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Thread: But Zoro...

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    Default But Zoro...

    Has a new sword?

    In the latest chap 438 in one of the images i can see a sword never seen before...
    The guard of the sword is different from the others 3 that he has used since now... The Yubashiri has a squared crossed guard, the Kitetsu has a crossed circled one & the Wado Ichimonji a circled one without holes...

    Ps: sorry 4 bad words but I'm italian...

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    Can you give the exact page and picture of the new chapter where you see this new hilt and crossguard? I can't see any difference from before. True, he still has three sheats in his belt but he only fights with two swords. I figured he still carries the broken remains of the Yurabashi (is that the name?) in the third sheath.
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    Default Re: But Zoro...

    He did steal a sword from the marines a while back, but I'm not sure if he still has it or not.

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    Default Re: But Zoro...

    That sword had a hilt that definetly stood out from his other swords. It's not the same.
    One crow flying alone is a sign of foul weather

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    I noticed that too, but i didnt see the gaurd, so much as the wrapping of the hilt. Its definitely not Funk Fried, though. The hilt might also just be Yubashiri wrapped up, cuz it looks kinda like cloth or something that is wrapped around the grip. i dunno though. Ther isnt enough of a good view to say anything conclusive.

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    It's not the Marine sword, it had a big fancy handguard. This one looks like a regular katana, I can't be sure until I check a picture or two, but Oda did choose to close up on it in a bigger panel than usual. It might just be Wadou though.

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    I agree with Urokråke from the looks of it its just the hilt of his broken sword because if you look later in the chapter the wado isn't in his mouth so therefore it must be in his hand which would leave him with the wado and his unbroken sword. In Short, it's only the wrapped up remains of his old broken sword.

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