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    I've explored the shop and can't find where to turn gems into anything other than mons or clothes (and the battle pass)

    Oh, and the exp...
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    The speed stat is the most important of the stats of the game, specially with dynamic speed introduced this gen.

    It determines the turn order, if someone attacks first, that mon has an enormously...
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    I moved on from talking Pokémon here because it got here toxic and stupid.

    Unite is fun enough, and no matter how I search, I can’t find how to turn directly money into power items. Sw&sh was...
  4. Re: Pokemon BDSP, Arceus, and other Spinoffs

    Not even the rotom formes.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    I kinda jest, but Masuda was the original director, so if it is keept as it was is more out of either pride or fear rather than...
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