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Thread: Character Nominations Thread (Nominations Closed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ao Kiji View Post
    Yeah, I remember that moment and everyone popping boners over how it meant something between them, but honestly, that's a huge reach. He was worried about everyone equally in that scene.

    Urouge! Reveal yourself as a LuffyXNami shipper and be done with it!

    Personally, I'm all for Luffy+Nami and Tashigi+Zoro, but still...that scene with Kuma meant nothing. No subtle tones of anything except desperation. There was more subtle romancy stuff in the scene where he tells Nami to hold onto him or their trip up Giant Jack together.

    Luffy sometimes backs off protecting Usopp, because he's trying not to damage his pride as a man. As a guy, he can understand not wanting to crush Usopp's ego(this has been mentioned b4 in OP), but as a guy, he also just assumes every women in danger wants/needs to be rescued. Every female strawhat has been the damsel in distress at one time or another and Luffy has stepped into the White Night role.

    It's a joke played up even by ODa or whoever does the character polls that Nami is the strongest strawhat because the Monster trio has all the muscle, but Nami's clearly the one in charge of the them/the crew. She's definitely got Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro wrapped around her finger.
    Err, I didn't mean to imply anything about romance. Oda himself stated there'd be no romance within the crew. If people were making a big deal about that, I wouldn't know since I wasn't active here back then. I don't think of it as a "big deal" myself, but I also don't think that Oda picked her name out of hat for that flashback.

    The only thing I was trying to describe was how Oda uses Nami to symbolize Luffy's protective side. Nami was the only person in the flashback, how else am I supposed to take that other than that she was a symbol for his desire to protect his nakama?

    EDIT: I don't really want to get into the last part here. It's a farfetched theory that appeals to me is all. That's for another thread I think.
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    Forgot the K in knight. Ao Kiji

    I guess some of the marine ideals rubbed off on him. Heck even way back with the mayor in buggy's arc. He let guys have their shot, but he always take the hit for the ladies.
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    Default Re: Character Nominations Thread (Nominations Closed)

    I propose the Final 8 be Sanji in a harem 8)
    Sanji-Nami-Tashigi-Robin-Perona-Camie-Ivankov-Miss Valentine FTW!

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    Default Re: Character Nominations Thread (Nominations Closed)

    I propose me in a harem.
    Sanji can have Iva-san.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mog View Post
    Also, it's a children's comic from Japan.

    Why are you comparing it to cultural engravings and burritos.

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    hoe come going marry can partiicipate but thousand sunny can't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jane Doe View Post
    hoe come going marry can partiicipate but thousand sunny can't?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivotas View Post
    It's because of a) the entire Klabautermann deal, b) the ship acting on it's own accord by setting sail for Enies Lobby, c) having it's own voica and d) because it had a death scene.

    Sorry as much as I prefer Sunny over Merry, Sunny just isn't in the same league in terms of having what it takes to enter a character popularity tournament, yet.
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    Closing this thread since the first round pairings are out. Please continue the talkback in the respective thread.

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