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    Re: Chapter 726 "The Riku Family"

    Speaking of Barto, can I make a prediction that he will end up an antagonist? Because;
    Barto has idolized Luffy ever since he first witnessed the failed execution in Logue Town, following every...
  2. Re: Naruto and Bleach III : WHY NEJI WHY (because I wanted Ace's fangirls)

    Take that Ichigo!
    You have not only been stooped to taking in a bit of Omaeda in you, you are also eating reiatsu fat in the form of food! Didnt know body fats could be so tasty.
    (It resembles it...
  3. Thread: Liar Game

    by Mysterion

    Re: Liar Game

    That was very fast of a release, I had gotten used to the every other weak periods.
    So what this chapter showed wasnt akiyama releasing his cards to lift up the nonranks as to minimalize benefits...
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    Re: Chapter 687: Wild animal

    Zoro distinction in the views of AP:
    Zoro slices Hyozu's swords vertically and drops him in one hit = Damn, awesome!
    Zoro slices a snow harpy in half = Zoro you sexist bastard!!! I loved her!! =(
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    Re: Chapter 686: Biscuit's room snow woman

    I recall Kuro announcing out to his crew that they were "prisoners" to his plans.

    But on topic for the chapter: As said by the review posted last page, monet gives off an "insane nanny"...
  6. Re: Naruto and Bleach II: Ninjas and shinigami are MEANIES!

    I wonder if Kubo also forgot the "ukitake" reveal, being evil and for whatever case..
    Must have.
  7. Re: 565: ''Luffy's Body Explodes! Red Hawk's Burst''

    Would anyone take a guess as to how many of those steroids Hody has munched up by this point, excluding those before his transformation?

    I'd guess a good 80+ of them.
  8. Re: Naruto and Bleach II: Fiery Stapler bankai jutsu!

    "Ichigo = Megaman"

    horrifying thought.
  9. Re: Naruto and Bleach II: Fiery Stapler bankai jutsu!

    Looking at that mixture of race qualities Ichigo has gotten stacked into him, you'd think he'd carry one technique for atleast each. The guy has more forms than techniques, literally ground pavement...
  10. Re: 564: ''To Zero! The Heated Wish Reaches Luffy!''

    Hody's earlier flashback is indeed a contradiction and as you say Vegard, making it a dream would be smoother than letting it fly as it is... if there's interest in keeping Hody's motives clean.
  11. Re: Naruto and Bleach II: Kishi and Kubo are just making fun of people now

    If I remember it right, only Naruto's dad was forced to death through the sealing while his mother chose to be sealed as a living memory instead of raising him.
    Either case, they both died from it,...
  12. Re: Naruto and Bleach II: No shirt, no shoes, no Naruto, no bankai

    Though it would be funny to see him absorb Renji's Bankai, had Byakuya not stopped him:

    - Bankai!
    Uniformed Dude: *Absorbs Renji's Bankai into mysterious coin*
    - My Bankai! What...
  13. Re: Naruto and Bleach II: No shirt, no shoes, no Naruto, no bankai

    That would be coming to our own conclusions, something Kubo wants us to do so he wont have to write them himself. Something he is not very good at.
    But even if we accept this, saying im in the mood...
  14. Re: Naruto and Bleach II: No shirt, no shoes, no Naruto, no bankai

    Gotta admit, it is very interesting to watch Kubo try to develop Bleach and constantly forgetting details he brought up mere chapters ago.
    These Captains are surprisingly fun too. Kubo means to tell...
  15. Re: 550: ''Hody's Incident - The Foul Drug's True Power!''

    Like said, the animation of these chapters is pretty brilliant. Not only was the NFP showcased more which makes them all the more likable, it was very well made with Hody's experience and that of...
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    Re: 549: ''A Split Occurs! Luffy vs. Jimbei''

    To me, this was a rather good episode. I will admit, the ending is a bit iffy with luffy pulling a comic angry face, which in no way references to his agreement to listen.

    The two things I...
  17. Re: Naruto and Bleach II: Everything is hax. Or maybe that's hacks.

    oh, kind of like harry potter.

    Really, its the same. >.>
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    Re: Bleach Discussion 0: Quinzis and the Hollowcaust

    Shinigami Runner: Sir Captain Commander Yamamoto. We have uncovered the hidden headquarters of the perpetrating Quincies who are plotting against us.
    *Yamamoto tightens fist with pleasure and anger*...
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    Re: Slavery in One Piece

    My mind usually wanders around when I read topics like these. This topic about slavery when it brought up koala, I then saw whoevers signature showing the harpy girl. Granted I keep trying to read...
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    Re: Bleach Discussion 0 (Who said Bleach discussion went from 1 to 5?)

    More amazingly, he had mastered bankai and thus became the only vice-captain sho should have had it when the series first began. I will ignore the others as we dont even know in their cases, except...
  21. Re: 538: ''The Crew's Defeat?! Hody Controls Ryuuguu Palace''

    Though I read the manga, this flashback is something i've been looking forward to see in the anime. Because simply this whole discrimination between humans and fishmen & Mermen dives into the pride...
  22. Re: Naruto and Bleach II: Rock Lee had a chapter this week

    When I read Tsunade's nice explanation about those medical rules its understandable that medics ought to be the last to die, for preservation reasons. Secondly, a medic is not allowed to join...
  23. Re: Naruto and Bleach II: Electric Boogaloo

    On bleach, page 14: What has happened with Ikkaku's arm? It looks unfinished if not intended to look mechanical.
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    Poll: Re: Naruto and Bleach: Let's put this thread to bed I

    Why do I keep thinking of 'Ivan the Terrible' whenever I read peoples comments on his name? I dont need people to remind me as I read, this name is as simple as taking the name Ivan as the first...
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    Poll: Re: Naruto and Bleach: not much happens I
    Does that popularity list on the right side say anything but how gullible some people can be? x)

    Naruto: 1st
    Bleach 2nd
    One Piece: 8th
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    Re: Life Is Money

    what a montage of making faces. I also couldnt help but notice how these people in the game overreact so, in particular this supposed "killer" who enjoys killing but gets flustered over scars being...
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    Poll: Re: Ichigo goes on _______ while Naruto _______ I

    9-Tails: He's pretty damned strong isnt he? But I know a way for you to beat him up good Naruto.
    Naruto: You do? Please tell me, I must defeat this evil villain from having his ways, despite these...
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    Poll: Re: Ichigo goes on _______ while Naruto _______ I

    Most certainly. You will get more chances to enjoy what you are going to see if you note lightly what they're saying. It wont be hard because Bleach is very easy to read because of its gargantuan...
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    Re: Chapter 652: "Grim Prospects Ahead" -Discussion

    Jinbei might lean towards joining, and while I was against it initially because we didnt know too much about him, it isnt bad. The new world is looking progressively more and more intense, and...
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    Poll: Re: Cuddly Kyuubi watches the Blank sunset I

    Probably why I like One piece more than both Naruto and Bleach, for One Piece can actually run more than a single story angle as its weaving the chapters. Much to the difference of Bleach who...
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