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Thread: Naruto Discussion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aethos View Post
    Naruto is equal to One Piece? Doesn't look that way NOW does it!
    Pfft, Naruto and One Piece will always be equal for me. OP has had its share of crap too (Usopp).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geg View Post
    Pfft, Naruto and One Piece will always be equal for me. OP has had its share of crap too (Usopp).
    Same here, I still think they are equal too. This chapter was just a rediculously low point for this series tho. Every series has 'em (only fanboys think they don't). But another stunt like that from Kishi, and it's strictly OP and Bleach from here on out.
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    Like I mentioned earlier, I do think good things will come out of this chapter. Before this it basically would have been a Naruto one-hit-kills Kakuzu thing. Now it looks like it's going to be an all-out fight between the two. That's what I'm hoping anyway. It could also go the opposite way and basically turn into Naruto trying the Rasenshuriken over and over until it finally works. And that would suck even worse than this chapter.

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    y halo thar every other fight where he learns a new attack.

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    Well, there are good things in this chapter: another demostration of Kakuzu's power, but I like especially Naruto's last words in this chapter:

    Kakashi: We are 5 Vs. 1. We can defeat him.

    But Naruto responds with an intelligent words:

    Naruto: No, I want to defeat him by myself!

    Finally, he says:

    If I do not defeat him for my same one, I'll be always a child.

    With this words, we know that he has growth.

    Finally, Yamato says to Kakashi:

    You haven't seen yet the new Naruto.

    Kakashi: Then, it's decided.

    The verdict of Kakashi is obvious

    And like Gaara D. Lucci and Geg, I say Naruto and One Piece are equal(These two are the best shonen series with Bleach). They have their good and bad moments like all the series, but what is important is the set. Bleach is a very good serie too, but not at the same level.

    I have a question to ask:

    What jutsu Jiraya taught to Naruto? Remember when he says to him: don't use that jutsu!

    Boof! What a brick! Thanks for reading it!
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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion!

    Like i already said all the good points are fine but the last 2 chapters could be squeezed into only one so the build up would still be there.

    And keep one piece out of this <_<
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    My problem with this chapter is not that it was a complete failure on Naruto's part, but more that he hypes this new jutsu and does nothing with it. I didn't expect Kakuzu to be instantly defeated, but he could of at least hit one heart or do something to make another heart strike easier. But how the heck are you supposed to use a shuriken with a Rasengan in the middle by attacking him the wrong way? Ultimately it may take a team effort and the next chapter will probably take advantage of the "cover/color page" status, but it does seem like a stall tactic on Kishimoto's part.

    Oh, and I'm with Zulen:
    Bring on Noitora....heck, bring him into Naruto and have him slice up Kakuzu's hearts!

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion!

    Does anyone think Hidan is seriously going to come back?

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    Well, I don't. Stupid people on NF do, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkariel View Post
    And why does Naruto have to think of Sasuke (can't he be like the younger Naruto where his goal was to be the Hokage and make everyone notice him)
    Seriously. When was the last time he mentionned something about his dream of becoming Hokage? I mean isn't it supposed to be the main focus of the story, the journey of a clumsy young boy on his road to glory? That should be the thing driving him forward, and not mental pictures of some jackass who betrayed Konoha and tried to kill him.

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    The last time he mentioned his dream of being Hokage was went he fought Sasuke. Although, now he's talking about surpassing the Yondaime, so it's kinda like being the Hokage.

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion!

    Sincerily, I think Hidan will return. Or will be this god named Jashin?

    Anyway. Mangahelpers has confirmed that the summary in the last page of the chapter is true.

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    he last mentioned being Hokage when he told Kankuro not to worry before they set off to save Gaara.

    Sasuke is his main goal right now. He said in the past, that he cant become Hokage if he cant save his friends.

    I still think this chapter was funny. Maybe, my sense of humor is off. Naruto saying to Chouji, " But if it hits, its so awesome!!". Naruto is stupid but he is likeable.

    I am just annoyed that Kakashi and yamato lack common sense right now and is just toying with KAzu. This chapter also further convinced me that Yamato is the most broken character of the series. This dude is like a wood Logia. He makes houses in the middle of the forest to camp out. He supresses people chakra. He control Bijuus. He just bitchslapped KAzu with no effort and is like Naruto's older brother already.
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    And you forget it, he's Shodaime's descendant.

    Yeah, Naruto is stupid(like Luffy and Natsu, another idiots), but his last words at the end of this chapter are so mature.

    I'm the only who can't wait for the next colorspread chapter? We're finally going to see the power of RasenShuriken.

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    Naruto should have let the others help him.

    Kakashi: "If we team up, we can beat him and you still look cool!"
    Naruto: "No way, believe it! I'll fight him myself! Ramen! Believe it!"

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    No way! Naruto says in the last pages of the chapter that he'll defeat Kakuzu by himself.

    And an other thing to say: I'm a bit tired of hearing Akatsuki's Leader is Yondaime. When I hear this, I start to laugh: MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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    I've changed my views to think that AL is Sai's brother

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    That'd be too random and Oda like. Why make some random guy like Sai important. It's gonna be something predictable like Yondaime is still alive.

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    why cant naruto do something bad-ass like luffy?

    naruto has the potential but he just screws up

    if i dont see naruto doing something badass soon ill be crazy
    no less
    OR I'm too lazy and uninspired to make a proper sig

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion!

    Neither. He's a new character like the other Akatsuki.

    Colour hair: orange
    Colour eyes: red
    Jutsus up to the moment: Fuuin jutsu: Genryu kyuu fuujin and body copy jutsu(I don't remember the name).

    Yondaime is death, get it into your heads.

    There are rumors of that Naruto is Yondaime's reincarnation.

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