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Thread: Looking for fans of Prog rock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wagomu View Post
    We've had this discussion before, but Tales is somewhat polarizing. I absolutely love it, though I still would out Fragile and Close to the Edge above it.
    That's a safe bet. Tales isn't just polarizing, it's internally polarizing. All four songs on that album have people who love them like mad or think they're absolute garbage. For example, I like The Remembering and Ritual (speaking of great bass solos) and despite Revealing Science of God and The Ancient.

    Hiroy, if you enjoyed the mix of styles on those albums, would recommend Relayer and Going for the One next. Relayer's probably Yes's most "out there" album, but both are frequently listed as the best album by fans.

    [was a massive Yes fan for ten years of my life, not so much now, but still fond of them]

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    Listened to so many albums now, but my absolute favorite one so far has to have been Genesis - Selling England by the Pound(thanks to Wag for pointing me towards it). I replayed it countless times now, and I'm definitely going to pick up the physical copy when I can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tatermoog View Post
    Tales from Topographic Oceans has great moments surrounded by fifteen minutes of mediocrity. But some of those great moments are worth it.
    That's kind of how I've always felt as well. Some really amazing material that becomes buried somewhat by copious amounts of padding. They had so much material that they couldn't fit it all on a single album, but they didn't quite have enough for 2.
    Relayer is probably up there at the top of my list, with Fragile, The Yes Album, and Close to the Edge.

    Still favor Lamb Lies Down On Broadway for Genesis.

    I had Selling England By the Pound on vinyl only and my record player isn't working...I can't actually remember it well enough right now.

    Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. - Frank Zappa

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    I'm actually listening to that one now(Lambs). I tried another Genesis album called Foxtrot, and I honestly could not really get into it much. It didn't have that strange experimental feeling I got in Selling England by the Pound. I guess it's the kind of sound that grows on you? I dunno. I'm still really new to prog, so maybe most of thier otther works are more "traditional"?

    I also watched an interview surrounding Selling England by the Pound, and it didn't seem like most of the band liked it as much despite the success it had. Their self critiques were fair and I do kind of agree with them on certain points(like the songs or vocals themselves being too busy at times), but I could not help myself but to repeat the album multiple times. Shit's dope.

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    Foxtrot is my least favorite of the "main run" of the Genesis prog days. I'd put it as Lamb>Selling>Nursery Cryme>Trespass>Foxtrot.

    It's not bad or anything. Can-Utility and the Coastliners is an underrated gem and Supper's Ready is my favorite of the 20+-minute prog epics. It's just not as great a beginning-to-end album as the rest.

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