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Thread: Karakuridōji Ultimo

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    Default Karakuridōji Ultimo

    So has anyone any thoughts of Ultimo? (The manga being co created by Stan Lee and Hiroyuki Takei.) We have currently 2 chapters released in America so far.

    I kinda liked it, it needs more polishing but the concept is intriguing.

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    Default Re: Karakuridōji Ultimo

    Stan Lee doing another self-insert comic.
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    Default Re: Karakuridōji Ultimo

    now three chapter. i actually really like it, although when i first read chapter 0, i had no intention to keep reading. but you have to keep reading to really understand. it has a good plot, cool characters, and a good element of comedy. hey it's an epic spanning across time, with Karakuri doji! how could he build those 1000 years before though oh well, anyway i'm definitely reading it and introducing my friends to it.

    Good luck, Ultimo!

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    Default Re: Karakuridōji Ultimo

    It seems there already another thread on this:
    so um a merged move?

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