: ?!!
    Zoro: (Shit! He's not gonna--)
    *Jakabai opens his mouth and gets ready to eat Luffy's captured hand*
    Luffy: WUAHH!!!! HEY!!
    Jakabai: EAT!!! HAHAHAA!!!!
    *Luffy pulls himself faster*
    Jakabai: Gah!!
    *Luffy gives a headbutt right into Jakabai's stomach*
    *Jakabai lets go of Luffy's hand*
    Luffy: WUAH!! My hand!!!
    *Luffy holds his hand and smiles*
    Luffy: Phew..... I don't think I taste good at all......
    Sanji: Wei, Luffy... hurry up with that merman meat.
    Luffy: I know, I know... but this fish won't come to me...
    Zoro: Maybe you should use some bait to lure him.....
    Luffy: Bait?
    *Luffy, Zoro and Sanji looks at Usopp*
    Usopp: SCREW YOU GUYS!!!!!
    Usopp: Why don't we use him instead?
    *Usopp points to Franky*
    Sanji: Ok! Hang on....
    *Sanji leaps and kicks Franky on the head*
    Franky: Ohh....
    *Franky hits the floor*
    Sanji: Here's the fishing rod and a bait... go get him now....
    Luffy: Ok!
    Jakabai: WUAHHHH!!!!!!!!&#3 3;!
    *Jakabai runs at them*
    Luffy: Fishing rod GO!!!!
    *Jakabai leaps at Franky*
    Franky: Ooh.. my head... what happened.. where am I? What the HELL~~ IS THAT?!?!?!!
    Jakabai: AHHHH!!!!!! EAT!!!!
    Franky: EAT THIS YOU FREAK!!!!
    *Franky shoots his hand at Jakabai*
    Jakabai: Argh!!!
    *Jakabai hits the pool*
    Franky: *puff* *puff*... YOU BASTARDS!!! YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN ME KILLED!! @$#%!!!!!
    Sanji: Hmm... this bait is rather stubborn... he scared the fish away....
    Franky: I AIN'T NO BAIT!!!
    Jakabai: SHARK ON DARTS!!!!!
    Sanji: Isn't that Arlong's technique??!!!
    Zoro: LOOK OUT!!
    *Everybody jumps outta the way*
    Jakabai: This 'common' technique is known to all merman, foolish humans....
    Zoro: (What the-- his anger aura has decreased greatly... he's not going berserk and screaming anymore...)
    Sanji: Something's not right... it's like we're facing two persons in one body....
    Luffy: Yeah....
    Jakabai: Can ya stop me?
    Luffy: Why not?
    Jakabai: Don't take me lightly... Arlong was nothing but a fly to me... allow me to show you the true version of Shark On Darts.....
    Luffy: Ok then, show me.... I'm not gonna lose to you because I'm the future Pirate King...
    Jakabai: You talk big.....
    Jakabai: Shark On.....
    *Luffy gets ready to dodge the attack*
    Jakabai: ... DARTS!!!!!!
    *Luffy jumped out of the way*
    Usopp: HA HA!! YOU MISSED!!!
    *Jakabai flew upwards at Luffy*
    Luffy: !!!!!
    *Jakabai hit Luffy*
    Luffy: OUCH!!!
    *In mid-air Jakabai changed direction and felw towards Luffy again*
    Usopp: WHAT THE!!!???
    Zoro: It's like he's using attacking Luffy underwater....
    Chopper: He's really good... it seems that he can control the air around him.....
    Jakabai: Bingo!!!!
    *Luffy hits the floor and flips back up*
    Jakabai: The normal Shark On Darts is preformed by jumping straight at your opponent and jump again to hit that same opponent agian but if any merman wanted to use the Shark On Darts I did just now... they can only do it underwater....... however some strong mermans like me for example... can somehow feel the water around us... and sometimes we don't.. cool huh? It's alright to be jealous of me..... I understand
    Luffy: What are you talking about? You are stupid?
    Jabakai: SHUT UP!!!!!
    Sanji: He brags too much....
    Zoro: Yeah....
    Jakabai: I shall show you the true meaning of 'pain' and 'fear'....
    Sanji: Not if I can help it....
    Jakabai: Shark On DARTS!!!!
    Luffy: HMPH! I CAN DO THAT TOO!!!

    [To Be Continued]
    A Quest For Treasure Will Unite Them All: ONE PIECE

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    Part 17

    *Jakabai speeds towards Luffy*
    Luffy: .............
    Sanji: (Jakabai has two personalities.... but if what I think is right then, then..........)
    Luffy: ............
    *Luffy falls asleep*
    Usopp: WAKE UP LUFFY!!!!!!
    Luffy: Ah?
    Jakabai: Haaahahahahaha!!! It's too late!!
    *Luffy punches Jakabai down just like he did to Bellamy*
    Jakabai: Oooohhh.... NOW you done it......!!!!!
    Luffy: ?
    Zoro: (Shoot! His aura....!!!)
    *Jakabai goes berserk again*
    Jakabai: YYYYEEEEEAHHHHHHHHHH~~~~!!!!!& #33;!!!!
    *Everybody shivers*
    Franky: Oh man... not HIM again.....
    *Jakabai performs a more faster Shark on Darts*
    Nami: That's fast!!
    Luffy: THAT'S SO COOL!!!
    Sanji: (I guess I gotta try it...)
    Sanji: *inhale*
    Jakabai: YYEEEAAAAHHHHHH~~~~!!!!
    *Luffy gets ready*
    Luffy and Jakabai: WHERE??!!!
    Nami: H-huh?
    Usopp: I thought in his anger mode he's invincible or something...
    Sanji: He didn't have that kind anger aura in the very first place... well.. not like Arlong's one...
    Zoro: It's because of his weakness, he decides to act crazy to scare his opponent in order to cover it up..
    Usopp: So... all that screaming was to throw us off....
    Sanji: I noticed while Jakabai was fighting Mr. Cactus, he kept trying to change his face....
    Usopp: Wasn't that because he starting to lose his temper or something?
    Zoro: No... he was practicing to change his appearance completely.....
    Sanji: It's a common technique known to all tough guys like me....
    Zoro: You mean ME?!!
    Sanji: You're tough? Hah! I cook guys like you for breakfast...
    Usopp: Will you guys tell us whats's the technique already??!!
    Zoro and Sanji: ......... It's called.....
    *Zoro and Sanji gives off some weird heat out of their body like Jakabai did*
    Zoro and Sanji: ... KILLER FACE!!!!!
    *Zoro and Sanji gives a murderous looks at Usopp*
    Usopp: Wuahhhhh~~!!!!!
    Chopper: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!&#33 ;
    Zoro: You kill your opponent's movement with this technique....
    Sanji: Giving the user enough time to take a advantage of his opponent once he's stunned by the technique..
    Usopp: Such a scary technique....
    Chooper: Y-yeah....
    Nami and Robin: ahem......
    *EVERYBODY including Luffy and Jakabai look at them*
    Nami and Robin: KILLER FACE!!!
    Everybody: WUAAHHHHHH~~~!!!!!!!&# 33;
    Luffy: M-monster!!!!
    Jakabai: WOMEN ARE SCARY!!!!!!!!!
    *BANG!!!!!!!!! !*
    *Nami punches Luffy up*
    Jakabai: S-shit.... see, THIS is why I don't get involved with women.... a women wrath is worth TEN times of hell...... even the most purest maiden may become the most terrifiying monster once you pissed her off....
    Sanji: No matter, whenther Nami-san and Robin-chan are devils, I shall love them forever
    Zoro: Screwy-eyebrow.....
    *Luffy lands hard*
    Luffy: Ouch....
    Jakabai: HA!! YES!! You're correct!! It's because I am easily fooled I chose to perfect this technique in order to cover it up but I was sure it wouldn't last long against you guys....
    Luffy: Everybody.....
    *Everybody looks at Luffy*
    Luffy: Don't interfere with our fight... if I defeat Jakabai because of his weakness I cannot call this my victory...... I HAVE TO DEFEAT HIM WITH MY OWN HANDS!!!!!!!!! !!
    Jakabai: Kid......
    Nami: Luffy......
    *Usopp, Chopper, and Franky cries*
    Usopp: Yes.. yes.... THIS IS A MAN'S FIGHT!!!!
    Chopper: LUFFY IS SO COOL!!!!!!
    Franky: (He's got a strong sence of honor for other people..... it's really hard to find people like him nowadays....)
    Luffy: Shall we continue?
    Jakabai: Yes.... I shall use all my strength now.... I do not wish to waste anymore time
    Luffy: Hee hee....
    Jakabai: ..............
    Luffy: .............
    Nami: W-what's going on?
    Zoro: They're gonna end this really soon....
    Sanji: We better be prepared for the worst......
    Nami: ......... Luffy... please live.....
    Usopp: .............
    Nami: .... I want more treasure...
    *Everybody falls*
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no......
    Jakabai: Shark... ONNN.... DARTS!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
    *Jakabai flys at Luffy*
    Luffy: ..... PISTOL!!! (Pistol)
    *Luffy's hand and Jakabai's head meet head on*
    Everybody: LLLUUUFFFYYY!!!!!!!&#3 3;!!

    [To Be Continued]
    A Quest For Treasure Will Unite Them All: ONE PIECE

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    Part 18

    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no PISTOL!! (Pistol)
    Jakabai: Shark On Darts!!!
    *Both Luffy and Jakabai's attack meet head on*
    Luffy: Arghhhhhhh~~~~!!!!!!!!!
    Jakabai: Arrgghhhh~~~~~!!!!!!!!
    Usopp: W-woah........
    *Luffy's hand starts to come back*
    Zoro: (He can't hold on!!)
    Luffy: Woah! Gomo-gomo-no Shotto!!!! (Shot Gun... I think..)
    *This time, Luffy's attack overpowers Jakabai's*
    Jakabai: Gah!!
    *Jakabai lands on the floor and gets ready to strike back*
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no....
    *Luffy vanishes*
    Jakabai: ?!??!?!
    Zoro: What the--!!??
    Nami: Since when could he do that??!!
    *Luffy reappears behind Jakabai, who noticed in the nick of time*
    Luffy:.... RAIFURU!!!!! (Rifle)
    *Jakabai catches Luffy's hand in time*
    *Using the technique on himself Luffy spins at Jakabai*
    Jakabai: (He's fast!!)
    *Luffy hits Jakabai HARD!!*
    Robin: (Luffy's speed has improved a lot after defeating Lucci...)
    *Jakabai stays stunned*
    Luffy: Time to finish this... Gomo-gomo-no..... STAMPU!!!! (Stamp)
    *Jakabai catches his foot*
    Luffy: Hee hee....
    *Luffy speeds towards Jakabai with the support of his captured foot*
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no BAZOOKA!!!!! (Bazooka)
    *Luffy hits Jakabai with a full effect*
    Jakabai: ......... (I can't believe it.... I.... I.....)
    *Jakabai hits the wall hard*
    Jakabai: (... lost)
    *Luffy smiles*
    Everybody: YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Buggy's crew: AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mohji: He defeated both the captain and Jakabai!!!!!
    Alvida: Luffy's my MAN!!!!!!!
    *Jakabai slowly smiles*
    Jakabai: (I don't feel ashamed.. in fact... I feel delighted... delighted that I was able to fight a strong and kind opponent....)
    Buggy: OH BOY!! Retreat!! Don't think this is over yet brat!! I WILL get ONE PIECE and become THE PIRATE KING before you!!
    Luffy: Idiot! I'm the Pirate King!
    *Buggy gives Luffy one of his twisted smile and runs away while dragging Jakabai with him*
    Buggy: Bastard...
    *Luffy's crew runs to him*
    Usopp: HAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!
    Chopper: LUFFY WON!!!!!!
    Sanji: Make it faster next time bastard!!
    Zoro: Don't take all the credit next time or I won't become stronger....
    Robin: Hmmhmmhmm....
    Nami: Luffy.....
    Luffy: Em?
    *Nami walks to Luffy and give Luffy his hat*
    Nami: Your hat...
    Luffy: OH! HAT!! Welocme back!!
    Usopp: Ya left back at the dressing room while you changing into that Afro costume....
    Luffy: Hahaahah... thanks guys..
    Nami: Well, everything's done no--
    Franky: HELLL NOO!!!!!!
    Luffy: ??!!
    Franky: Because of you guys, this place is busted up! You're gonna have to pay for this!!!!
    Nami: But we have no money!!
    *Nami shoves all the money she won into her purse*
    Nami: Really.. we don't!
    *Luffy takes nami's purse away and gives Franky ALL THE MONEY SHE WON*
    Nami: Ah.. ah... ah....
    Luffy: Here's your money....
    Franky: HOO-BOY!! There must be at least 200 million berries here!!!!!!!
    Nami: *sniff* *sniff*.. there's 250 million berries in there...
    Robin: Now.. now... it's for a good cause right?
    Nami: Anything that has to do with MY MONEY is not a good cause!!
    Sanji: Nami-san.. I can get you 100 million berries now you know...
    Nami: REALLY??!!! HOW??!!
    *Sanji puts Luffy in chains*
    Sanji: Give him to the Marines.....
    Luffy: H-hey! Let me go Sanji....
    Paulie: Hey enough guys.. let him go....
    *Sanji lets Luffy go*
    Luffy: Phew.. so what now?
    Usopp: How about we celebrate for Luffy's victory?
    Robin: A wonderful idea..
    Sanji: I like that!!
    Nami: I'm in!
    Zoro: As long there's drinks....
    Chopper: Wuuu~~~!!! PARTY!!!!
    *Franky turns to everybody*
    Franky: Not bad.... WHAT DO YOU GUYS SAY??
    *Everybody screams with delight*
    Zoro: Looks like they wanna party with us too....
    Sanji: Beautiful ladies.....
    Usopp: LET'S PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Everyone hits the dance floor*
    Luffy: HAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
    Luffy: (Wait for me Shanks... the Pirate King is gonna be ME!!!)
    *Luffy throws his straw hat up and catches it again*


    But definitely not the end for my imagination... so I guess I'll be putting another story out soon... I hope you all have enjoyed this little Arc of mine...
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    This is my current Arc... and my third work. This time THE WHOLE STRAW-HAT GAND IS HERE!!

    Nami's Nightmare, Return Of The Black Cat* (Part 1)
    *Nami is in the middle of darkness*
    Nami: W-where am I?
    *Luffy appears in front of her*
    Nami: (Luffy?)
    Luffy: NAMI!!! LOOK OUT!!!
    *Luffy pushes Nami away*
    Nami: Ah!
    Luffy: GAH!!
    *Someone stabs Luffy and Luffy starts to fade*
    Nami: LLLUUFFFYY!!!!!!
    *Nami wakes up*
    Nami: AHHHHHH~~~!!!!
    Nami and Luffy made head contact hard*
    Luffy: Oww! What's up, Nami? You were yelling....
    Nami: *gasping quickly*
    *Nami looks around to see all her friends worried of her*
    Robin: Did you have a nightmare?
    Nami: ..............
    Chopper: I don't think now it's not the time to question her...
    Sanji: Agreed! I'll get ready some hot chocolate for everyone...
    Zoro: yawn...... it's still night time and I'm up... this ain't right...
    Usopp: I had the best dream that I was captain...
    Chopper: Aren't you the captain already?
    *Usopp starts to flex his 'manly' body*
    Usopp: Yeah..... join me guys!
    *Luffy and Chopper joins him and starts flexing all over the place*
    Zoro: Hmph!
    Vivi: Nami... you alright?
    *Nami shivers*
    Nami: Y-yeah...
    Vivi: NO, you're not! You're shivering....
    Zoro: (Hmm? Something's out there...)
    Karu: Kruuuuu.......
    *Karu starts to shiver as well*
    Vivi: What's wrong Karu?
    Chopper: .... He's says something's out there....
    Luffy: Out there?
    *Luffy sticks his head out of the window*
    Luffy: Where?
    *A cloaked figure runs past Luffy*
    Luffy: All I see is some cloaked man running....
    Luffy: Oh!
    Luffy: Gomo-gomo-no... PISTOL!!! (Pistol)
    *The cloaked man vanishes before Luffy fist got the better of him*
    Luffy: Ah?
    Vivi: *gasp* SANJI!! He's still out there!
    Usopp: I'll go get him.....
    *Usopp hides behind a barrel*
    Usopp: ... after you guys!
    Zoro: Geez... that horny chef is not that weak... there's nothing to worry about...
    *Sanji opens the door with a tray*
    Sanji: Alright everyone, here's the hot chocolate..
    Everyone: Phew........
    Zoro: See? He's horny and worthless but he's not weak...
    Sanji: Eh? What's up? Why is everyone so worried?
    Sanji: Ah! Anyway, here's the hot chocolate...
    *Everyone drinks it*
    Sanji: So, what happened Nami-san?
    Nami: I... I don't want to talk about it
    Sanji: Sorry to brought it up.. hey, let's all sleep here tonight...
    Luffy: YAY!!
    *The cloaked man stands on a nearby mountain*
    Cloaked man: Monkey.D.Luffy.... you shall fall this time!!!
    *He pushes up his glasses and smile*

    [To Be Contined]
    A Quest For Treasure Will Unite Them All: ONE PIECE

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