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Thread: Lost Posts from Arlong Park

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    As I mentioned on the temporary boards: When Arlong Park Forum was declared dead, I realised that I still had far more Arlong Park web pages in my Temporary Internet folder than I expected. Sure, these pages themselves cannot be continued anymore, but I thought somebody might like to regain and reread old discussions.

    Hereby, I offer to send anybody files (that I have, of course) from the Lost Arlong Park Forum for either personal amusement or for making them available to other people. Some of my pages are incomplete (not the last post of this page available). If you want anything, feel free to ask (PM).

    I have from OnePieceAnime: “Many, many names�, “Dubs all over the world� and “why all the hatred for the Warship Island Arc�
    From GeneralDiscussion: “For Bush’s inauguration day�
    The other pages are from OnePieceManga (from ch. 350 onwards) and GeneralOnePiece.

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    ah cool, but i dont need em right now. the many many names one was good
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    wait a minute i not sure if i it is on the board yet but how come all of our account got deleted? and the pages too right?
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    You need to ask the administrators how that happened (problems with the server). I just got the information on the homepage and from the temporary boards:


    It seems that everything online was deleted, but as websites visited leave files on the local hard discs, it is possible to retrieve some things you have read.

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