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    Poll: Re: Next Straw Hat Crewmates (Vol. 7 - Wano)

    Turns out Jinbe is the witching-hour boy and he's been there since the start
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    Re: Witch Hat Atelier

    I hate when translators keep japanese exclusive speech patterns and expressions (like this "ara ara ara" or Riché talking on the third person - in japanese it makes her sound really childish, in any...
  3. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield - Galexit Edition

    Just start a new game
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    Re: Volume 93 Predictions/Discussion

    Wano hair colors, I can't see any of them coming
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    Re: Mortal Kombat 11

    I don't have any idea why he is quoting Dr. Frank-N-Furter (25:20), but this is now the best thing. Beat mirror Frosts talking only with Frozen quotes.
  6. Re: General Fire Emblem Thread - Oh No! I'm Late for the Brigand Exam!

    Is she a new revealed character or did I just overlooked her? Anyway, she reminds me of Miranda Lotto from the good early D. Gray-man and that's a great thing as far as I am concerned.
  7. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield - Galexit Edition

    Reddit specifically is rubbing me in the worst possible way. Until 3 days ago they were downvoting to oblivion any form of critique someone would make about pokémon/swsh/gamefreak/whatever. They...
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    Re: Bleach Discussion █: Soul Society, but not!

    Those are not Segunda Etapa, they are "a power greater than Resurrección". It is for the gacha, but as far as I know only Ulquiorra's and an Ichigo new form were designed by Kubo Tite. It has...
  9. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield - Galexit Edition

    Talking about personal experience, I am not a breeder, I don't play competitively and I never had a living dex nor ever tried to do so (the closest I got to it was completing the Alola dex). I did...
  10. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield - Galexit Edition

    They are doing that because Totem pokémon were coded in the Gen VII games with different models than the regular pokémon instead of just reescaling them. But even if they were coded as different...
  11. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield - Galexit Edition

    Omori (not Masuda, sorry) said it on the Famitsu interview.

    That said, I am sure once the dust settles down people will be more accepting...
  12. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield - Galexit Edition

    I saw PLENTY of people complaining about this and not a single time I saw someone complaining because the competitive aces (like Landorus) will not be in. People are worried about their favorites not...
  13. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield - Galexit Edition

    I'm pretty sure at least legendaries and starters will get that treatment and/or be given through events. They just said you can't transfer non-Galar pokemon from Home, but you should still be able...
  14. Re: General Fire Emblem Thread - Oh No! I'm Late for the Brigand Exam!

    Finding out there will be a time-skip instead of time travel, pocket dimension, or whatever else single-handed convinced me to buy this game. My zero interest suddenly turned into hype.

  15. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Ok, finally got to watch the direct and the Treehouse stuff and now I am much less optimistic about more old Pokémon being implemented at later points.

    I mean, I won't say I can't understand....
  16. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    I don't know. I mean, sure, it will change which pokemon are used, but in the end unless they did a serious rebalance we'll end up stuck with just a few names again that will stand above the rest.
  17. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    FINALLY a dog pokemon that actually gives me dog vibe! I had given up on that, honestly.

    Love it already.

    Now I hope they also make a black cat that feels like a cat (they could just color...
  18. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Watch Butterfree and most bug pokemon still have zero expression and keep flying when asleep or on reffresh...

    ... oh well, I suppose at this point I should be glad my favorite was already...
  19. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    What the fuck? That doesn't make any sense, it means any pokemon who is not in the regional dex will not be playable in SwSh even after Home is available? How will that work with competitive play?...
  20. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Can't watch it, but according to Serebii the only new information is Gym Leader Nessa.

    Reminder the leak from a while ago mentioned her as well.

    And it seems we got our Ness reference in the...
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    Re: Samurai 8 Hachimaru-den

    And this is it. I only remembered to read the chapter today, read the two first pages and like 10 pages later I realized I was just passing the pages without bothering to read them (pretty much the...
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    Re: Chapter 945: Olin

    Kaido having only Zoan is ok (BM also only have Paramecia, the only exception was Pekoms and he is probably not part of the BMP anymore) because we can assume he specifically aimed for that as even...
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    Re: Chapter 945: Olin

    We are talking about the top pirates of the world. And not goody goody pirates, they are piratey pirates. Do you really think if Kaido found out a fruit he wanted was already eaten by a random...
  24. Re: Vivre Card: One Piece Visual Dictionary, new One Piece Databook on sale 4th Septe

    Damn, they skipped Buggy post-ts :/ ok, I assume there will be a third "starter booster" on September, he could be there.

    And apparently we'll find out the name of the other two top musketeers.
  25. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    I hate nostalgy bias as much as the next person, but legendaries are probably the only area I actually think Pokémon got progressively worse as time went by.

    Mewtwo had a perfect design for a...
  26. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    I hate to admit, but I'm starting to like Swordoggo. Well, maybe not like, but at least "not dislike".

    If they follow the same schedule as for the last generations, we should only get the...
  27. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    For those who don't want to read the leaks in its entirety and just want some specific information:

    - New pokémon: Pamper, an electric corgi. Chipmunks called Skwovet and Greedunt or something...
  28. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Plot twist: AZ is a dynamaxed human
  29. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    That will be easy
    Chose Beckham specifically because obvious reasons

    I like to think it...
  30. Re: Pokemon Sword and Shield

    From the Direct I was under the impression the roaming would be exclusive to Wild Area, but the site suggests it is for the whole game.

    I usually dislike edgy designs, but if you are going to...
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