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Thread: New Rules: Listen up!

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    Default New Rules: Listen up!

    I think we should break the ultimate rule and start letting you posting WHATEVER you want.
    Bring on the pron!
    Any thread anywhere!

    These are orders!
    Thats what makes KF have the edge if you ask me.
    Anyone who wants to tell me how awesome I am use the main thread. PM me from there too and ask for the special password for benefits FOR GUYS I LIKE.

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    Default Re: New Rules: Listen up!

    You are a fake but I agree with the rule, Zephos.

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    Default Re: New Rules: Listen up!

    sweet there'll be pron here??? this just shows how sad this thread has become

    the first million spam threads were fine but one with pron just crosses the line...*waits anxiously for pron to be on here*
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    Stay focused, cause right now you have a decision to make. Are you a man perpetually looking back at what hes lost, or a man looking forward, to what he might become?

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    Default Re: New Rules: Listen up!

    I did what now?

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    Default Re: New Rules: Listen up!



    I LOVE YOU GRIF!!!!!one!!!1!!1!!!!one!

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    Default Re: New Rules: Listen up!

    Yes! Pron! BRING ON THE SECKS!!!

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    Default Re: New Rules: Listen up!

    ....IT'S A TRAP! Don't post teh pron!

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