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Thread: Quotes

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    Default Re: Quotes

    DAKARA. TEMPLE. Sam and Jacob/Selmak are trying to translate the wall of Ancient writing. Various pieces of paper with writing on them are taped to the wall. Jacob is holding a clipboard while Sam stands staring the wall. She turns to look at him. [Note: during the following conversations, Jacob and Selmak sometimes trade off without preceding their changeover with a bowing of the head.]

    CARTER: "Midday, the darkness is high in the sky"?! You sure about that?
    SELMAK: That is what it says.
    CARTER: It doesn't make much sense.
    JACOB: Yeah, well neither does, uh, (he looks at the clipboard) "the wind blows on the pillow" or "three days to the chicken," but that's what these phrases apparently translate into. CARTER: Are you saying this whole wall of writing is nonsense?

    REPLICARTER: Do you really think I am that different from Samantha Carter? JACKSON: In that you're a Replicator bent on galactic domination at the expense of all other living things ... (He shrugs, not even bothering to finish the sentence.)

    And know my favorite quote form stargate

    JACOB: I'm not getting anything. (He steps aside and lets Sam have a go.)
    CARTER (as she starts to type): This may not be possible, y'know.
    JACOB: C'mon, Sam -- it can't be any harder than blowing up a sun.
    (Sam looks irritated.)
    CARTER: Y'know, you blow up one sun and suddenly everyone expects you to walk on water!
    (At that moment, the interface between the laptop and the Ancient screen begins to work.)
    JACOB (smiling delightedly): There y'go! CARTER: Oh. Next up: parting the Red Sea

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    Wink W00t! I Love Quotes!

    (Finally saw Chicken Little the other day, so...)

    "That does it Foxey, we were on a time-out! Prepare to hurt, and not emotionally like I do!"
    -- Chicken Little

    Repeated Line: ...What were we talking about?

    "Nothing gold can stay."
    -- The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton

    Can't think of anymore...

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    Default Re: Quotes

    Family Guy

    Peter: They show Sarah Jessica Parker's Face On TV and she looks like a foot.

    Cleveland: We're the worst A-Team (they way he says it was funny)

    Peter: Damn New Yorkers Look at all the garbage they left on are lawn
    The NY Magazine, The NY Post, The NY Mets.

    Chris: Help me Brian I haven't been this confused since the end of No Way Out. How does Kevin Costner keep Getting Work?.

    AP Forums

    I used to watch South Park. The first few seasons were actually
    funny. Now it has just gotten sick. The Paris Hilton episode really pissed me
    off. A dog shooting off his own head is not funny.

    Def Comedy Jam

    Chris Tucker: I got rats & roaches like crips & bloods in my house, I come home from work I have to break up fights.Let it go let it go it ain't worth stop
    that s--- man.

    Chris Tucker: Whatever happened to pimps, what if Micheal Jackson was a pimp. S--- it be him and Tito ridin around in the Cadillac & s--- (imitates his moves)
    (in Micheal's voice) slow down Tito, Slow down Tito damn. Is that my ho over there that sitting on the curb let me out come here girl I SAY COME HERE GIRL. Where my money how much you got?

    Imitates Hooker: Mike I'm sorry all I got is a hundred dollar bill

    Chris Tucker (as Micheal): WHAT! YOU BEEN OUT HERE ALL DAY AND ALL YOU GOT IS A HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL (screams like Micheal) *slap* Keep in the closet.

    Bernie Mac: I love sex can't do s--- no more and I'm blessed. I'm big boned, I happy structured,I'm hung Low If I pull my s--- out this whole room get dark Kick Ass.

    (Bernie Mac speaking with a prison inmate)

    Bernie Mac: Hey my Brother whatchu in for? he said nutin.Brother's got a theory about being a punk what is a punk I never understand that s--- to save my life
    he said nutin I said how long you for? He said ever, now you know that's a long
    time if you take the "For" off that M-----------.
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    Default Re: Quotes

    If you don't give yourself to the world, your robbing the world of yourself.

    I heard it from some old actor on Oprah.

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    Default Re: Quotes

    If you don't give yourself to the world, your robbing the world of yourself.

    I heard it from some old actor on Oprah.
    From who Madonna XD.

    Rocky & Bullwinkle

    Customer: Waiter how's the irish stew?
    Bullwinkle: Oooooo the taters are old and the meat is fright, everything
    here is left over from saturday night, we scrape all into a pot that we
    got and we tell you that its irish stew that we got.

    Boris: That's great Natasha the last thing you got from a judge
    was 90 days.

    Megas XLR

    Coop: You know I'm getting tired of this you attack & I kick your butt
    routine, I think you're gonna have to get a bigger robot it you wanna play wit me anymore.

    Gloft Commander: Deploy the Eradicator! (The mothership transforms into
    a Giant robot that's at least 20 to 30 times bigger than Megas.)

    Jamie: You had to ask if he had a bigger robot didn't you.

    Coop: I've beaten guys bigger than him before.
    Jamie: No you haven't the thing's a flippin planet.

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    Default Re: Quotes

    heres one from the final ep of season 4 of the Blackadder its kinda a long one but its a good one^^

    Baldrick-now the way i see it these days theres a war on right ? and ages ago there wasnt a war on right ? so there must have been a moment when there not being a war on went away right ? and there being a war on came along so what i want to know is :how did we get from one state of affairs to another state of affairs ?

    Edmund-you mean how did the war start ?


    George-the war started because of the vile hun and his villanous empire building.

    Edmund-George the brittish empire at present covers a quarter of the globe whilst the german empire consists of a small sausage factory in Tangaiyka i hardly think that we can be entirly absolved on the imperialistc front.

    George-oh no sir absolutly not(aside to baldrick) Mad as a bicycle.

    Baldrick-i heard it started when a bloke called archie duke killed an ostrich cause he was hungry.

    Edmund-i think you mean it started when the arch duke of austro-hungary got shot.

    Baldrick-nah there definetly was an ostrich involved sir.

    Edmund-Well possibly but the real reason for the whole thing was that it was too much effort not to have a war.

    George-by god this is intresting i always loved history Battle of hastings, Henry VIII and his six knives all that.

    Edmund-You see baldrick in order to prevent war in europe two superblocs developed us the french and the russians on one side and the germans and austro-hungary on the other the idea was to have two vast opposing armies acting as the others deterrent that way there could never be another war.

    Baldrick-but this is sort of a war isnt it sir ?

    Edmund-yes thats right there was a tiny flaw in the plan.

    George-what was that sir ?

    Edmund-it was bollocks

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    Default Re: Quotes

    Prince Of Persia:WW

    Prince: Die you bastard! (to Dahaka)

    Prince: (After Shadee cuts him) You Bitch!

    NBA Jam

    Annoucer:He's on Fire

    HBO Boxing

    Annoucer:Vitali Klitschko is roughing Lennox Lewis up.

    007: Tommorrow Never Dies

    Dr Kaufman: I'm just a professional, doing a job.
    007: So am I.

    Max Payne

    Max: When Lupino went down I wanted to make sure he'd stay that way.
    (shoots Lupino's corpse)

    Max: He had a bat and I was tied to a chair, pissing him off was the right thing to do.

    Max: You play you pay you bastard.

    Max: When Gognitti's goons busted in I made like Chow Yun Fat.

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    Default Re: Quotes

    i also liked whenever you approached any one in max payne and they would proceed to say, "Wack 'um!"
    R.I.P. (for now) KO-Scans

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    Default Re: Quotes

    I just like the sounds they made when you killed them or set them on fire.

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    Default Re: Quotes

    One Piece
    "You may be smoke, but I'm fire!"
    --Ace, Alabasta arc
    "Laugh! Laugh when it hurts! DERESHISHISHI!!"
    --Saul, Enies Lobby flashback

    Family Guy
    STEWIE: "Bring me ice cream; but NO SPRINKLES. For every sprinkle I find...I shall KILL YOU!!"

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    Default Re: Quotes

    More Family Guy

    Stewie giving a eulogy for Brian's mother

    And then god said yay to Abraham you shall kill your first son Issac and then Abraham said WHAT I CAN'T HEAR YOU, YOU'LL HAVE TO SPEAK INTO THE MICROPHONE And then god said I'm sorry is this better check check check Jerry pull the high end out I'm still getting some hiss back here.

    Stewie,Meg, & Chris finding Jeff Foxworthy in a closet.

    Jeff Foxworthy: You might be a redneck if your gun rack has a gun rack on it.
    Stewie: YOU SUCK! [Shuts Door]

    My Fat Baby Loves To Eat

    Warm out today, warm yesterday, even warmer today.

    Met her on my CB said her name was Mimi
    Sounded like an angel come to earth. [Come to earth]

    When I went to meet her, Man you should've seen her
    twice as tall me three times the girl. [Girrrrllll]

    Oh my fat baby loves to eat [loves to eat]
    A big ol food of belly and her breast went past feet. [feet]

    My fat baby loves to eattttt
    My Big Ol fat ass baby loves to eat.


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    Default Re: Quotes

    "Attention customers: testicles. That is all."
    --Peter Griffin

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    Default Re: Quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandai Mera

    My Fat Baby Loves To Eat

    Warm out today, warm yesterday, even warmer today.

    Met her on my CB said her name was Mimi
    Sounded like an angel come to earth. [Come to earth]

    When I went to meet her, Man you should've seen her
    twice as tall me three times the girl. [Girrrrllll]

    Oh my fat baby loves to eat [loves to eat]
    A big ol food of belly and her breast went past feet. [feet]

    My fat baby loves to eattttt
    My Big Ol fat ass baby loves to eat.

    LOL! Great stuff
    R.I.P. (for now) KO-Scans

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    Default Re: Quotes

    LOL! Great stuff
    How bout this

    The FCC Song

    Oh yea I know all about the FCC.

    Peter: They will clean up all your talking in a matter such as this
    Brian: They will make you take a tinkle when you want to take a piss
    Stewie: And theyll make you call fellatio a trouser-friendly kiss
    All together: Its the plain situation!
    There's no negoitiation!
    Peter: With the fellows at the freakin FCC!

    Brian: Theyre as stuffy as the stuffiest of the special interest groups
    Peter: Make a joke about your bowels and they order in the troops
    Stewie: Any baby with a brain could tell them everybody poops!
    All together: Take a tip, take a lesson!
    Youll never win by messin
    Peter: With the fellas at the freakin FCC

    Peter:And if you find yourself with some you sexy thing
    Youre gonna have to do her with your ding-a-ling
    Cause you cant say penis!

    So they sent this little warning theyre prepared to do the worst
    Brian: And they stuck it in your mailbox hoping you could be co-erced
    Stewie: I can think of quite another place they should have stuck it first!

    Peter, Brian, & Stewie: They may just be neurotic
    Or possible psychotic
    Theyre the fellas at the freakin FCC!

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    Default Re: Quotes

    "Here's how it works, The president makes decisions, he's the decider. The press secretary announces those decisions, and you people of the press type those decisions down. Make, announce, type. Put them through a spell-check and go home. Get to know your family again. Make love to your wife. Write that novel you've got kicking around in your head. You know, the one about the intrepid Washington reporter with the courage to stand up to the administration. You know, fiction."

    Stephen Colbert is a friggen genius. this is so funny:laugh:

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    Default Re: Quotes

    Austin Powers - TSWSM

    General you better come take a look a this
    What is it son,
    I don't know sir but it seems to look like a giant...

    Dick take a look out at starboard
    Oh my god it looks like somebody's...

    PRIVATES we have received reports of an unidentified flying
    object, it is a smooth,long,shaft complete with...

    TWO BALLS, hey that looks just like an enormous...

    WANG pay attention
    I'm sorry sir but I was distracting by that huge flying

    Pecker, wait that's not a pecker it's a giant...

    Johnson, you better phone British Intelligence about this.

    Austin Powers: GM

    Take the baseline out:
    No? You dont have to... BOUNCE WITH IT!!

    It's a hard knock life for us
    It's a hard knock (--yea--) life for us
    Steada treated we get tricked
    Steada Free says we get kicked
    Its a hard knock life

    I dont know how to be no crib on MTV.
    God only knows. Got my Mini-me in the GP see how it goes.

    Evil's all that I see... you ask me my name? D to the Rizzo, E to the Vizzo, I to the Lizzo, I'm a crazy (--its a hard knock
    life--) mother (--beep--) y'all knew that.

    Austin caught me in the first act that's all backwords, whats with that?
    So I'll make a prophesy from the dogs to the mini me.
    Gimme an escalade, 2 way bling-bling on Ebay. Domino, mother (--beep--)

    Its a hard knock life (--yea--) for us
    Its a hard knock life
    (--stick that in your pipe and smoke it--)for us.
    Steada treated (--uh huh--) we get tricked
    (--this is for all my homies in Bruges--)
    Steada kisses we get kicked

    It's a hard knock life (--uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh--) for us
    Its a hard knock life for us
    Steada treated
    (--ah, crystal, my moto, a couple of behotches, why not?--)
    we get tricked
    Steada Free says we get kicked
    Its a hard knock life

    I gotta busta move, droppin busta groove feeling fine.
    Got an evil crew, Goldmember too. Lick my nine.
    Till then, I'll (--beep--) on my (--beep--) grand up the (--beep--) ill call and I'll splooge in your (--beep--) thats all!
    Fizzle my nizzle y'all.
    (--its a hard knock life--)

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    Default Re: Quotes

    Here alot of classic qoutes from Power Rangers.

    Kimberly: Tommy!...Tommy I know...(whispers) I know you're the Green Ranger.
    Tommy: Well then Pink Ranger, you should also know that you, and the other Power Rangers will soon be destroyed.
    Kimberly: Let us help you, we can break Rita's spell!
    Tommy: Rita is my Empress, and she will soon rule the world.
    Kimberly: Tommy, please, let us help you!
    Tommy: You, have been warned. ~ Green with Evil: Part 5

    Lord Zedd: (After being teleported to the command center) Well? Isn't anybody going to ask me how my trip was? ~ Changing the Zords Part 2

    Goldar: Your instruction will now begin. Kneel to me as your master teacher.
    Kimberly(As Rita): Forget it! You should be kneeling to me! (Whacks him over the head with her magic wand.) ~ Beauty and the Beast

    Kimberly: (dressed as Rita) Ooh you numbskulls, you're giving me a HEADACHE!!! ~ Beauty and the Beast

    Cole: (amazed) Wow. So, that was Tommy. He really is the greatest Ranger! (other Rangers laugh and scoff) What? What'd I say?
    TJ: Well... I wouldn't go that far. After all, I was the one who replaced him.
    Jason: Are you kidding me? I was doing all the work while he was at the Juice Bar kissing on Kimberly.
    Carter: Alright, well, at least his haircut's regulation now. Right?
    Eric: My Q-Rex would eat this Dragonzord for lunch! (gestures like a dinosaur munching down)
    Leo: He never discovered new galaxies!
    Wes: Hey, wa-wa-wait. I changed history. So why does he have a fan club, and I don't?
    Andros: Hey! I saved two worlds. What about that?
    TJ: Wai-wai-wai-wait! Did I ever tell you guys about the time I got baked in that giant pizza?
    Everyone but Cole: (unimpressed) YES! ~ Forever Red

    Kimberly: you don't know who you're messing with Mr. Raisin-head

    Ivan Ooze *Sarcastly*: Really?

    Tommy: Yeah we're the power rangers.

    Ivan Ooze *Sarcastly*: whooh where's my autograph book. ~ Power Rangers the movie

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    Default Re: Quotes

    "All it takes is one rotten day to make a normal man go insane"
    ~The Joker~
    A Quest For Treasure Will Unite Them All: ONE PIECE

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    Default Re: Quotes

    "Those that give up freedom for security, deserve neither and shall recieve neither" - Ben Franklin

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    Default Re: Quotes

    Ultimate Spider-Man (comic)

    Quartermain: He's beating the living crap out of him
    Nick Fury: Who is?
    Quartermain: Spider-Man, Spider Man is beating the living crap out of him.

    Nick Fury:Optimism is a revolutionary act
    Peter: Who told you that? The guy who poked out your eye?
    Nick Fury: Yes

    Steve Austin

    You sit there and you thump your bible and you say your prayers, and it didn't get you anywhere. Talk about John. 3:16, Austin 3:16 says: I've just whipped your ass!!


    Cole: I'll catch you in hell Martin
    Martin: Yeah you'll be the only one down there still living with your mother.

    Sheneneh: Uh-Uh who you think you beeping at?
    Driver: Put your ugly face back in the car
    Sheneneh: Uh-Uh no you didn't Is that your wife? or is your dog walking backwards?

    Martin: What about last year Gina when you forgot to kill the damn bird
    I mean I ain't seen that much bloodshed since Scarface "I told chu once no kids no turkey".

    Martin: Besides looking like Karl Malone what do you got against men?

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