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    True... he just deserves some rivalry though... He's awesome but just sitting around doesn't show how awesome :wink:
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    Okay I love Usopp and all ... but this is ridiculous
    I know that Enel has his followers here. The votes show it, but so far I've only seen one pic for Enel.
    I wanted -like others- to see a battle...
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    I love it!!
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    Let's face it, Enel is a God of destruction as much as being a god of lightening. He destroyed his homeland Bilka, then tried to destroy Skypeia.

    So what is Usopp's Godhood?
    As the counterpart...
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    You've read the dialogue between the two gods,
    Only one is worth 5 stars!
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    Its funny how many of us forgot that years ago, before the cover story of "From the Decks of the World" issue where we see Gan Fall that we argued if Usopp was the new God based on the issue before ...
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    Being a God is more about having Followers that follow you out of respect, not fear.
    Out of both of them, Usopp has more of those than Enel who focused on making the people he ruled fear him.

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