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Thread: Naruto Mega-Discussion of Extreme Bloat II (May not contain any Naruto Discussion)

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    Which goes back to how I wished Naruto had just summoned Gamabunta and squashed Kakuzu's baby raping ass right there.

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    Oro has transformed in this form because he'll take Sasuke's body.

    I remember this scene:

    When this part happened, it didn't show the process that Oro uses to change the body. Now, with this form and saying to Sasuke " Give me your body" I know how the process works.

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    Oro has no place in the finale

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    Uh? What do you mean?

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    Unless Oro eats Sasuke, Naruto will be killing Akatsuki leader AND Oro. Sasuke should kill Oro right now. I dont want to see the final battle being Oro vs Naruto. AL should be the end all villain in Naruto, because his death would probably cause the release of all Tailed Beasts, and end the plot on a good note.

    Oro vs Naruto, the plot will end with Naruto butt humping Sasuke. Rescuing Sasuke should'nt be the end all plot of the manga.

    edit: if Sasuke lives, he can go on and kill Itachi sometime soon (Team Gai arc? Kisame is team gai's arch rival imo)

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    i seond no oro for finale

    I always knew sasuke wasn't that fucking stupid and he would betray him,

    and can somebody elaborate on what sauke meant by " You couldn't get Itachi"

    did oro originally try to get itachi to join him?

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    I don't really think Orochimaru will be in the finale either, he has two completely different sets of people after him. Akatsuki wants him because he kept his ring, which seems to be an item of at least some significance. Also he has Naruto and Co. after him in order to get Sasuke back. It would be cool if the next big confrontation was a sort of three way fight between the factions.

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    I'm betting that Orochimaru would have pefered Itachi, but couldn't get him because he was stronger.

    I would be extremely disappointed if either Sasuke or Orochimaru die here. I hope Sasuke comes within seconds of killing Orochimaru and then Kabuto steps in, and forces Sasuke to retreat.

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    What if the 8th tailed demon IS Orochimaru? Not that it's sealed but he is the demon... Or something... I just like the idea with a big Orochi demon in Naruto.. That would be cool... yeah...

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    @rusashi Of course Oro can't be the final villian. AL(the Vearn of Naruto series) will be for sure the final villian because he's the most mysterious character of the whole series. But Oro won't die in this part. He has to show his power at maximum. Like I said many times, I bet that Oro will be defeated by Naruto and killed by Akatsuki.

    This image says all:

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    Quote Originally Posted by Taleran View Post
    so if Sasuke is a super genius

    does that make Itachi a Super Special Awesome Genius?
    Somehow I didn't think the Uchiha's could BE more overpowered. Meh I always felt Sasuke was a Gary Stu character. Though I guess we'll have to wait to see if he does kill off Orochimaru.

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    I still think that Orochimaru has the 8 tail the spoiler pic looka like he is using 1 of the tailsplus Orochimaru was born with white skin and yellow eyes

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    Chapter looks like awesome. My interest in Naruto is certainly renewed.
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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    I'm still not even sure that the eight tails is a snake. Yamata no Orochi was an eight headed snake, not an eight tailed.
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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    Wow, this chap was unexpected. Kishi actually showed the fight, I thought he was gonna transition back to Konoha or the Akatsuki. Even odder, a villian in a shonen title gets his own flashback and character development. Who woulda thought?

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    umm wow, Sasuke little speech right there was badass. I admit I am Sasuke fan, but his logic was great in all of that.

    That transformation makes me think Oro is going to be "Departed" soon.

    edit: yeah and Oro is having a flashback. He is going to die.
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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    well can sasuke afford to kill orochimaru? i mean if he doesn't he will fade and lose his body but if he does his seal will vanish along with most of his power

    on the other hand sasuke might have learned every jutsu oro knows so he will continue on his own from now but if he kills oro what will hapen to kabuto? he will vanish without a fight? or he will be killed by sasuke too

    well it is tricky,anyway i want both oro dead (cuz he is pathetic) and sasuke half dead cuz he looked the 9 tailed demon fox and said that it's power is greater than even his,what kind of mumbo jumbo was that?

    ofcourse the kyubi is stronger than him and it is stronger than itachi and every person cuz their chakra is unlimited as kakashi said,the brat should pay for his words

    and orochimaru should die,he is weaker than itachi and itachi said he was weaker than jiraiya (well in the manga it isn't so clear but in the anime it is stated witha more obvious way) and oro found the chance to humiliate jiraiya since he had drunk a drug from the 5th,nobody messes with jiraiya! and the 5th kicked his ass too and naruto owned him too and he would have killed him if yamao didn't interfere

    well i hope oro's flashback is short and sasuke knows how to summon that giant snake oro used again the other sannin and that crappy seal fades for ever


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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    gamistras, u are misinformed.

    The kyuubi said the uchiha charka is more cursed than his own. Sasuke didnt say it, the demon did. We dont know what exactly more cursed means. I think it has something to do with the Mange. Sharingan, because Kyuubi told Sasuke if you kill Naruto you will regret it.
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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    If he gets killed off now... I guess Kishimoto's back to being a mediocre storyteller.

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    Default Re: Naruto Discussion II

    I dont get what is so wrong about him dying soon? It can go many ways after his death. My guess he will just transfer into another body. Maybe KAbuto, like Kabuto offered in part 1.

    Also, the whole symbolism with the bird eating the snake. I think Sasuke is going to finish him. But it could go either way.

    Everybody assumed we were going to have a rescue sasuke arc soon, kishie throws a curve ball and have sasuke rescue himself. Its not that bad of story telling to me.
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