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Thread: The Wheel of Time (Spoiler Warning)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robby View Post
    Where did you hear that? Brandon Sanderson said in an interview that he's one of the producers that had read all the scripts and that the first season was first book, and later seasons would be more combined.

    3 minutes in.

    This was just a week ago so I wouldn't think it was outdated info.

    They might fit world building details in from later books that they have hindsight for, but that's not the same as combining books.
    This Q and A with the showrunner
    https://twitter.com/TheWheelOfTime/status/1433524379774685185?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5 Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1433524379774685185%7Ctwgr% 5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tor.com %2F2021%2F09%2F03%2Fwheel-of-time-tv-series-rosamund-pike-rafe-judkins-q-and-a-twitter%2F

    We’ve also got the first six episode titles (out of eight) and episode 5’s title is a Book Two chapter title.

    Book and maybe TV Spoilers below

    It looks like they’ve cut Caemlyn from the EotW, and that they go to Tar Valon instead, where they might heal Mat early then take the Way to Shienar from there. Siuan and Lisandre have been cast, and they’re book two characters. The thing that they’ve missed from Book One that will be added in later is certain to be meeting Elayne, since she’s not been cast yet as far as we know.

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    Yeah, that's like I said, reshuffling things for pacing and knowing with hindsight who is important and needs to show up earlier.

    That sort of reshuffling makes sense. Still basically the plot of book 1 then, just moving around a particular set piece and batch of characters. That's a pacing call which makes sense given Elayne brings a TON of baggage and family members with her and wouldn't add much to just appear for 10 minutes in one episode and then not again till the next season. It's also one less big set piece location they need to worry about in season one.

    But they're not, for instance, going to cover all of the Great Hunt in the second half of the season. Just one or two scenes from it.

    They could just cut Elayne and her entire family from the whole series and I'd be kind of okay with that, honestly. Yeah they're major players but none of them really did much for me in the long run.

    It might also make sense to spread out Rand's love interests. Instead of introducing two of them in season 1, then not getting to the third one until season 4 or 5, spread em out a bit. As awesome as that third character is, others having a multi-year head start could be rough for audiences to accept.
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