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  1. Re: Burrito Thread 1100: Even Neji is Deader than this Series!

    Are any of the War Extension filler episodes worth watching?

    I'm probably gonna be watching the Kabuto filler episodes and the Kakashi flashback episodes, but are any of the others worth checking...
  2. Re: Burrito Thread XI: The End? I still don't believe it!

    So I'm watching the Naruto anime and I just finished the Naruto vs Sasuke fight, wondering if I should watch the Pre-Shippuden filler or just skip it because it's torturous?
  3. Re: Naruto Thread XI:Aye, Aye, Eyes

    Orochimaru was evil, without a doubt. Everybody else
  4. Re: Naruto Thread XI:Aye, Aye, Eyes

    Well this is really fucking stupid....
  5. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    I don't even think it was in the original anime... lol.
  6. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    While Naruto isn't as good as it used to be, its certainly better then Bleach and I like I still like it.

    Gah... more sharingans. How long is this war gonna be anyway?
  7. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Why do all the Naruto fights happen off-screen?
  8. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Honestly... that wasn't that bad of a chapter.
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