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Thread: hey im new

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    Default hey im new

    im caleb and im 14 i have aspergers (a form of high functioning autism) and im a huge anime fan (and i only watch subs no crappy dubs) i used to be a member on saveonepiece and savedonepiece but now im going to come here now

    im also a huge video game fan, my favorite comapany is nintendo

    also spaceballs is the greatest movie of all time

    my favorite animes include

    yu yu hakusho (this makes me sound like a hypocrite but i kinda like the dub more then the sub for this one)

    one piece (sub only and wont watch the funi dub until uncut dvds are released, but i might not even watch it then because i hate luffys dub voice)

    hunter x hunter

    the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya

    and some others

    also i hate 4kids and viz and dic and nelvana and saban and pretty much every crappy dubbing company

    in conclusion, i hope to be active here

    also i hate narucrap (naruto)
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    Default Re: hey im new

    Welcome to AP!

    That's quite an unusual weapon Mario has on your avi. Better not let Kingoffans or Leaf Cable see it.
    FLOW for any OP Opening!

    Thank you so much, Amai-Mikan!

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    Default Re: hey im new

    Why would you reveal that information about yourself?

    The internet can be a cold and heartless place.

    Just a warning.

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    Default Re: hey im new

    Welcome here! =)

    Do you like Bleach too? ^___^

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