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Thread: Dexter

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    Default Dexter

    I know very few have digital cable (I dont have it) but on Cinemax there is a very interesting show named Dexter. I dont know if anyone here has watched it (if you dont have digital calbe you can easily DL through bittorent), but it is a very good show.

    Basic Plot: A sociopathic cop leads a double life as a serial killer.

    Has anyone, bsides me, seen it, or even heard of it? It would be cool to see who else sees it, although I doubt anyone has even heard of it.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dexter_%28TV_series%29 the wikipedia article on it for further reading and synopsis.

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    Default Re: Dexter

    I haven't seen it, but my friend was telling me all about it. I bought her the book for christmas. Darkly Dreaming Dexter. Sounds intersting, but not sure if I would like all the blood. (I'm asuming there's lots of that stuff, being a serial killer and all)

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    Default Re: Dexter

    Yeah, I am also currently reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter. The book is quite similar to the TV show (obivously).

    And yes, there is quite a bit of blood.....a lot actually. And nudity. But its still a great show nonetheless.

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    Default Re: Dexter

    I LOVE Dexter, it really manages to pull you in and keep you hooked. Typical for a cable show to have tons of gore and nudity, but within the context of the show its all done very well, not raunchy or innapropriate at all.

    With Dexter AND a new season of Sleeper Cell, plus the now cancelled Dead Like Me and Queer as Folk, Showtime is like m best friend lol.
    ArticUNO ZapDOS MolTRES!!!!!!!!

    Holy crap, I never noticed that!

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    Default Re: Dexter

    Im glad I am not the only person here who watches it.

    Have you seen episode 8?

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    Default Re: Dexter

    is it coming to DVD soon? I wanted to get them for my friend's b-day, but I got her the second novel instead.

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    Default Re: Dexter

    I dont think its coming to DVD anytime soon. The series started at about the same time as Death Note started. So, it only has about 10 episodes or so.

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    Default Re: Dexter

    Lol, first thought that came in my mind when reading the thread title was Dexter's Lab.

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    Default Re: Dexter

    i guess i gotta bring this one back. Everyone who can stomach the gore should watch this one but dont marathon it because you'll want much much more. Micheal C. Hall is the man and is getting some award noms and wins (the best actor for the screen actors guild awards being one and he is nominated for an emmy). Anyone know anything remotely similar to this show that i should check out or at least, is Six Feet Under worth my time? Im kinda dying for more of Hall. (mancrush?)
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    Default Re: Dexter


    Another person who watches Dexter. I havent seen past episode 9 because sadly, I dont want to be Dexterless till October. And plus Im still trying to finish the 1st novel. I am trying to read it fast though, I need to watch Dexter.

    As for Six Feet Under, Ive never seen it. But I do know, that Michael C. Hall's character is gay in Six Feet Under. Thats about it. I dont have tiime to watch the show, if not I probably would. I liked him in Dexter.

    And I gotta say, I did expect THAT GUY to be the Ice Truck Killer.

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    Default Re: Dexter

    Oh man, you have yet to see the great season finale! I wish the season was longer though. How is the book? i hear some great things.

    Oh yeah, it was obvious that that guy was the killer. There is a big twist though behind him.
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    Default Re: Dexter

    The book, is different from the series. I mean the guy who poses as the Ice truck killer is some other guy. I mean as far as I know. And there is A LOT of filler in the series. Like the whole thing with that latino guy (not the one who was smuggling Cuban immiugrants, the other one. - the Cuban thing was filler too). Yeah, alot of filler. But if the filler wasnt there, the season would have only been like 6 episodes at the most.

    But the filler in the series is one of the few times a filler is actually good. I think the box set should be coming out soon. I cant wait till this October, its when the new season comes out.

    Now, I am more anxious to watch the final episodes of the season. Although....I really dont like it when he kills people.....I mean its ok. But I hated when he killed the psychiatrist.....but it was cool at the same time.

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    Default Re: Dexter

    Quote Originally Posted by Buuhan1 View Post
    Lol, first thought that came in my mind when reading the thread title was Dexter's Lab.
    Great minds think alike...


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    Default Re: Dexter

    October is way too far away.

    There are so many reprocussions from the ending, you wouldnt even believe. Finish watching Natty (just to be clear, you got this name from the character in the series in which one of the books is Last of the Mohicans, right?)!!! The key to the entire season is in the finale. We can't really talk about anything until you finish :)
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    Default Re: Dexter

    Ill try watching it, I guess the book can wait.

    And yes, my name does come from James Fenimore Cooper's character named Nathaniel "Natty" Bumppo from the Last of the Mohicans and other novels.

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    Default Re: Dexter

    Meh just quickly skimming everything and I get either The Dexter's Lab feeling by reading the title or the Detective Conan anime feel.
    From what I read its about a kid who was orphaned at the age of three and liked to kill? Yet a cop brought him in and taught him good, then the kid became a cop and killed for good?...Am I getting this right?

    Is this Show like Detective Conan? Just curious.

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    Default Re: Dexter

    this show is probably nothing like detective conan. Unless the series suddenly became about a sociopathic, serial killer that was left at a crime scene only to be adopted by a cop.
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    Default Re: Dexter

    Alright, it's time for some good old fashioned thread necromancy.

    (cracks fingers)

    I've noticed that there seems to be some confusion left here from like a year or two ago about what exactly this show is about. Well, I'll attempt to make things clear without giving everything away with...

    Roz's (spoiler-free!) all-purpose Dexter Info Sheet!

    What is the TV show "Dexter"?
    "Dexter" is a television series aired on the Showtime channel based (loosely) on a series of novels by Jeff Lindsay. By "Loosely," I mean that the television series so far has not directly followed the novels: in fact, several major plot points as well as a few names have been modified for the television version.

    Plot Overview
    The Dexter series follows the happenings in the life of Dexter, a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department and a serial killer on the side. Dexter is plagued (or blessed?) by a lack of real emotions, and constantly has to pretend in order to seem "normal." He's good at what he does - acting for others constantly, murder, and blood pattern analyzing - almost too good. Although a few people occasionally find him creepy, Dexter mostly passes off his lack of emotions as genuine social awkwardness and ignorance: only one man constantly finds him suspicious. Of course, Dexter would never let anyone find out about his secret [laboratory, lol]... Would he?

    Dexter: The Books!
    There are two Dexter books currently available:
    Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter. The third, Dexter in the Dark is scheduled for a September 18 (One week away!) release in the U.S. and an October 3 release in the U.K. A fourth novel, Dear Daddy Dexter, is said to be in the works. The first two chapters of Dexter in the Dark are viewable by owners of the Dexter series DVD.

    As previously mentioned, the television series has strayed pretty significantly from the original novels (But in an awesome way). If anyone wants elaborations on this, feel free to ask. The primary difference, though, is Dexter's "Dark Passenger." The DP (Hurhurhur) is described as something like a separate entity that controls Dexter that he acquired at a young age - something like a voice in his head that drives him to kill. This is rarely if ever referenced in the television series, but is very greatly emphasized in the novels.

    More about the TV series!
    The Dexter TV series stars Michael C. Hall as Dexter, and man does he ever do one hell of a job. The television series is amazing, and I've made it a goal to impose it on as many people as possible. The first season spans 12 episodes, and each episode is one hour long. While each one tends to contain one or more episodic aspect such as a situation or story involving a side character or a case that needs to be solved on the side of the main objective, the series does follow one main plot. It is highly encouraged that you watch episodes in order.

    The first season, for a large part, followed Darkly Dreaming Dexter. The second season, however, is an original story using the same as well as a few new characters. It doesn't seem to have much if any relationship to the second novel. The first two episodes have leaked on the internet as of mid-July.

    Is there any reason not to watch Dexter?

    Not that I can think of!

    DVD Set
    The first season of the Dexter TV series was released in DVD format on August 21, 2007. I haven't looked too much into this other than the packaging because I've been a bit busy lately, but I'll detail what I know about it: Obviously, it features the 12 episodes of the first season.

    As previously mentioned, the set contains the first two chapters of Dexter in the Dark. I haven't read them yet, but an insert that came with the DVD set gives a hint of what it's about:

    "As if dodging a gruesome competitor and dealing with the disappearance of his Dark Passenger weren't enough, Dexter also faces one of the most troubling things that could happen to any guy... Planning a wedding."

    Another insert informs me that the soundtrack will be released on August 28.

    Finally, the third insert features a rather cheerful looking Dexter and informs us that the new season begins on September 30.

    The special features include two commentary tracks, as well as a laundry list of other things (including some other Showtime series whoring). I can't really say what most of the special features are because the titles of them as listed on the case don't tell exactly what they are.


    Heck yes!!

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    Default Re: Dexter

    I know I am stoked for the new season. I wouldve wished though, that they kept to the books. The books are really well written (for the most part) and it was a shame that
    They killed off Dexter's brother, but didnt kill LaGuerta

    The show is still major kick ass, and anyone with a fine taste for good television should watch it.

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    Default Re: Dexter

    I don't get Showtime or Cinemax or whatever channel Dexter airs on, but I've read the two books. I'm kind of glad that they're going in a different direction with the new season, since there was some seriously creepy shit in the second novel.

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