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  1. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Ok this is getting a bit out-there don't you thing? It's all fun and games bashing Naruto but don't interpret things you only have a vague understanding off. You've never even seen the person before....
  2. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    I disagree, I don't think kishi writes naruto solely for his paycheck. A) How can kishi "keep" going if he hasn't even reached the goal of naruto, Naruto saving the world and becoming hokage etc.It...
  3. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Rule # 12: Everyone (important) is related to the sage of the 6 paths.
  4. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    APforum where locals complain about sand... hmm.
  5. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    and your point is???
  6. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    oh SHIT you're right the naruto thread is totally not the place to discuss naruto....
  7. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    I just saw raikage and killerbee in that trailer so I'm going to watch it even though the last two movie sucked balls besides their animation.
  8. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    really liked this chapter and the cloud nins did play their part in part 1.
  9. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    obviously that spread wasn't meant to be arousing because it's aimed at the yaoi fans but ino and hinata looked pretty good.
  10. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    who has sakura taken out this war hmmm no one and ino helped take kinkaku and ginkaku down ino>>>sakura
  11. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Sakura is by far the worst character for me then sasuke. If you think about it part 2 was doing pretty fine until sasuke showed up, not to mention the kage summit climax which showed that no matter...
  12. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    If I remember right can't the zetsu clone mimic the appearance anyone they touch even their chakra if so then why didn't just do that during the start of the war it would have confused the fuck out...
  13. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    speaking of the next nakama thread, I remember going in there about a year ago and coming out wanting to put a bullet through my brain. I heard it's gotten better but I've never gone in there to...
  14. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    you got me there but I've seen poster express how much they detest NF even in the most unrelated threads. I'll admit many thing piss me off about that site, have seen their layout it's fucking insane...
  15. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    LOL I don't know how much NF guys hate on OP's fanbase but it's definitely not as much as Arlong park posters hating on Naruto fan and naruto's general fan-base. TRUST me even in the most dire of...
  16. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    The whole chapter was worth it just to see neji's rape face and why are ninja's resting in the night? shouldn't they take advantage of the night and launch a reconnaissance mission or something Ninja...
  17. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    *cough cough* don't we have a thread of this already? fuck it I'm joining, I grew up on dbz, yugioh, pokemon, g-force, outlaw star etc... late 90s and early 2000s damn when tv was still watchable. I...
  18. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    you can't say stuff like that on a public forum.... what if kishi's wife is lurking around you never know.
  19. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    I like the way shikamaru's voice actors sucking up to kishi.
  20. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Sasuke stabbing danzou and karin is next episode hmm? might just start watching shippuden again.
  21. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Just noticed the latest naruto movie is out, I'm watching it via stream now.
  22. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    If you consider this bad I wonder how you're going to react when kishi somehow resurrects all the shinobi killed off the war after it's all over.
    I actually didn't like this chapter much just...
  23. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    that's gifs amazing btw I quit watching naruto so someone please post the gif of sasuke stabbing karin when it airs my signatures getting old.
  24. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    this chapter had more pros than cons for me. First killer-bee bro fisting iruka then mizukage kicking black zetsu in the crotch, tenten maxing out after using the fan and of course that moustache had...
  25. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    except a condom:ninja:

    pretty much Naruto ending might be the begining of the end. If we're lucky who knows they might just let a multi million franchise die... yeah right.

    Even if naruto ended it wouldn't be for long, sooner or later the nostalgia factor will kick in and possible sequels will be made like naruto gt or even dear god Naruto: Evolution the live action...

    Actually I find it pretty damn stupid it took naruto this long to catch on
    Btw the shonen jump editors did it again "Is iruka here to lecture naruto once again?" We need to add a section on apforum...

    Yeahh!! It's back baby!!!!!!!...
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