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Thread: My One Piece Story

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    You should do that!

    And I bet that people will love them! :lol:

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    Hopefully yes, in case you're wondering what forums I went into it's the (grandlinecafe.com) if I'm not mistaken....
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    You should do that...yeah.
    It's good publicity!

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    I heard news from Akeisha-chan about the forums and I'm trying to "tell" them about Arlong Park.. to see my plan on how to get them to come here go to "Go to other forums?" thread and let's get this started!
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    P' Cinq


    if there is some1 drawing some pic ,then it's better alot ,like 3 or 4 pic of the fights ,so ,we could understand more ,hehe

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    once again, you have created another wonderful story

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    Usopp and Chopper Double-Team! Tokiya Falls! (Part 9)

    *Tokiya runs at Usopp and Chopper*
    Usopp: He's--!
    Chopper: He's fast!
    *Tokiya runs past them*
    Usopp and Chopper: Eh?
    *Tokiya smiles*
    *Usopp and Chopper got cut right at their chest*
    Usopp and Chopper: ??!!!!
    *Usopp and Chopper falls on their knees*
    Tokiya: I'm disappointed... I thought the son of Yasopp was going to be a lot tougher but it seems that I am wrong....
    *Usopp looks up*
    Tokiya: Yes, me and your father had fought once.... he was extraordinary strong....
    *Tokiya closes his eyes*
    Tokiya: It was a few weeks ago... I can still remember... his technique... his calmness during our battle....
    Usopp: And?
    Tokiya: That's all you'll ever hear from me... If you wish to know more, than defeat me!
    *Usopp slowly gets up*
    Usopp: Chopper, take your time... I'll handle him...
    *Usopp hides behind a rock*
    Usopp: ...... after you....
    Tokiya: Makes no difference to me of whichever one of you fights me... cuz' I'm gonna bust up any of you guys either way... even if you worked together, the result will be the same...
    Usopp: Wanna bet?!
    Chopper: We'll show you our power!
    *Usopp spins his 5-ton hammer all around him*
    Usopp: *(Ready, Chopper?)*
    Chopper: *(Yeah, but we better hurry!!)*
    Usopp: *(Why?)*
    Chopper: *(The Rumble Ball effect can only last another minute!)*
    Usopp: *(Oh man...)*
    Tokiya: Ready or not, here I come!
    *Tokiya runs at them*
    Usopp: Crap! Here he comes!!
    Chopper: We'll just have to wing it then!
    *Usopp jumps up while Chopper goes head to head with Tokiya*
    Chopper: Arm Point!!
    Usopp: Usoppu......
    Tokiya: ...........
    *Usopp gets ready to hit Tokiya*
    Usopp: ... PAUNDO!!!!! (Usopp Pound)
    *Tokiya dissapears and reappears behind Usopp*
    Usopp: ?!?!?!??
    *Tokiya draws his blade and get ready to strike Usopp*
    Chopper: Kokute Roseo!!!
    *Tokiya moves his head dodging the attack*
    Chopper: Dammit.....
    Tokiya: Ya gonna have to try harder than that if you want to beat me....
    *Both Usopp and Tokiya landed on the ground*
    Usopp: (Hmm.... I hope this works!)
    *Usopp quickly pulls out a glove and wears it*
    Usopp: (I must outta my mind!!! )
    Usopp: H-hey! I bet you can't cut me in half!!
    Chopper: ???!!!!
    Tokiya: Hmph! I can easily cut you like a tomato!
    *Tokiya swings his sword at Usopp head*
    Chopper: USOPP! RUN!!!
    *Usopp blocks the sword attack with his glove*
    Tokiya: ...........
    Usopp: I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT!!! (Usopp's crying)
    Tokiya: (It feels like I just hit something that's made out of metal... it must be some chunk of metal hidden in that glove of his....)
    Usopp: Hee hee hee.... w-wanna try that again?
    Tokiya: Glady!
    *Tokiya keeps attacking as Usopp keeps defending*
    Usopp: (Almost there!!)
    *Usopp dodges the last attack*
    Usopp: (It's ready!!)
    *Tokiya grabs Usopp by the shirt*
    Tokiya: Try running away now....
    Usopp: I-I don't intend to run!!!
    Tokiya: Is that so? Well then...
    *Tokiya gets ready to strike*
    Tokiya: ..... die....
    *Chopper moves in from behind*
    Chopper: GOTCHA!
    *Chopper grabs both of Tokiya's arms from behind*
    Tokiya: ??!?!!
    Chopper: Usopp!
    Usopp: Yeah, got it!
    *Usopp runs at Tokiya*
    Usopp: Usoppu.....
    *Usopp places his hand on Tokiya's chest*
    Usopp: Chopper, run now!!!
    *Chopper lets go of Tokiya*
    Chopper: 3 minutes up....
    *Chopper is back to his cute little self*
    Usopp: .... IMPACT!!!!!
    *Usopp's glove explodes as the impact hits Tokiya*
    Tokiya: Gaaaahh!!
    *Both Tokiya and Usopp flys away in different directions*
    *Usopp lands on the ground hard*
    *Tokiya is shot through many trees*
    Usopp: Ha...ha...ha....
    Chopper: We won....
    Tokiya: ...............
    *The Impact Dial rolls around them*
    Usopp: Glad I didn't throw that away too....
    *Usopp picks the Dial up*
    Usopp: Now, I guess we gotta wait for him to get up..
    Chopper: WHAT? He'll kill us when he wakes up!
    Usopp: I want to know about my father, Chopper... besides I don't think he can even scratch us after taking such a powerful impact attack....
    Chopper: I guess so....
    Usopp: I wonder how are the others doing?
    Chopper: Yeah.....
    *Team Usopp and Chopper vs. Tokiya*
    *Team Usopp and Chopper Wins!!!*
    *Team Luffy and Karu*
    Luffy: Oh boy... We're lost.. Hahahahahaha!!!!
    Karu: QUAK!!
    *Team Zoro and Sanji*
    *They just finished beating up a whole bunch of Kuro's men*
    Zoro: That wasn't a challenge...
    Sanji: Yeah.....
    Zoro and Sanji: I, of course did most of the work...
    *Zoro and Sanji looks at each other*
    Zoro and Sanji: Ehh~?!!!
    Sanji: You did most of the work? Ha! You took care of 24, I took care of 25!
    Zoro: No, you took care of 24, I took care of 25!!!!
    Sanji: Ok, so both of us got 25!
    Zoro: How are we gonna decide the winner then?
    *One of Kuro's men gets up*
    Zoro: Whoever gets him, win?
    Sanji: Sounds good...
    Kuro's Man: Oh.....
    *Zoro and Sanji chases after him*
    Kuro Man: NOOOOOO~~!!!!!!!!
    *Kuro's Man runs like the wind*
    *Team Nami, Vivi and Robin*
    Nami: According to the map, we're almost there!
    Vivi: Wonderful!
    Robin: Hmmhmm... I wonder if we'll be the first to get up there..
    *Kuro watches Team Nami, Vivi and Robin from a distance*
    Kuro: Hmmhmm.... everything is going as planned.....
    *Kuro pushes up his glasses*
    Kuro: Just wait what I have installed for you all.... hmmhmhmm....

    [To Be Continued]
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    Come on team luffy and karoo im cheering for you guys!

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    ...damn I love these stories. Can your next work deal with the newly released from prison Baroque Works? But man I love this. Kuro was one of my favorite villians.

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    Luffy Falls, Kuro's New Weapon(Part 10)

    *Usopp and Chopper stares at Tokiya's unconscious body*
    *Usopp spins the Impact Dial*
    Usopp: Heeheehee.... He didn't stand a chance against Captain Usopp and his loyal friend Tony Tony Chopper....
    *Chopper takes out his first-aid kit outta his bag*
    Usopp: I wonder what he knows of my father....
    *Chopper takes out a roll of bandages*
    Chopper: Stand still Usopp...
    *Chopper steps forward*
    *Usopp looks at Chopper's wounded chest and takes a step back*
    Usopp: No... you treat yourself first!
    Chopper: I-I'm fine Usopp. Let me treat you....
    Usopp: No, you first!
    Chopper: I'm a doctor! My patient comes first!
    Usopp: I'm your captain and friend! My crewmates comes first!
    Chopper: No, you!
    Usopp: How's this? While you treat me and I'll treat you
    Chopper:.... Ok...
    *Chopper treats Usopp's right arm while Usopp wraps Chopper's chest with the bandages*
    Usopp and Chopper: Thanks buddy! :D
    *Usopp looks at Tokiya*
    Usopp: ..............
    Usopp: Hey, Chopper....
    Chopper: I'm on it!
    *Chopper walks towards Tokiya*
    Chopper: Wow.... your impact attack really knocked him out...
    *Chopper takes off Tokiya's shirt*
    Chopper: ??!?!!!!
    Chopper: What the--?
    *Usopp runs towards to see what's troubling Chopper*
    Usopp: What's wrong, Chopper?
    *Usopp looks Tokiya's chest*
    Usopp: What the...
    *Team Luffy and Karu*
    Luffy: Man... I'm hungry....
    *Luffy looks at Karu*
    Luffy: Hey Karu, can I have something to eat?
    Karu: Quak!!
    *Karu backs away from Luffy*
    Luffy: Oh come on Karu, I'm hungry....
    *Karu looks horrified*
    Luffy: Hm? What's wrong?
    *Karu points in the direction he's looking*
    Luffy: What's so-
    *Kuro stands on a nearby rock smiling at them*
    Luffy: KURO!!
    Kuro: Hmmhmmhmm.... long time no see, Monkey.D.Luffy...
    *Kuro takes out Luffy's bounty paper*
    Kuro: I'm actually rather surprised that you are now one of the best...
    *Karu keeps shivering*
    Luffy: What are you doing here?
    Kuro: Just thought I give you a little present to you and your duck....
    Karu: QUAK!
    Luffy: Present?
    Kuro: Yes, a delightful one.. stay there!
    *Kuro jumps backwards and pulls a rope on the nearest tree branch*
    Kuro: Enjoy!
    *Kuro leaps up and disappears into thin air*
    Luffy: What was that all about?
    *The ground starts shaking*
    Luffy: W-woah! What's going on?
    *The ground below them starts to crack*
    Luffy: What the? The ground is cracking!
    *The crack became bigger*
    Karu: QUAK! QUAK!
    *The ground explodes*
    *Luffy and Karu flies away in direction directions
    Luffy: Woah~!!!
    Karu: QUAK!!!! :wacko:
    *Luffy and Karu lands on the ground hard*
    Luffy: What was that? You alright Karu?
    *Karu slowly gives Luffy a thumb up*
    Luffy: Is the food safe?
    Karu: QUAK!
    *Karu gives Luffy another thumb up*
    Luffy: Phew... thank goodness.....
    *Smokes fills the area*
    Luffy: Woah... *cough* *cough*!
    Luffy: What's with the smoke?
    Kuro: Hmmhmmhmm.....
    Luffy: Kuro?!
    *Luffy gets a bad cut at his chest*
    Luffy: Yeeeoooooww!! THAT HURT!
    Kuro: Hahahahahah!!!!
    Luffy: Damn you! Gomo-Gomo-no PISTOL!! (Pistol)
    *Kuro evades the attack easily*
    Luffy: Gomo-Gomo-no Gatoringu!!! (Gatling Gun)
    *Kuro evades every single one of Luffy's punches*
    Kuro: Hahahahah!! This is the great Monkey.D.Luffy? What a joke!
    Luffy: Damn you!
    *Luffy takes a step forward*
    Luffy: ???!!!!!!
    *Luffy hold his chest*
    Luffy: What the? What's happening to me?
    Kuro: Hmmhmmhmm.... what's the matter? Feeling weak?
    *Kuro kicks Luffy*
    Luffy: GAH!!
    *Luffy hits a tree and lands on the ground hard*
    Karu: QUAK!!!
    *Karu runs to Luffy*
    *Karu carries Luffy up*
    Luffy: S-so tired....
    Kuro: Hmm... it seems that my new weapon is quite effective....
    Luffy: New.... weapon?
    Kuro: Yes... this may look like my cat claw weapon which I have used so often but I decided to upgrade it a little bit after you defeated me....
    *Kuro's cat claw starts to glow purple*
    Kuro: Oh dear...
    *Kuro quickly puts on a gas mask*
    Kuro: Does this is smell familiar to you?
    Luffy: (This smell.... this smell... wait a second..)
    Karu: Quak?
    Luffy: GO!! HURRY!!!
    *Karu swings his head fast*
    Karu: Quak!
    Kuro: Hmm... it seems you already know what this is..... but don't worry, I'll make sure your duck don't get affected by it..... I only want you!
    Luffy: D-damn you.....
    Kuro: I'll be waiting for you at the top... in the meantime, sweet dreams
    *Kuro disappears*
    Luffy: K... Kuro.....
    *Luffy falls to his knees then faints to the ground*
    Luffy: ..................
    Karu: QUAK! QUAK!
    *Kuro watches from a distance*
    Kuro: HAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

    [To Be Continued]
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    Supremely bogus by Kuro.

    Great story Monkey.

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    Very evul from Kuro.... very, very good... :lol:

    I just can't wait 'till the next chapter...

    Speachless... :D

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    Great work...I wanted to comment after the first story but I couldn't stop reading lol :lol:
    Keep it up!

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    you need more commenting My man... your the next Oda :lol:

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    It's good to have both Akeisha and you back here, dude... Arlong Park have missed you guys greatly... :D Welcome back
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    The Happiness Of The Past! Tokiya's Memories (Part 11)

    *Team Usopp and Chopper*
    *Usopp and Chopper keeps staring at Tokiya's chest*
    Usopp: Is that.... What I think it is?
    Chopper: Well, anyway he needs to be treated...
    *Chopper opens his first-aid kit and pulls out several bottles and bandages*
    Chopper: I wonder what he knows of your father?
    Usopp: Yeah.....
    Usopp and Chopper: Hm?
    *The both of them looks up at the sky*
    Usopp: I just felt...
    Chopper: .... Luffy's in trouble
    Chopper: W-what am I thinking of? Luffy is strong! He wouldn't die so easily...
    Usopp: H-hahaha! Yeah! We must be imagining things!
    *Usopp sits down and watches Chopper treat Tokiya's wound*
    *Team Nami, Vivi, and Robin*
    Nami: Hm?
    Vivi: What's wrong, Nami?
    Nami: I don't know but somehow I feel Luffy's in trouble...
    Vivi: To be honest, I felt that too...
    Robin: I felt that as well...
    Vivi: I hope he's alright...
    *Nami clutches her fist*
    Nami: (Luffy..)
    *Team Luffy and Karu*
    *Karu keeps slapping Luffy's face silly*
    Karu: QUAK!!!
    Luffy: ................
    *Luffy clutches his fist*
    Luffy: Err.....
    *Luffy slowly gets up*
    Luffy: *Yawn*.... That was a great naaaaappppp~~~! XD
    Karu: Quak?
    Luffy: Mornin' Karu! Haaahahahaha!!
    Karu: Quak!
    Luffy: Now let's--
    *Luffy's chest ached badly*
    Luffy: ??!!!
    *Luffy holds it tightly*
    Luffy: W-what the... W-what's wrong with me?
    *Luffy's vision becomes blurly*
    Luffy: I ate meat this morning, I should be fine....
    *Luffy slowly gets back up*
    Luffy: Alright! Let's get going, Karu!
    *Karu looks at Luffy*
    Karu: Quak!
    *Luffy and Karu continues walking upwards*
    *Team Usopp and Chopper*
    Usopp: It's looks he's coming to...
    Tokiya: Argh......
    Chopper: Give him some space....
    *Tokiya slowly gets up and looks around him*
    Tokiya: Ouch!
    *Tokiya touches his right arm*
    Usopp: Don't move so much... You're not exactly completely healed right now..
    Tokiya: You... Treated me?
    Chopper: We couldn't just leave you like that.....
    Tokiya: Thank you.....
    *Tokiya picks up his sword and closes his eyes*
    Tokiya: Seat....
    *Usopp and Chopper look at each other and sits down on the nearest rock*
    Tokiya: As promised, I shall tell you what I know of your father...
    *Tokiya opens his eyes*
    *Tokiya notices that Usopp keeps staring at his chest*
    Tokiya: Hahaha... You're most probably wondering where or why I got this tatoo and scar on my chest well... I guess it's best to start at the very beginning...
    Tokiya: A long time ago, when I was still in training.... Your father and his friends came to my village to buy some wine....
    *Tokiya flashback*
    -*Tokiya walks into the bar and sees Shanks' crew having a good time*-
    -*Tokiya waks towards Yassop*-
    -Tokiya: Mind if I sit?-
    -Yassop: Haahaha!!! No problem at all!!!! Come, join me for a drink!!!-
    -Tokiya: Alright!-
    -*Everyone drinks and laugh*-
    *Flashback over*
    Tokiya: I was so happy back then.... Your father was a real nice guy...
    Tokiya: One day, I decided to join Shanks crew.... I loved the sea....
    *Usopp and Chopper both smile*
    Tokiya: Hm?
    Tokiya: Something coming!
    Usopp: Huh?
    *Chopper's ear wingles a bit*
    Chopper: I-I can hear something coming!
    *A giant lizard comes out running towards them*
    Usopp and Chopper: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
    Tokiya: (Yasopp, this is for what you have done for me...)
    *Tokiya draws out his blade and runs towards the giant lizard*
    Tokiya: YAHHHHHH!!!!!

    [To Be Continued]
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    Wow! :ohmy:

    Another great story!!!XD

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    Default Re: My One Piece Story

    Thought I was never going to write stories again, huh? Got a promise to keep with Thedevil and finish what I started. It'll be a while before I come up with something due to all the hussle I deal with. So for those of you who did/didn't like my stories, I'M BACK!:biggrin:
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    Default Re: My One Piece Story

    Ok, sorry for the delay not that anyone waited :urg: so... Anyway, here you go.. title sounds off to me.. whaddaya think?

    Escape the Marines! Yasopp helps Tokiya (Part 12)

    *Tokiya runs towards the Giant Lizard*
    Tokiya: YAH!
    *Tokiya jumps up high, ready to strike*
    Tokiya: (Yasopp...)
    -*Tokiya is seen running away from the Marines*-
    -Tokiya: I'm innocent!! Why won't you believe me?!-
    -*A Marine shoots him in the shoulder*-
    -Tokiya: Gah!-
    -Marine Man: Believe you? We don't have time to hear dirty lies from a villian...-
    -Tokiya: I did not murder your captain! I've been framed!!!-
    -Marine Man: Yeah, right! KILL HIM!-
    -*The Marines take aim and Tokiya looks up and closes his eyes*-
    -*BANG!!! BANG!! BANG!!! BANG!!!*-
    -*Tokiya slowly opens his eyes and sees the entire Marines taken by Yasopp*-
    -*Yasopp gives him a thumbs up*-
    -Yasopp: Yo!-
    -Tokiya: Yasopp..-
    -Yasopp: Come on, let's get outta here!-
    -*Tokiya runs after Yasopp as he leads the way*-
    -Yasopp: My crew and me knows you're innocent. We're gonna help you escape this island.. Besides, the bar ran outta booze.. HAHAHAAHA!! :laugh: -
    -Marine Mens: DAMN YOU PIRATE SCUM!!!-
    -Yasopp: I love my life!! HAAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!-
    -*Yasopp and Tokiya runs out in the open and find themselves surrounded by the Marines*-
    -Tokiya: Crap!-
    -Yasoop: Hey! Don't mind us we're just passing through.. Got a boat to catch..-
    -*The words had a strong impact on Tokiya*-
    -Tokiya: Murderer....-
    -Yasopp: Don't listen to him.. the Marines aren't exactly saints as well.. Sometimes, they can be even more evil than me... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!-
    -*Marines take aim and fire at Yasopp*-
    -Tokiya: YASOPP!!!-
    -*Yasopp smiles*-
    -Yasopp: *inhales*-
    -*Yasopp takes his guns swiftly and starts spinning them around his body, DEFLECTING the bullets and sending them right back at the Marines*-
    -Yasopp: *exhales*-
    -Yasopp: Well, that was boring.. I didn't even get to use my guns..-
    -*Tokiya is amazed at Yasopp incredible skills*-
    -Tokiya: How.. Did..-
    -Yasopp: Questions later.. Let's get outta here first then we talk-
    -Shanks: HEY~~!!!-
    -*Shanks is in the boat waving at them from a distance*-
    -Yasopp: Great timing Capt!!-
    -Shanks: What'd you expect? Nice show you put on dealing with the Marines.. All wounded but not a single one dead.. You're getting better..-
    -Tokiya: What!?-
    -*Tokiya looks around him and sees Shanks was right.. ALL the Marines were wounded by the shoulder and sides but they were all alive*-
    -Yasopp: Come on!-
    -Tokiya: Ah! Yeah!-
    -*Yasopp and Tokiya makes a run for the docks*-
    -*They both jump once they reached the docks and landed safely on the ship*-
    -Shanks: Alright, full speed men!-
    -*Shanks looks at the Marines*-
    -Shanks: Tell the bartender his food was delicious!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! :laugh: -
    -Marines: Arghhh...... -
    -*Shanks and his men laughs as they sail away*-
    *Flashback over*
    *Tokiya tries to cut the Giant Lizard but finds it's skin too thick to cut*
    Tokiya: (NOT good... I can't hurt the monster at all.. I can't believe Kuro was able to kill 3 of these things at once..)
    *Tokiya recalls Kuro being attacked while he was observing Luffy's crew*
    Tokiya: (Usopp MUST not meet Kuro... He's gotten stronger and also has been restored to his original speed)
    *The Giant Lizard heads for Usopp and Chopper*
    Usopp and Chopper: AHHHH~~!!!!
    Tokiya: NO!
    *Tokiya runs towards thier position*
    Tokiya: (Yasopp! I won't let anything happen to your son or his friends!!)
    *Tokiya pushes them out of the way only to get himself crashed by the Giant Lizard's massive paw/claw*
    Usopp: TOKIYA!!
    Chopper: No!
    Tokiya: Usopp... You.. Must.. Live.. With your.. Friends..
    *Usopp and Chopper runs to him*
    *Tokiya barely alive looks at them*
    Tokiya: Run.. Leave me...
    Usopp: No way!
    *Usopp pats Chopper's head*
    Usopp: Chopper can stay here with you while I run..
    Chopper and Tokiya: SCREW YOU!!!
    Usopp: We still won't leave you!! Chopper! Help me carry him!
    Chopper: Got it!
    *Chopper goes into Heavy Point and carries Tokiya's upper body part while Usopp carries the lower part*
    *The Giant Lizard runs towards them*
    Usopp: Crap!
    Chopper: We can't outrun that!
    Tokiya: And I've... Given you guys a beating just now... *sigh*
    Chopper: Don't speak!
    *A Man runs outta nowhere*
    Man: AHHHHH~!!!!
    Usopp: What's his problem?
    Tokiya: He's.. He's one of Kuro's men!
    Chopper: The Giant Lizard's here! What's he running away from?
    *Zoro and Sanji busts out of the bushes*
    Zoro: Usopp?
    Sanji: Chopper? And someone else...
    Tokiya: Name's Tokiya...
    *The Giant Lizard roars and charges towards them*
    Sanji: Think he makes a better tie-breaker?
    Zoro: Yep...
    *Sanji and Zoro looks at the Giant Lizard, then at each other and grins*
    Sanji and Zoro: (I'M NOT GONNA LET YOU WIN!!) :yatta:

    [To Be Continued]
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    Default Re: My One Piece Story

    Ok... An entire day passed by and not even a single comment on my stories... This is sad, man... I need to know whether you guys like it or not you know... If it's bad, I can push myself to be a more creative and better writer here... So, it can't exactly hurt to give me a few points now can it? This stuff ain't exactly easy to come up...

    A Quest For Treasure Will Unite Them All: ONE PIECE

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