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Thread: Resident Evil 6

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    RE6 was just so god damn long. If it constantly had interesting moments, the length of the game wouldn't be an issue. But man, if I was ever sleepy playing that game? Forget it, I'm going to pass out before the chapter is through.

    And the boss battles... Oh god...

    Like, the final boss of Leon's doesn't take long if you know what you're doing. But everything before that? The T-Rex, the bulldog fight with Ada while Helena is high up. Those take so god damn long, and the entire time, you are hunting for ammo, because you had to use all your ammo in the boss battle you had five minutes before that one.

    I've played through Leon's campaign twice (once with co-op and once with AI), and both times, Chapter 5 took forever.

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    Yeah the boss battles reallllly felt a bit off. I didn't feel like I was killing or hurting the boss so much as I felt I was doing enough damage to trigger another cutscene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green_vs_Red View Post
    Who's to say Alex Wesker won't show up in a future game? Given how his fate,whereabouts, & role in the story are largely unknown. Well for one thing people stopped complaining about you not be able to move and shoot (which isn't very practical anyway). Though I believe this was the 3rd game that let you do this.
    Well the next game is going to be a reboot so it's quite possible they leave his fate entirely unknown :/. That's just how I think it's going to play out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolio View Post

    I don't understand why they included different games with the Xbox version because Veronica is a game I would quite like to replay.
    Veronica is pretty fun but I think i would have preferred 1, 2, and 3 over just Veronica. And the reason for this was because 12and 3 all still had marketing rights with Sony or something as Microsoft never had a system when they were released originally, whereas Veronica and 4 had just been re rereleased on Xbox so they were able to easily add them in there by just packing download codes in the box. And yeah I thought 5 was a lot of fun too it didn't stray that much from the series honestly, obviously the two player aspect but there were still some parts that made me sit on the edge of my seat haha.
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