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Thread: Neko's Cosplay

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    *does a Neko dance* Yay, Devon shoes came in the mail! ^o^ They were the best match and not horribly expensive. Found them at WalMart, and they are SO comfortable!

    Please excuse the poor lighting...

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    Finished redoing Zoro swords, someone wants to borrow them for A-Kon. Though, since I plan on having my boyfriend use them someday, I figured I might as well get them right this time.

    This is what they looked like before:

    The only two that really changed are obviously Kietetsu and Shuusui, I just touched up Wadou and rewrapped the handle.

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    Looking good! Can't wait to see all the pictures from AKON

    image credit to Fleur. <3

    DA LJ twitter

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    So I finally got around to working on my Jem cosplay for Anime Fest. Started working on the wig, the one I bought was really thin towards the bottom, so I thought I would give it some lift by adding hair wefts. First time learning to sew them myself, hopefully it will turn out looking good and fluffy!

    After several failures, finally got it right!

    Pinned to the wig for now to see how they would look. I've done about 6 or so. After I sew on as many as needed, I'll be dyeing the entire wig so the color will be a consistent pink.

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    So Jem is being put on the backburner until I have time to finish that dress and find a better wig. FYI, the blonde wig was ruined by the fabric paint I used. Kinda irritated that someone who is such an experienced cosplayer recommended using this method to dye the wig, it just got all chunky and gross. Oh well. I think I will just find a pink wig like I should have done from the beginning.

    I have decided to be Cindry for Halloween this year. I need an easy costume since I don't have time to put anything elaborate together and most of the good Halloween costumes are overly priced. Hopefully it will just look cute in general, I'm wearing it to a party next weekend, lol.

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    Wow, been a while since I've posted on this thread. Updating with cosplay from A-kon 2014!

    Great Saiyaman 2! The only thing I had time for because of work, aside from a couple of Halloween costumes.

    Some of my favorite moments from A-kon.

    Posing with a cute Jolyne. I wish I was thin enough to cosplay her.

    With Crickeylynn and Taboo

    AP Forums crew, mostly.

    Pics from the Channel 8 special about Battle of The Gods. I was on TV and made some new friends!

    Loved that Bulma!

    Chris Sabat loved my Saiyaman! I was trying not to fangirl too much (on the outside...). He tweeted my cosplay on his Twitter page. Ahhh!

    Jason Douglas, voice of Beerus. He was so tall!

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