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Thread: Grand Theft Auto 4

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    Default Grand Theft Auto 4

    (really suprised nobody started this up but then again the series is highly
    underrated on this forum)

    Though the game doesn't come out til April (if Rockstar can stay on track)
    that won't stop us from doing a prempt on the game, anyway here's the dirt on the game (ignore if already known)

    - You'll play as Niko Bellic

    - This is a sequel, not a prequel.

    - You'll be returning to Liberty City which unlike III will be modeled after
    NY & parts of NJ.

    - The game will be more realistic this time around, parked cars will have to be hotwired before you can steal them & weapons will have to be bought from a weapons dealer who'll you have to set up an appointment with by phone.

    - Unlike the previous game the characters in the game supposedly will not be voiced by actual celebrities (hit or miss depending on you view of things.)

    - The 360 version of the game will have exclusive episodic content

    - Release in the 1st quarter on 2008

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    I always thought that if the game wanted to be realistic, you should make it to where you have to put gas in the cars you have. Just something I thought about since Vice City.

    But about GTA4, it's cool that they're planning on releasing the game for the 360, my brother is freaking out over this. Hell, I might even play this one. Who knows?
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    What kind of duck is that!?
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    Don't be sad because all your friends hate you, they're all just trendy assholes! =D

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    The gas thing would be a nice touch too but it would only become a problem
    with the tires getting flat and with you collecting a wanted lvl.

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    Yeah, someone already made a thread about this.


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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    Didn't see that one probably would've found if it wasn't for the IV/4
    GTA/Grand Theft Auto thing.

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    Not that it will matter but the new trailer is up.

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    It might be because of the Russian accent but I have to say I have steadily become more interested about the game. GTA IV might deliver a quite huge blow. I think I sounded little too harsh about the PS2 games on the other thread. I liked 'em and at the time they were really good but, I don't know, the games felt little too ambitious for the hardware. Perhaps this time Rockstart is able to tap the untapped potential or something. If anything, at least the game will be fun for couple hours.

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    PS2 games being too ambitious what's that to say about Gamecube & Xbox
    as for Rockstar tapping the game's potential really haven't gotten that feeling from them outta all the GTA games they've made (Consoles) and the game being fun for a couple of hours me thinks you're not big on the GTA games San Andreas had so much to do that I just played through the main story avoiding most of the side missions so you know that Rockstar will give GTA IV a lot of playable missions to make the game a vary long play though they won't give branching story paths and alternate missions.

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4


    Well after a very long winter Rockstar has annouced that the game will be lauching worldwide on April 29th.

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandai Mera View Post
    April 29th.
    Will this give Rockstar enough time to bug-test the game?
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    What kind of duck is that!?
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio View Post
    Don't be sad because all your friends hate you, they're all just trendy assholes! =D

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    Hope so cause I can't wait anymore this.

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandai Mera View Post
    PS2 games being too ambitious what's that to say about Gamecube & Xbox
    He said too ambitious for the hardware. Both Gamecube and Xbox had amazing hardware for the time, while PS2 was pretty crummy in comparison to the other two by the time they came out.

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4


    GTA IV Multiplayer Details
    Fifteen modes?! Sixteen players?! Customizable characters?! OMG!
    by Greg Miller

    March 14, 2008 - If your Friday needed a boost, we've got one for you -- we have possible multiplayer details on Grand Theft Auto IV.

    It seems our neighbors to the east -- PSM Spain -- got their paws on the title's 15 multiplayer modes and are ready to tell all. According to a translation on GTA4.net, online supports 16 players each with their own customized character -- race, sex, hair and clothing are up for grabs.

    The article lists all of the game's modes -- we've got them below as well -- but goes into a bit of general detail on the ones it was able to play. Race and GTA Race lets the host choose which vehicles can be used and how many laps can be played; Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch has the host set the amount of pedestrians, traffic and police along with what weapons will be available; Mafia Work and Team Mafia Work cast you as one of Kenny Petrovic's men and assigns you hits to carry out before your opponent can; a single-player mission titled Hangman's NOOSE allows you to play with a friend as you move a mobster that's being pursued by SWAT agents; and finally, a team of police is charged with stopping a team of criminals in Cops N Crooks.

    The translation says that all of these missions were played on the same map that is used in Niko's single-player adventure, but Rockstar Games has yet to officially respond to IGN on this article.

    Want more in-depth details on GTA IV's multiplayer? Keep it here on IGN for updates as they arrive. Until then, check out PSM Spain's list of multiplayer modes.
    # Hangmans NOOSE
    # Car Jack City
    # Bomb da Base
    # Bomb da Base II
    # Mafia Work
    # Team Mafia Work
    # Deathmatch
    # Team Deathmatch
    # Turf War
    # Cops N Crooks
    # Race
    # GTA Race
    # Deal Breaker
    # Free Mode
    # Car Jack City

    If they manage to pull this off that'll be good.

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4


    Grand Theft Auto IV: Five Reasons You Want It
    Why might you be one of the millions expected to buy GTA IV in 2008? We'll tell you.

    by YVG Staff
    GTA IV Videos

    1. iTunes killer?

    Ever hear a random song on the radio and wish you could somehow snag it right then and there? If you're cruising around Liberty City, you can. In a video game first, Rockstar has teamed up with Amazon to let users mark any song they hear playing over the game's radio simply by making an in-game phone call. A few button-presses later, and the song will be waiting in your Amazon MP3 account. There's a lot here, too, as the soundtrack features over 150 songs spanning over a dozen genres, including exclusive tracks written just for the game by artists like Nas and The Greenskeepers in addition to plenty of obscure, hard-to-find material. Get the full lowdown here.

    2. If looks could kill...

    GTA IV sports an upgraded version of Rockstar's proprietary RAGE Graphics Engine (also used to power Table Tennis), which finally replaces Renderware under the GTA hood. RAGE now features a heavily-customized version of Natural Motion's "Euphoria" physics engine, the same one powering LucasArts' Jedi battle royale, The Force Unleashed. Put the two technologies together and you get seriously cinematic movement, gunplay, climbing, and driving. And say goodbye to long, ponderous load times - despite the sheer size and amazing level of detail in Liberty City (every street has a name and every business has an actual address), the first load is the only one you'll see.

    3. Live a Little

    Let's face it: stealing cars and blowing stuff up gets, well, kinda boring. Luckily, there's way, way more to do in GTA IV than just be a troublesome criminal. Call up your buddies for a game of darts, or a few beers at the local pub, or even a nice wholesome game of bowling. Using the indispensable new cell phone, you can initiate plans with any of your good (and not so good) pals, effectively creating the action rather than having it come to you all the time. Be careful, though, because those relationships you build function like they should. Ignore too many calls and you might find that the price of guns from your handy arms dealer just went up. And in case you suddenly develop a conscience, you can even dial 911 to arrest a ne'er do well or request an ambulance for an injured citizen. How he got hurt in the first place, we don't wanna know.

    4. One is the loneliest number.

    Most accomplished criminals prefer to work alone, but in GTA IV you'll have a chance to test yourself against other players in over a dozen multiplayer modes. Though many of the details are still under wraps, we have it on good authority that the game will support up to 16 players and feature everything from typical Deathmatch variants to several racing games, and of course, it's all accessible through that trusty cell phone. Expect more multiplayer news in the coming weeks.

    5. It aims to please.

    One of the chief complaints in past GTA games was the wonky aiming system; trying to switch targets was like steering a boat through mud. That's all changed in GTA IV thanks to a slick new targeting scheme that lets you change targets just by flicking the analog stick. If you still find yourself outmatched, a new cover system lets you slide behind a wall and blind fire into the glut of enemies trying to ruin your day. If you can't pull over before you get into a shootout, have no fear -- any weapon in the game can be fired while behind the wheel. So don't drive angry!

    NEW Trailer


    (upper left 1st)
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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    this game is gonna be sick. free mode online fer the win.

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    More Info

    GTA IV's Social Club Announced
    One of the most anticipated games of 2008 just got a whole lot cooler.
    by Nate Ahearn

    March 27, 2008 - Rockstar Games today announced a new feature for Grand Theft Auto IV, releasing April 29. Titled the Social Club, the website will act as a community hub for all things GTA IV related. Registration for the Social Club begins exactly two weeks prior to the release of the game on April 15. Either an Xbox Live Gamertag or PlayStation Network ID will earn you access to the Social Club, though the release wasn't specific as to whether that means it will be open to all Xbox Live members or if it will be exclusive to Gold Tier users. We'll update this story later when we get the specific details from Rockstar.

    The list of features for the Social Club is as follows:

    # LCPD Police Blotter -- A virtual map and tracker of single-player criminal activity logged in Liberty City from the aggregated data of millions of connected players - showing the most dangerous areas of town, most commonly used weapons and more.

    # The Story Gang -- This special single-player leaderboard recognizes players who complete Niko Bellic's main story arc of Grand Theft Auto IV - The leaderboard ranks players according to the total amount of playing time it's taken to complete the story, as well as a historical rank by who has completed it first. Members of this club will receive special online widgets and merit badges marking all of their in-game accomplishments.

    # The 100% Club -- Watch to see who will be the first to complete 100% of the game. The first ten people to be identified on the Social Club as reaching 100% will be sent an ultra-rare commemorative 'key to the city' to mark their accomplishment. In the future, the 100% Club will then carry a historical leaderboard showing rankings of who has completed 100% of a game in the shortest span of playing hours.

    # The Hall of Fame -- This area will dynamically recognize those singularly elite players who have reached the top of the hill on various statistical leaderboards, and will also contain a personal awards display of special in-game landmarks and successes in Social Club competitions.

    # The Liberty City Marathon -- A ranking of special physical milestones achieved in the game - from the amount of miles walked, driven, or swam - to the number of bullets fired and stunt-jumps jumped. There will be additional special marathon-based competitions in the future from this area as well.

    The Social Club won't be limited to the list above, according to Rockstar the feature can be expanded with special competitions, leaderboards and new challenges to test gamers months after GTA IV's release. It's interesting to note that the press release continually called it the "Rockstar Social Club" indicating that the same functionality could be applied to future Rockstar properties as well.

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    Most of those awards are BS, because they'll go to some 12 year olds who play hooky and have no job or other responsibilites and do nothing but play 24/7. Those of us with lives and jobs have no way of winning those.
    I called it wrong, so long ago. I guess this needs to be changed.

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

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    Default Re: Grand Theft Auto 4

    Well...Ign has a video review and a 7 page review of gta 4...10/10...first time since like a decade...this game should be bad ass...

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