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  1. Re: Naruto Thread XI: One Day More(ish)

    Hey! I know her! She's also on a french scantrad-group naruto forum I used to go when the manga was still good. If I remember well, I made her left the forum for some time years ago because I...
  2. Re: Naruto Thread XI: One week more

    The more I read about Kaguya and co, the more I think the big announcement of next week will be a Naruto GT of some sort with interdimensionnal travel. Kaguya seems so forced into the story to be...
  3. Re: Naruto Thread XI: It's the final countdown! Frenchiboos.
  4. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    There wasn't any signs of him being able to defeat Pain nor of him being aknowledge by the village before the attack ... yet everyone was hoping for him to come despite the numerous more capable...
  5. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    WTF spoiler from next chapter:
    Naruto says one day he wants to get rid of the Kyuubi's hatred too. Kyuubi tells him to not get cocky.

    Neji has trouble standing from overusing the Byakugan.
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