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Thread: Who Celebrated 420 today?

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    Default Re: Who Celebrated 420 today?

    Psh! Geez, are you guys slow or what?? That chapter came out like 2 years ago!

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    Default Re: Who Celebrated 420 today?

    ba dum ksssh

    16 rimshots

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    エッチなのはいけないと思います! Malintex_Terek's Avatar
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    Default Re: Who Celebrated 420 today?

    Wow, this topic got really weird really quickly. o_O
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    Default Re: Who Celebrated 420 today?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sanctum View Post
    guess what i fucking did
    motherfucking hookah
    Hookahs are pretty fucking nice, though I haven't used one in quite some time. They usually end up shredding my lungs.

    I guess I'm just too spoiled to Mr. Wizard... what with it's double filtration system and diffuser stem.

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    Default Re: Who Celebrated 420 today?

    Someone on these very forums told me 420 is simply a slacker holiday... but nope, it IS a drug holiday. Dunno what he was getting at.

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