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Thread: Naruto Discussion!

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion!

    Fine. Shunkan Ido. Naruto will develop his own Shunkan Ido.
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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion!

    more was revealed again not comfirmed
    The end doesn't make much sense...

    *A brief scene of the 4th Hokage, Kakashi, Obito and Rin training and waiting. Then in a separate little scene, the 4th Hokage asks Kakashi, “Hey Kakashi, can I ask you a favor?

    *On the day that Kyuubi attacked, what did the 4th Hokage ask of Kakashi…!? (*what was it that the 4th entrusted to Kakashi…!?)

    *spoilers (just in case)*

    hmmmmmm interesting

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    Hey, wait a minute.... nah, I think you all figured it out by now.
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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion!

    there might also be more behind his team selection than we 1st thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taleran
    whats the move originally called?
    It translates to something like "Instaneous Movement" I think. Goku isn't a signal so he can't be transmitted.

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    The full script is on mangahelpers, finally a good chapter. Shika had the thoughts of many of you guys on here.

    Here it is:

    Here's a translation of the script. It pretty much matches the earlier brief spoiler. I don't know if it's real or not, but it certainly will make all the 4th Hokage fans wet themselves!

    Chapter 321 “Kakashi’s power”

    Cover Page: Kakashi

    Sidetext: It seems like I’ll finally be able to keep that promise I made to you.

    *Scene with Asuma’s group going through the forest

    Shikamaru: If you know that there’s such a place out there, why would you just ignore its existence?

    Asuma: Because Konoha is taking advantage of it too. They’re putting bounties on missing ninja who the Anbu can’t seem to catch. That way it’s a you help me I help you sort of deal.

    Shikamaru: But, bounties are put on yours and Chiriku’s heads as well…

    Asuma: All Konoha jounin have bounties on their heads. I bet there are a lot of people who hold a grudge about that/things. Ha ha ha…

    Shikamaru: ….

    *Scene change to the three walking down the street

    Naruto: Kakashi-sensei, what’s the cool thing you were going to show me. It couldn’t be…your real face? I gotta tell Sakura-chan and even Sai.

    Kakashi: Well, if you shut up and just follow me then you’ll find out. Yamato, sorry but please had back to the training area. I want to be alone with Naruto.

    Yamato: …Understood.

    ナルト「?どうしたんだってばよ、カカシ先生・・・(やっぱり素顔?いやもしかしたらハーレム の術を見たい とか?う~んそんな暇無いってのにぃ)」
    Naruto: What’s the deal, Kakashi-sensei…(maybe it really is his real face? Nah, maybe he wants to see my Harem jutsu? I don’t have time for that…)

    Kakashi: (Back then…) *He stops reading Icha Icha Paradise and looks up into the sky.

    *Scene change to the Hokage’s room

    シズネ「ナルト君の方は大丈夫でしょうか?もしかしたら、20小隊が追っている方は陽動で暁の 本命はナルト 君かもしれません。またうちはイタチが来たら・・・」
    Shizune: Is Naruto-kun really alright? What if the 20 man brigade is just chasing a diversion and Akatsuki’s real target is Naruto. If Uchiha Itachi shows up again…

    Tsunade: That’s why Kakashi and Yamato are with him. Don’t worry.

    Shizune: Bu, but, even with those two

    Tsunade: Just leave everything to Kakashi. Kakashi could really change Naruto!

    Shizune: Change…Naruto-kun?

    *Scene change to the front of the Bounty Exchange

    Shikamaru: Oh come on it’s just weird. A toilet in the middle of the damn forest!

    Kotetsu: They really are playing with us. But there’s no reason to hide it. It’s unspoken knowledge that there are bounty exchanges in each village. They’re just playing around.

    Asuma: Alright, so let’s have a look inside.

    *Then Hidan comes out from behind the bathroom

    Asuma: That outfit, it’s the same as Itachi’s! Akatsuki!!

    Shikamaru: That’s them! *Kotetsu and Izumo are also quite shocked. All 4 go into battle positions.
    Hidan: Huh?...! That waist scarf…No doubt about it, you’re the same as baldy back there. So, I guess that guy is also a guardian ninja. Ku ku, Seems as though we’re lucky today. *Laughing

    Izumo: What’s so funny! Don’t fuck around with us!

    *Izumo throws a kunai. Hidan, without even looking dodges the kunai effortlessly.

    Hidan: Heeey, Kakuzu. Come out here! Some interesting folks have come here.

    *Kakuzu shows up from the bathroom.

    Kakuzu: Shut up, just shut up, Hidan.

    *Hidan, while pointing to Asuma’s waist scarf

    Hidan: What’s with that tone. I didn’t do anything really.

    Kakuzu: Well, this works out well.

    Asuma: …. *sweat dripping

    *Scene change to a place kinda like a field

    ナルト「なんなんだってばよ、こんな遠くまで連れて来て。面白いものなんてなーんにもねぇって ばよ。早く修 行しなきゃなんねぇんだぞ、俺は!」
    Naruto: What now, taking me this far out. There’s nothing cool here at aaaaaaaall. I gotta start training again!

    Kakashi: This place is where I used to meet my friends before a mission. I used to train here a lot too…

    Naruto: I’ll listen to your old stories later, Kakashi-sensei. So…

    Kakashi: Oh stop being so hasty. Alright, I guess there’s no other choice.

    *Kakashi touches Naruto’s shoulder. A seal appears on his shoulder, but Naruto doesn’t notice.

    Kakashi: Naruto, don’t move from that spot. *Kakashi walks a short distance away from him.

    Kakashi: Here I go. *As he says that, Kakashi disappears. He then reappears behind Naruto.

    Naruto: !!Waaa!! How? How? Kakashi-sensei, you were over there just a second ago!!

    Kakashi: This is a technique which makes use of the of wind nature manipulation. Look at your shoulder, Naruto.

    Naruto: Wha, what is this? When did y…

    Kakashi: I stuck it on you when I touched your shoulder before. I can move to where that seal is in an instant.

    Naruto: You’re amazing, Kakashi-sensei!!

    Kakashi: Well, I am called the copy ninja afterall. I can use all of the different natures: fire, wind, earth, water, lightning. Yamato can only use 2 but…

    *Scene of Yamato sneezing (because Kakashi is talking about him)

    Naruto: (Isn’t Kakashi-sensei just trying to brag?) *While giving Kakashi the evil eye

    カカシ「ごほん・・・ま、俺はあまり風が得意じゃないから短い距離しか出来ないが、上手くすれ ば数十キロ先 まで一瞬にして移動できる。しかし、風の性質を持っていてもこの技は誰もが使える技じゃない。 アスマは使え ないしな」
    Kakashi: Five types...well, I’m not all that good with wind so I can only go a short distance. If you do it right you can travel tens of kilometers in an instant. However, this isn’t the kind of technique that you can use just because you have the wind nature. Asuma can’t use it.

    Naruto: Why is that?

    カカシ「この技は四代目が編み出し、木の葉の黄色い閃光と呼ばれるようになった技だ。同じ四代 目の螺旋丸を 使えるお前ならこの技を使える素質がある」
    Kakashi: This is the technique that was developed by the 4th Hokage and the reason why he was called the yellow flash of Konoha. You, being able to use the rasengan developed by the very same 4th Hokage, should have the capability to use this technique.

    Naruto: The 4th Hokage’s… *As he looks at the Mt. Hokage from far away.

    Naruto: But, but, why did we come all the way out here!?

    Kakashi: Huh? …Well, I decided that when I showed you the technique that I would do so here.

    Naruto: Th, that’s it? ...Kakashi-sensei! I gotta catch up to Sasuke as soon as…

    Kakashi: I got it, I got it. So stop getting so mad. Let’s go back and continue training.

    *Naruto walks away in a rotten mood. Kakashi follows behind him but turns around and looks back at the field.

    *A brief scene of the 4th Hokage, Kakashi, Obito and Rin training and waiting. Then in a separate little scene, the 4th Hokage asks Kakashi, “Hey Kakashi, can I ask you a favor?

    *On the day that Kyuubi attacked, what did the 4th Hokage ask of Kakashi…!? (*what was it that the 4th entrusted to Kakashi…!?)

    Next chapter: Promise

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion!

    *double post*

    That was FAKE!!! OH well, I guess it was 2 much fan service for that. The raw is out and a speedy translation is up.

    Kakashi can do rasengan and rasengan was an incomplete jutsu. God I hope Naruto new jutsu is not rasengan with wind manipulation.

    Hopefully this is just another step and he will create something different.
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    321 summary:

    faces, faces, faces, faces, faces, faces, rasengan, faces, faces, faces, faces. end of the chapter.

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    Man, I can't believe the new jutsu will be the Rasengan but MORE powerful!!! As if we haven't seen ENOUGH of Rasengan already!!! Why can't Kishi actually think of DIFFERENT jutsu for Naruto!!!! Spamming Rasengan all the time is VERY BORING!!!!! ARGHH!!

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion!

    ok, that's it, i quit. i've had enough of these rasengans. see ya and fuck you kishimoto.

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion!

    According to the new RAW a 90 minute special will air on October 5th. Now October 5th is the air date for episode 203 and a new intro begins at 204. This is quite possiably the best indication of the end of the fillers we have gotten.

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion!

    lol at fake FACES

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion!

    good thing this is not the only manga i read :/
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    Saw this week's chapter: another fucking filler, and I wonder if what the 4th was trying to achieve is something OTHER than sphere attck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cap'n Carter
    For the record, I REALLY hate FUNimation's "Instant Transmission" translation.
    Me too. Instant Transmission sounds like something will come up with the new Ford Taurus.

    BTW: Lame chapter, the fake spoiler was much better.

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    You know I would actually say this chapter was good...

    If it wasn't for the freakin' Kakkasengan.

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion! pretty much was.
    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Franky
    Bad move, bub!

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    Wow. You'd think Jiraiya would at least take some time developing the Rasengan or something like that. Even Kakashi...
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    I dont mind the "faces" as long as the faces that are talking are saying stuff thats interesting. It was somewhat interesting but people are very dissapointment with the rasesgan upgrade.

    Hopefully this is just a training step.

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    Yeah. But then Naruto will be able to spam his new Rasengan and his new That Jutsu on his people now. Or worse: combine them to form an even bigger Rasengan.
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